Campo de Cuéllar

Campo de Cuéllar

In this small town of 240 inhabitants it belongs to the community of Villa y Tierra de Cuéllar, it is located 14 km from Cuéllar, 20 km from Iscar.

What to see

Church of San Juan Bautista Its Mudejar coffered ceiling stands out. Outside, it is a Mudejar church that was renovated in the s. XVI, consists of 3 naves. Currently the church cannot be visited, it must be requested.

Hermitage of San Mamés It is located 1 km from the town. It belonged to the depopulated area of ​​San Mamés. It is in the Mudejar style, it has a headboard with Mudejar semicircular arches. Small in size, it only consists of an apse; It is Mudejar and Romanesque, s. XIII.

In this town as in many others we find a palomar, with a polygonal plant. à 41.312313 -4.361229, its interior perfectly preserved, is located in the direction of the hermitage, which is 1 km from the town, you can walk.

Also next to the town hall there is a being which is replacing the previous one that was a centenary elm.


In the town the neighbors go hiking to Arroyo de Cuellar, along the park street from Campo de Cuellar to Arroyo de Cuellar, it is an unmarked path, about 2,9 km.

The lagoons that are in the town also attract attention: the Adobales lagoon, located on the outskirts on the Zamorana highway, and the Herrera lagoon located in front, which today are dry.


25 of May. In honor of Santa Isabel

Weekend before the Cuellar festivities in August. In honor of San Juan Degollado.

They also hold an ecological fair at the beginning of August, in which different activities are also held in addition to selling different products from Carracillo.


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