Diputación de Segovia

Diputación de Segovia


"Actuamos" - Annual Cultural Diffusion Campaign

The project consists of performing a theater, music or dance activity in each of the towns of the province that request it.

Here there is Theater

The project aims to bring the people of Segovia, theatrical representations by the amateur theater groups, located in the province of Segovia, have participated in some edition of the Provincial Theater Show.

Musical Appetizers to Band

Project of collaboration of the Diputación de Segovia with the city councils of its province, as well as with the municipal bands of music existing in the same, in order to carry out concerts of the municipal bands of music in the towns whose city councils request it.


Explore the historical and artistic heritage of your locality. This project aims to revalue, among the neighbors of the participating localities, the nearby real estate.

Songs for Advent and Christmas
Cycle of concerts or auditions programmed by the Diputación together with the town councils of the localities in which they are developed. The performers are musical groups all based in the province of Segovia and have their defining characteristic vocal base, polyphonic corals that have to interpret a Christmas repertoire, harmonized for more than one voice. The ensembles choose from ancient and classical music to popular and traditional music from different folkloric origins

Provincial extension of Titirimundi

The Diputación de Segovia, has signed with Titirimundi Festival SL, an agreement of collaboration and joint organization of activities to be held in the context of the Titirimundi International Puppet Festival to perform performances in those towns of the province that so request.

Provincial Theater Show

It is an initiative whose purpose is the staging of the works produced every year by the amateur theater groups of the province of Segovia who wish to do so. The usual venue for this show is the Juan Bravo Theater, but agreements have been signed with the town halls of Cantalejo and El Espinar to use the theaters of its ownership as headquarters: José Rodao and Menéndez Pidal respectively.

Autumn with Pulse

Cycle of concerts or auditions in towns of the province of Segovia, in charge of rondallas or pulse and plectrum orchestras based in the province of Segovia. The repertoires are varied and include from round songs to harmonizations of classical pieces, through popular songs and folklore themes both Castilian and from other parts of the world.

Little Explorers
Didactic walk in itineraries of botanical and scenic interest

It is about creating, in the environment of the participating villages, an itinerary to be taken with the family, accessible both by distance and difficulty, calling attention to elements of the landscape that make it especially attractive: flora, fauna, geology, views, human interventions, etc. The itineraries are marked with an initial panel and some signposts. The town halls will have a leaflet-guide of the explanatory path of the points of greatest interest and will carry out guided walks in the fall.

Gil de Biedma Award for Poetry

The Diputación de Segovia, in collaboration with the City Council of Segovia and the Editorial Visor, annually organizes the poetry prize Jaime Gil de Biedma. The award pays tribute to the work of this great poet, whose origins and biography are closely linked to the Segovian town of Nava de la Asunción.

Programming of the Juan Bravo Theater

It has an extensive program throughout the year, including the Philharmonic Society Cociertos.

Project "One"

It consists in facilitating to Segovian artists who so wish, the exhibition of a work of their choice in the lobby of the building that houses the seat of the Diputación de Segovia.

A Summer of Cinema

This project participates in a double object, on the one hand to make the projection of a film outdoors, during the nights of July and August, and on the other to listen to a concert of film music and film soundtracks.


Provincial BTT Circuit
Provincial Circuit of Pedestrian Races
Provincial Paddle Circuit
National Meeting of Calva de Abades
Half a Dozen Leagues Castellanas
Interpueblos Tournament
Provincial Chess Trophy