MUCES European Film Festival City of Segovia

From the 2006 year, when November arrives Segovia has a very special appointment with the cinema. November is the month of MUCES, the European Film Festival of Segovia, which returns annually to fulfill the role that its maturity and prestige have granted it with full rights, and that is to have become one of the cultural activities of greater strength and more consolidated than those held in this city. In addition to the Official Selection, in which you can enjoy excellent European films that have not been released in our country, they include sections such as "La Mirada Necesarias", "Rodada en Segovia" or the one that collects the ten films honored each year by the European Parliament with the Lux Prize awarded by that institution. The fact is that MUCES is the only show of our continent that has the privilege of being able to offer its viewers the ten selected films.



The church of San Nicolás (home of the Municipal Theater Workshop) hosts this jazz festival. It is about recitals that have the presence of consecrated artists, who act in an intimate and warm atmosphere, as befits this type of music and that propitiates the stage of the church of San Nicolás, which provides recollection and a special magic.


Anniversary Agapito Marazuela

Acting tribute to the folklorist teacher in the statue of the Plaza del Socorro.


Santa Cecilia Children's Piano Award

It is celebrated the last weekend of November and is sponsored by the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation. The public that attends the Auditorium of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Segovia, enjoys for two days listening to the pieces that the young pianists of different countries interpret.

3D Wire Market

International Animation, Videogames and New Media Market.

  • Town Hall - Circle of Arts and Technology. Tel. 921 419 800

Old, Old and Used Book Fair 

International Festival of Performing Arts and Disability Palladium Art


Spoon Tapas

For several days, winter tapas are offered at several restaurants in the capital.


Autumn Enological - Caja Rural Foundation

Two weeks of intense activity around wine as a fundamental symbol of popular culture and strategic sector of the economy of our region.


Mushroom Days