Fairs and Festivals of San Juan and San Pedro

Between the days 23 and 29 of June the city changes its appearance and gives free rein to the joy and the party. While the parties last, giants and bigheads go through the streets; the festivals and musical performances are daily; Bullfights are not lacking and an extensive program of sports and cultural activities is developed. It also has a concentration of classic vehicles. The shortest night of the year begins with the magic bonfire of San Juan and ends at dawn in the hermitage of Juarrillos, where the tradition marks that you have to go and watch the sun go spinning.

Folk Segovia (June / July)

This festival that began in the eighties propitiates each year the meeting of musicians of the world, which bring to Segovia the rhythms and sounds of folklore, root music, fusion. In the Agapito Marazuela meetings, the best musician, folklorist or researcher of folk music is awarded.

Segovia in Dance

Dance festival that takes place in different urban spaces where contemporary dance prevails.

Week of Segovian Cuisine

It is an event that hosts competitions, tastings and where you can taste special menus of traditional cuisine and new proposals. During these days, the National Cookery Competition "Ciudad de Segovia" is also celebrated.

Music Nights in the Atrium of San Lorenzo

Concerts are held every Friday in the Plaza de San Lorenzo, which still retains its medieval layout.

Night of the Theater in San Juan

On the shortest night of the year, in the Plaza de San Nicolás you can see the best theater of humor of the moment.

  • City Hall - Municipal Theater Workshop. - Tel. 921 461 024

Young Folkloric Festival "Mariano San Romualdo Silverio"

It takes place in the Plaza del Azoguejo with the participation of a national group and the young group of "La Esteva".

  • Cultural Association dance group "La Esteva". - Tel. 609 922 409

Procession of Corpus Christi

The most central streets are carpeted with thyme and lavender at the passage of the Santa Custodia.

European Day of Music

The initiative "Come and dance with us" is done in order to encourage people to learn to dance local folklore in the Plaza Mayor.

  • Cultural Association dance group "La Esteva". - Tel. 609 922 409

National Contest of Rapid Painting "Segovia World Heritage"

Rural Women International Fair - Pronatura Fair

In this fair rural women from several countries participate with exhibitors of handmade products.

  • Federation of Rural Women (Femur). - Tel. 921 123 010 / 921 123 006

Tapas Decalles Contest

Tapas contest coinciding with the patron saint festivities of the city.

Tapa World Day

Industrial Association of Segovia Hotels (AIHS).

Madrid Race - Segovia Mountain Bike

March of MTB Madrid - Segovia of non competitive character.

Runnight Segovia

National Jumping Competition of Segovia