Cuéllar Fountains

Cuéllar Fountains

In this small town of approximately 20 inhabitants, it belongs to the Community of Villa y Tierra de Cuéllar, it is located 9 km from Cuéllar.

What to see

Church of San Juan Bautista

Formed by various styles, from the Romanesque style, which can be seen at the head, with the corbels decorated with that style, to the Gothic or Renaissance style, which arose as a result of later reforms. The Renaissance façade stands out, with the saint in a niche. Currently it has been included in the red heritage list, and there is a plan for its future restoration. It is not visitable

It is also important to look at the cross that is next to the church, at the base you can read who commissioned it, Francisco de la Calle and his wife Francisca Ortega in the s. XVII

Parks and recreation areas

As for the parks we find a wooded area, divided into two an area with swings and exercise machines and a few meters further on at the junction of Fuentes Street and Cantarranas Street, going down to the wooded area, we find the source of the pipes and the washing places.

Also around the town we find other sources, in the area of ​​the Plaza Mayor or on Calle Procesión.

Due to the few inhabitants, this town does not have a bar or restaurants, just a small rural house.


Typical wineries that are found throughout the town, the first ones are found on the Lovingos road next to the church, on Cantarranas street or on Real street.


San Juan Bautista, the June 24

San Juan Degollado, the penultimate Sunday of August.


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