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In the east of Segovia, on the shores of the Duraton, in the area known by Francisca Cabrero Salcedo, more than 30 years ago called the Serranilla, established a link for the general good, an exceptional rural tourism where a modest chiringuito was located and putting at the disposal of the few connoisseurs of the area, a fishing boat for a peaceful walk on the lake.

In the years 90 taking charge of his legacy Francisco Javier Palomar, today manager, has undoubtedly made an emblematic place. With the effort of reaching these days, we want to share this corner with all of you. It offers a good ride in pirogue, pedal boat ride and paddle surfing, to relax and feel the vibration of a different day in a Segovia alive of sensations.
Upon returning from your walk we give you a snack and an aperitif on our terrace contemplating your surroundings where your activities are:
Take a good swim in summer, fishing, hiking from Fuentidueña to San Miguel de Bernuy and its Segovian gastronomy from the area of ​​Fuentidueña and Sacramenia, where you are giving a volume of tourism for all of you to enjoy, together with their rural houses to spend the night
Given this opportunity that is offered to me, I invite you to know any of the options that you need. Thanks to a tourism of opportunities, this Segovia our gives advantages to a tourist hungry for adventures.
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