ALDEONSANCHO (53 km) Day of Mowing and Threshing

It is celebrated to recover several of its traditions, those of the harvest and the threshing, the hauling to the era and the threshing to the old one, including a popular dinner and verbena with pasodobles.

ARCONES (41 km) Local Celtic Fair

Sale of crafts, tapas contest, gymkhana of horses, etc.

AYLLÓN (94 km)

Medieval Ayllón

In this authentic medieval festival there is market, threshing, street theater, falconry, storytelling, challenges, dinners for nobles and commoners, Celtic music ...

Fogo Rock Festival

It is a rock music festival with national musical references, which is celebrated on the last Friday of the month.

BERCIAL (37 km) Encierros Campestres

Camps have been held for more than a decade for the patron saint festivities of Santiago Apóstol and Santa Ana.


Handicraft and Food Fair "Vilorio Sierte"

It is celebrated in the municipal pavilion.

Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Carmen

March Mountain Bike

It runs through the Cantalejo term and nearby towns.

CANTIMPALOS (21 km) Return to the Pironas. Memorial Schools "Nico Abad"

CARBONERO EL MAYOR (50 km) Chess Tournament on the Street

It takes place on the last weekend of the month.

CUELLAR (60 km)


Festival of theater and music held annually in the San Francisco Walks.

Festival So Sing the Corals

The courtyard of the Castle becomes a luxury stage every Saturday of the month, to host choral performances nationwide.

  • City Hall and Coral Cuellarana Group. - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 921 140 014

Film Week

It is celebrated in the Sala Alfonsa de la Torre.

Know the Heritage of Cuéllar

By the hand of Julia Montalvillo, Director-archivist of the Municipal Historical Archive and the Foundation of the Casa de Alburquerque, the villa is visited, reaching the most singular places to know the heritage and its historical figures.

Days of Historical Investigation "Villa de Cuéllar"

Annually these days are held related to historical issues that affect the town and Cuéllar.

Theater Week

It is celebrated in the church of San Francisco, with the participation of theater groups or associations throughout Spain.

Numa Golf Tournament

The golf course hosts the Numa Golf Cup National Tournament.

  • Golf Club "Villa de Cuéllar". This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 630 535 147

Cuéllar, Ponte Guapa

This month is ideal to contemplate the facades and balconies participating in the beautification contest.

EL ESPINAR (32 km)

Concert Series of the El Espinar Music Band

Storytellers Festival

The evenings and nights of the municipality are filled with stories for adults and children.

EL ESPINAR AND SAN RAFAEL (32 km) Antiques Market

They are celebrated on alternate Saturdays, in El Espinar (Plaza de la Constitución) and in San Rafael (Plaza de Castilla).

FUENTEPELAYO (39 km) International Rapid Painting Competition


Folklore Festival "Serafín Vaquerizo"

Folklore festival in which groups of dances, paloteo, dulzainas ...

Cycling Trophy "Jorge Ruano Memorial"

Cycling race for teams federated by the streets of the town. It is part of the calendar of the Cycling Federation of Castilla y León.


International Magic Nights Festival of La Granja

The Festival includes:

- Classical Music Festival Nights of the Royal Site
- La Granjazz Festival. Jazz Festival
- International Festival of Magic

Monumental fountains Celebration of Santiago Apostle

The 25 of July on the occasion of the festival of Santiago Apóstol, put into operation the monumental fountains of the Gardens of the Royal Palace.

Valsaín Mountain Triathlon "Lola Velayos"

Mountain Half Marathon Uploaded to Peñalara K-30

THE SLAB (13 km) Morcillarock Festival

MARUGAN (28 km) Gastronomic Rice Days

MARTÍN MUÑOZ DE LAS POSADAS (58 km) Music March in Full Moon Night


Artisan Market
Artisan, ecological, recycled, restored and ceramic products.

Fast Painting Competition

NAVAFRÍA (32 km) Craft Fair of the Sierra

GOLDEN NAVAS (49 km) Encierros Campestres

Country camps are celebrated on the occasion of the patron saint festivities of Santiago Apóstol.

PEDRAZA (37 km) Concerts of the Velas de Pedraza

The first two Saturdays of the month are celebrated. The Villa is illuminated with thousands of candles that each of Pedraza's neighbors places in their homes, commercial establishments and monuments, turning the streets of the town into a unique show that precedes the celebration of concerts.

RIAZA (74 km)

Huercasa Country Festival

A musical event that offers the opportunity to see top artists of the national and international music scene.

Sacred Colors Festival

The Soirées

International Fast Painting Competition


SANCHONUÑO (50 km) Medieval Market

SAN RAFAEL (32 km)

Dulceas Contest

Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Carmen

It is celebrated next to the hermitage of Carmen in San Rafael. Equine concentration

Painting Contest

SEBÚLCOR (56 km) Craft Beer Fair

This fair brings together more than 20 breweries throughout Spain.


Feria and Fiesta de los Fueros

The town is adorned with banners and shopkeepers, merchants and craftsmen dress their party stands. It is time to showcase your work and commemorate its medieval commercial splendor that motivated the Fuero de la Villa. There are musical performances, live workshops, theatrical performances and the well-known "Music of the Torches" that takes place once the performance dedicated to the Reading of the Fueros concludes, which is represented at the 12 of the night.

Villa de Sepulveda Jotas Competition

Group of dances Virgen de la Peña


Garlic Folkloric Festival

Around this much appreciated product, garlic, which is produced in this land of pine forests, annually holds a festival of popular music and dance.

Feeding and Craft Fair "Feria del Ajo"

Fair that coincides with the Folkloric Festival of Garlic.

VILLACASTÍN (35 km) International Folk Festival

Music and dance festival that brings together groups internationally.