Belenes Exhibitions (December / January)

Noteworthy are the nativity scenes of the Provincial Council, Glass Museum of La Granja de San Ildefonso, House of the Seal, Episcopal Palace, Little Sisters of the Poor and the hermitage of Santo Cristo del Mercado.

Cycle of Music in the Neighborhoods (Advent and Christmas Music)

The cycle of Advent and Christmas has gone through the wonderful churches and other historical buildings of Segovia. Sound the best music, with the most outstanding performers and in the best possible space.

International Ceramics and Pottery Fair

Contest of national and international artisans that exhibit avant-garde and author works on the avenue of Fernández Ladreda.

  • Colectivo de Ceramistas Segovianos CO.CER.SE. - Tel. 921 406 531 / 921 496 454

New Year's Eve Gala - La Esteva

Charity gala of the association as a closing ceremony for the whole year celebrated at the Juan Bravo Theater. Each year the central theme of the gala varies.

  • Cultural Association dance group "La Esteva". - Tel. 609 922 409

Alternative Design Fair "Be Trendy"

Fair with designers of all kinds of objects. There is exhibition, sale and workshops.

Turkey Race

Traditional race of bicycles without chain, with two modalities, which takes place on Real de Segovia street on the morning of 25 in December.

  • Cycling Sports Club 53x13 City Hall - IMD. - Tel. 921 462 912 / 10

New Year's race

Popular athletics race the December 31 through the main streets of the city.