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IE University's 'Creativity Center' hosts the Ether exhibition


IE University's 'Creativity Center' hosts the Ether exhibition
Jue, 8. October 2020 - Sat, 14. November 2020
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Description of the event

The IE University Creativity Center, located in the cultural building of the Casa de la Moneda in the Segovian capital, hosts the exhibition 'Ether', by the young designers and graphic artists Carmen Chacón (Rota, 1994) and Carlos Vega (Valladolid, 1996), who present part of their work for the first time in Segovia, composed on this occasion by a set of black and white photographs, video montages and sound pieces.

The opening of the exhibition will take place next Thursday, October 8 at 17,30:XNUMX p.m. at the IE Creativity Center facilities within the framework of a great cultural event with the title Are you unique, individual, transcendent? within IE University's Awareness Week, as reported by the educational institution.

Along with the opening of the exhibition “Ether”, there will be a conference and round table on the figure of Simone de Beauvoir, at 18,00:19,00 p.m., which will be given by the Vice Dean of Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion of IE University, Celia de Anca and a live concert by Irene López, composer and singer from Madrid known on the music scene as Valdivia, starting at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

The activity is open to the Segovian public and, for this, IE Campus Life has prepared its facilities under a strict sanitary protocol to guarantee the safety and health of all attendees. To attend, those interested must reserve a place through the IE Creativity Center Instagram account. Likewise, it can be followed in streaming through IE Campus Life's Facebook Live.

Until the XNUMXth century, it was thought that ether was the fifth natural element that complemented the other four - air, fire, water, earth. As a real chemical unit, the ether is stable and reliable, although the loudness of its etymological origin evokes volatility, myth and even fantasy.

Ether is precisely the element on which the new exhibition produced by IE Campus Life gravitates, and the most recent project hosted by the IE Creativity Center, which can be seen until November 14.

Eter Exhibition is the first and joint opera of two young talents -Carmen Chacón and Carlos Vega-, and the first exhibition at the IE Creativity Center after the parenthesis. Produced by IE Campus Life, and curated by the Creative Center and both artists in multiple formats, the project is "both a sensory experience encouraged by the duality of being and a purely cognitive reflection on self-knowledge", indicate the organizers.

Nine black and white photographs, a video montage, a touch-enabled sound piece and a playlist of nine songs (one per photograph), exclusively created for the occasion, make up this exhibition.

"The route of the exhibition is not only limited to the aesthetic reading of works of a strict plastic quality, but also addresses the internal galleries of these two characters in their human symbiosis, embraces our environment and broadens the spectrum of emotional reflection to the limits of what we can become: nature, purely independent and solitary entities, but also complementary beings and apparently adapted to other similar ones ”, says Juan Carlos Redondo, director of the Center for Creativity at IE University.

Redondo adds that “Ether is above all a journey through a beautiful human interaction whose story we hope can inspire. The presence of the arts is a fundamental driver for institutions like EI, which consider the Humanities, Art and Creativity essential in the formation of more sensitive and inclusive human beings ”.

Ether Exhibition

Source: Segoviaudaz