García Serrano Wineries

García Serrano Wineries

Origin Denomination or equivalent: Wines from the Land of Castilla y León

Location / Location:

  • C / HermanosGarcíaBarbero, 11 40450 NavadelaAsunción_http: // 802m
  • A 43 km from Segovia _
  • A 138 km from Madrid _

Contacts: Tel. 610 231 034 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Hectares of own vineyard: 1,8
  • Type of grape: Tempranillo
  • Annual production: 8.500 bottles / 4.000 liters
  • Wines / Trademarks / Online Store:
    • Path of the Pine

Wine tourism: Visits + tasting, previous contact


The winery García Serrano, from Nava de la Asunción, has started the development of an ecological wine with the aim of recovering the qualities and characteristics of the land where the vineyard is grown.

The elaboration of this wine, baptized with the name of 'Path of the Pine', realizes under certain processes respecting the traditional works, without resorting to chemical products that alter the production or treatment of the vineyard.