The AIDESCOM-Santa María la Real de Nieva Association was established in August of 1994 with the aim of enabling an Integral development of the Segoviana Countryside. The territory of Campiña Segoviana, where AIDESCOM has been developing its activities, is located in the center-west of the province of Segovia, adjacent to the provinces of Valladolid and Ávila.

It has an extension of 1.600 km2, 20.600 inhabitants and covers 51 municipalities. Its human geography is characterized by the high aging of the population, the scarcity of industrial fabric and the absence of employment alternatives other than those of the primary sector offered in rural areas.

AIDESCOM was established as a non-profit association and currently has more than a hundred members from all social sectors; public entities, associations, individual entrepreneurs and SMEs in a way that guarantees some of the most important democratic principles, such as the plurality, representativeness and participation of all sectors integrated into the territory.

AIDESCOM understands rural development in an integral way. Actions are carried out either directly under the tutelage of the Group or by favoring those of other promoters (individuals and institutions) of all economic and social sectors, since the territory is not conceived as a set of dispersed and independent elements among themselves, but rather all sectors, social and economic agents are related and any change has repercussions on the rest.


AIDESCOM Campiña Segoviana

C / Catalina de Lancaster, 24

40440 Santa María la Real de Nieva (Segovia)

+921 594 220

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