CODINSE is the Coordinator for the Integral Development of the Northeast of Segovia. A non-profit association, created in 1992, formed by: Cultural associations, entrepreneurs, freelancers, town halls, associations of municipalities, unions, and individuals of the Shire.

MISSION: Association of the territory with a recognized trajectory, committed to the Northeast Region of Segovia that wants to contribute to its transformation, maintaining its identity- to improve the quality of life and services, promote economic, labor, social, educational, cultural and environmental and request from the administration the necessary means to recover the population and promote new opportunities for the permanent and occasional inhabitants of the area and those who want to come or return.

VISION: Consolidated entity of regional reference that from the social participation generates synergies in the social, economic and cultural fabric, to achieve the sustainable development of the territory and the improvement of the quality of life of the people who live or want to live in it.

C / Eras, 28
40551 Campo de San Pedro
921 556 218
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