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Route of Isabel La Católica

It is impossible to name Isabel I of Castile without evoking Segovia. The proposed route for the traveler interested in this essential aspect of our history, combines some of the best historical provincial artistic ensembles with truly spectacular landscapes.

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World Heritage City

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Horizon of emotions

Rural tourism, spa, gastronomy ...

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Segovia Film Comission - A Movie Place

The Provincial Tourist Board of Segovia has created a Film Commission from which, any audiovisual production company can have the necessary help to carry out their filming. In this way it is intended to promote the province of Segovia and the audiovisual industry itself.

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Country Enclosures

Talking about dressage and riding the cowgirl, is to speak of an equestrian discipline typical of Spain, it is a way to tame and ride that, through the times has been transmitted from generation to generation.

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Trail of the Mills

After passing through the four mills of the common pot, the path takes us to the vicinity of the Fábrica de Borra, where it joins with the 1 option.

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Times of monuments

Times of monuments, museums and other tourist attractions both in the capital and in the rest of the province.

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Plane of Artisans of Segovia

Plane of Artisans of Segovia ...

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Plano South Segovia

The region of Segovia Sur is located in the southeast of the province and occupies most of the northern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

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Map of the province

Geopolitical plane of the provincial territory, tourist itineraries and telephones and addresses of interest.

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Map of the capital

Tourist map of the Segovian capital, indicating the main monuments of the city.

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