Type: Canoeing, hiking, mountain bike routes ...
Address: Ctra. Sepúlveda, s / n. Camping Hoces del Duratón
Postal Code: 40320
Population: SEBÚLCOR
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2 phone: +630 990 559 XNUMX
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Naturaltur is a pioneer in Active Tourism. It arose from the proximity of the Duraton Canyon and the interest shown by its two founders Jose Luis Tovar y Gonzalo Gorría by the environment of the Hoces. His love of canoeing made him the chosen medium to tour the Duratón River, enjoying and learning in each section.

In the 1985 year they decided to realize their dream and start with the "Live your adventure" in canoe They create a company dedicated to share their experiences with anyone who has an interest in enjoying the particular nature of the Hoces del Río Duratón making a sport activity simple and suitable for all audiences. Thus was born Naturaltur.

The development of the activities began with relatively demanding routes, which were developed in several days sleeping next to the river bank, orienting the crossings basically towards the practice of canoeing.

However, the passage of time showed us that sport activity was as important as the place where it takes place. Thus, it was introduced the concept of environmental interpretation in the activities, in addition to other activities such as hiking, mountain bike routes ... which finally began to be visiting and discovering the most interesting areas of the Hoces del Río Duratón Natural Park.

Because of all this, the philosophy of Naturaltur's activities began to change. This also involved changing the material used to navigate. It went from the fiber-reinforced tourism K-2 to the two-seater sea-going kayak and recreational canoe. From a material that required a certain time to learn its handling to a boat made of polyurethane, which is absolutely simple to handle and comfortable for longer journeys. We started making routes of several days, to go on long 6 to 7 hours and 3 hours, thinking that anyone who wanted it could live the experience of navigating the Hoces del Río Duratón.


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