Natural Park of the Hoces del Río Duratón

Declared a Natural Park in 1989, the course of the Duraton River from Sepulveda to the Burgomillodo Reservoir, forms an impressive canyon full of beauty and grandeur, as well as a formidable refuge for protected species, such as the griffon vulture. In its route they are located rest of different temples, like the call cave of the Seven Altars, the hermitage of San Julián, the monastery of the Sickle and the hermitage of San Frutos, landlord of the city of Segovia, where a pilgrimage is celebrated the day of the saint's festival, the 25 of October.

A walk through the Natural Park is very pleasant to follow the so-called Path of the Two Rivers, which starts next to the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Peña until you reach the Puerta de la Fuerza and through the Roman road crosses the Duraton River. the bridge of Picazos, arriving later to the Roman bridge of Talcano, later to rise again to the municipality.