Zarraguilla Wineries

Zarraguilla Wineries

Origin Denomination or equivalent: Valtiendas O.D.

Location / Location:

  • C / The Church, 4 40237 Sacramenia_http: // 830m
  • A 79 km from Segovia _
  • A 174 km from Madrid _

Contacts: Tlfs. 921 527 270 / 678 610 090 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /


  • Hectares of own vineyard: 10
  • Type of grape: Tempranillo
  • Annual production: 40.000 bottles
  • Wines / Trademarks:
    • Zarraguilla
    • Vennur
    • Altamenia
    • Zeta 37

Wine tourism: Visits + tasting, previous contact / No limit of people / Tasting room and restaurant for 50 pax / Tasting courses / Parking / Visits in English / Visits in vintages / Visits to the vineyard

Other services: The visit is complemented with the entrance to the museum attached to the winery, old farm implements and a walk through the Romanesque church of Santa Marina near the winery. You can also taste typical products (roast lamb, derived from slaughter, etc.)

Brief History

200 years ago and more, many more, in Sacramenia, the cultivation of vines and wine making was a custom of all its neighbors and also a way to make a living. But things have changed considerably since then. There are many who have left the town and many others, almost all, those who are no longer engaged in the cultivation of the vine. The few that do it, they elaborate it for personal use. That yes, of traditional form, in the same warehouses that excavated their ancestors in the rocks and with the same techniques.

A few years ago, someone in the village decided to set up a disreputable cellar. A new winery, applying modern techniques, with the main objective of getting a quality wine and market it. The result of this work is Zarraguilla wine. They placed it in a picturesque building in the village, rehabilitated it and gave it a charm that few could have achieved. On the upper floor the floors are made of wood. A place that could well pass for being the great hall of a rural hotel. Ancient country implements, adobe oven (built by Martín de Andrés) and geraniums in wooden windows. On the ground floor, the cellar, the barrel park (American and French), bottle racks, labeling machines and steel tanks.

It produces a wine of half aging, with 6 months in barrel and other 6 in bottle. This last year has begun to use the Allier oak, with excellent results. The tempranillo grape comes from its own vineyards (10 hectares) and another small part that they buy from local farmers. The name of the wine, Zarraguilla, seems very original but it has many years, as many as its family, because it is the nickname by which they are known in the town and whose origin they do not know.