Food of Segovia

Food of Segovia

Segovia is famous not only for its monuments and centuries-old buildings, its gastronomy is also well known and appreciated since it combines a long tradition, innovation and exquisite raw materials for a careful preparation.

Come and enjoy your suckling pig, its roasted lamb, its exquisite cheeses and endulzate with the "Ponche de Segovia"!

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Extraordinary legumes, leeks, carrots, garlic, endives ... are outstanding products of the Tierra de Pinares, in the Cuéllar area. The good quality of the mushrooms, their abundance and variety that each fall can be collected in the forests and pine forests of Segovia.

For a second course, Segovia does not have its own fishery, since in our rivers you can only have the trout, of great quality and finesse in the areas of Navafría and Valsaín, but, unfortunately, the scarcity of this natural product today. It is very large, and you have to resort to fish farms. However, Segovian restaurants have a variety of fish (hake, turbot, sole, sea bass, sea bream, emperor ...) supplied daily, as well as seafood, specialty of several establishments.

Climate, culinary culture and landscape diversity have made lamb and suckling pig, roasted in a wood-burning oven, the most famous and popular products in the province; In addition to excellent beef and veal.

The offer is completed with small game products such as hares, rabbits, partridges, pigeons, and poultry such as chicken and duck raised with natural products and there is also big game, such as wild boar.