Thematic Tourism

Tourism Segovia

8,8 Mb] Spanish and English - Since the 19th century, Segovia has been one of the favorite destinations for romantic travelers who were looking for in Spain the beauty of its monuments and the authenticity of its customs. Currently, the tourist offer of Segovia ...

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Religious tourism

There is another type of tourism that more travelers are pursuing every day, that of a religious theme. We invite the visitor to visit some "religious itineraries" through the capital and the province ....

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Industrial heritage tourism

The province has a rich and varied Industrial Heritage made up of machines, buildings and buildings that in the past were part of the industry: mills, pile drivers, resin factories, sawmills ...

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Wine Tourism

It can be said that there is no corner of the province where the vine is not cultivated, from north to south and from east to west.

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Archaeological tourism

Like all the territory of Castile and Leon, the province of Segovia manifests a great wealth as far as the conservation of vestiges of the past is concerned.

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Hiking tourism

The province retains an extensive network of roads, paths, paths, and cattle passes that allow us to travel through natural areas of great ecological and environmental importance such as the Natural Parks ...

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Tourism of Congresses and Meetings

Segovia is an ideal city to host conventions, seminars and meetings of all kinds. As a complement, Segovia offers the possibility of short excursions to the surroundings, the whole province is full of amazing landscapes, architectural works, gastronomy, nature, folklore and sport.

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Gastronomic tourism

Gastronomic Tourism: Los Fogones de Segovia. The balance between traditional cuisine and the new culinary culture.

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Event tourism

Festivals, concerts, festivals and popular traditions, sporting events ... a cultural tourism proposal for the four seasons.

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Family tourism

The province of Segovia offers special features and attractions for family tourism. Parents and children can share intimate days outdoors enjoying the natural parks ...

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Active Tourism

The province of Segovia offers endless activities for you to have a great time and enjoy nature at the same time: horse riding, hiking, canoeing, hot air ballooning, etc. If you like Adventure Tourism, this is your catalog!

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Monumental tourism

Segovia, declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, has an exceptional monumental offer as a result of the extensive relationship of its heritage assets. But not only the capital is the owner of this artistic wealth ..

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