MUSEG Musical Festival of Segovia

MUSEG is the evolution of the Segovia Festival. It is projected in this new stage as a reference musical event that is aimed at a broad, young and specialized audience, with an eclectic, attractive and first quality programming. It is also positioned as a space that combines art and sustainability, contributing
in the dissemination of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) marked on the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

International Folk Festival "La Esteva"

It takes place during the second week of July in the Plaza del Azoguejo, with the participation of four international groups, one national, one regional, one provincial and the host group of Segovia "La Esteva".

  • Cultural Association dance group "La Esteva". - Tel. 609 922 409

Full moon night

A set of activities are held from the 20,00 h to the 02,00 h. Exhibitions, concerts, performances, tastings, etc.

Storytellers Festival

The House of Andres Laguna located in the Jewish quarter, is the stage in which the narrators use the word to convey stories that allow attendees to think and dream.


Festival of Artistic Interventions in Historical Spaces of Segovia.

Book Fair of Segovia

In the center of the city, the latest news with the classics, literature for all audiences and for all tastes. There are complementary activities such as children's animations, book signing and classical and traditional music concerts.


Concentrate the most varied shows and activities for adults and children, turning the park of Nueva Segovia into a bustling meeting point for hundreds of children, in an authentic family party.

Accessible Festival of Hot Air Balloons

Gin Fashion Professional

Event that has more than 50 types of gin. Attendees can taste, smell and differentiate. Shaker dexterity demonstrations.