Mass of Minerva

It is a tradition of great beauty that dates back to medieval times. The Brotherhood of Corpus Christi celebrates the third Sunday of each month in the church of El Salvador.

Fiesta de los Fueros

It takes place the third weekend of the month of July. The village of Sepúlveda revives the atmosphere of the medieval market and fills its streets with artisans, magic, fire, history, theater and animation. This way the Fuero granted to the Villa by Count Fernán González is commemorated. Also highlight "The music of the torches" at twelve o'clock on Saturday night.

Semana Santa

From the Palm Sunday, with the Procession of the Borriquilla, the liturgical acts take place. Before the Procession of Holy Thursday, the Supper of the Lord and Lavatorio takes place in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Rock and, to the return of the procession, the Holy Hour. The Via Crucis starts in the church of Saints Justo and Pastor on Friday morning.

At night, the Procession of Silence is celebrated. On Easter Sunday, the Plaza de España is the place where the Encounter between the Risen Christ and the Virgin takes place, preamble of the Procession of El Encuentro.

Amateur Theater Competition

"Seven Keys"

Since the year 2012, during the month of June, the Bretón Theater is the stage of the Amateur Theater Competition "Siete Llaves" of Sepúlveda. Seven (like the seven keys of the seven doors of Sepúlveda) are the representations that are made in this contest.

Santos Justo and Pastor

Affectionate party that is celebrated in one of the neighborhoods of Sepúlveda the August 5 with children as protagonists. After the procession and the mass traditional games for children and adults take place, animated with music and sharing of buns and lemonade courtesy of the neighbors.

The Virgin of the Pucherillas

His party is celebrated on the night of 15 in August, where the whole town meets in the neighborhood of San Esteban, in front of the image of the Virgin, to sing the salve in his honor. Next, the neighbors serve lemonade and pasta and the music brightens the night.

The Imp

The 23 of August at night takes place one of the most important celebrations of the locality, the eve of the day of San Bartolomé, commemorates the victory of Santo on the Devil. At the 22: 00 h the "imps" come out of the flames and run after the crowd.

Celebrations of the Bulls

Declared Cultural Inmaterial Heritage of Sepúlveda from the year 2011, they are celebrated every year the last weekend of August. They are like the fiestas of San Fermín de Castilla y León and have great roots in the area. The waiters of the Villa are grouped in rocks, located in the typical caves that abound in the town. The most outstanding moments are the tour of rocks, the encierros in the morning, the vermuses enlivened by charangas and the evening bullfights. During the Celebrations of the Bulls, the traditional and famous Children's Enclosures are celebrated from 1992.

Festivities in honor of Our Lady of La Pena

The main events in honor of the Employer of Sepúlveda and her Community of Villa y Tierra are celebrated on September 29. The Auction, the Commissaries and the Novenario are some of the acts that take place from the 19 in September to the 1 in October.

Days of Mycological Caps

In mid-November you can taste in numerous bars and restaurants of the Villa the original and succulent mycological tapas that each establishment elaborates exclusively.