Type: Development of riding practices, both for Jumping and Dressage.
Address: Crta. De Arévalo, s / n
Postal Code: 40463
Population: QUAIL
1 phone: +920 321 004 XNUMX
2 phone: +606 649 480 XNUMX
3 phone: +606 324 260 XNUMX
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Hipo part of Finca el Pinar has 12 hectares all the necessary facilities for the development of horse riding practices, both Salto and Doma.

  • 30 Individual interior boxes of work by 3 x 3,2 m, with sprue and automatic feeder.
  • 15 blocks with individual outdoor patio • Capacity for 200 portable boxes.
  • 4 Special interior showers for horses.
  • 1 Outdoor covered circular walker with capacity for 6 horses
  • 1 Indoor track * 15 x 30 m cover that makes it possible to ride at any time of the day and season of the year.
  • 1 60 x 90 outdoor jump track * approved for the celebration of National Jumping Competitions or jumping competitions of any kind.
  • 1. Irrigation with high flow cannons with good drainage
  • 1 Outer heating track * of 30 x 50 m.
  • 1 Circular track * outside of 18 m in diameter.
  • Office of Judges and order booth
  • We have approved distributions for the realization of obstacles for jumping championships.
  • Parking capacity for 300 vehicles.
  • Types of equestrian hooks: a Calesa, a sociable, a marathon


Finca El Pinar




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