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El Sunday, 17 for June, the Colectivo Azálvaro program a new departure FAMILY SIZE, with aCarroñada or Feast, for all the public that wants to make the"Environmental Route to the Mirador de los Buitres" , and to be able to live the great experience offeast of the vultures, from the avifauna observatory located in the municipality of El Espinar (Segovia), Biosphere Reserve and National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

The aim is to make known the wild fauna and flora of these natural spaces; from the Colectivo Azálvaro once again wants to bring and highlight through this activity of family leisure, the important work performed as health agents of our fields, theVultures: scavenging as an Ecosystem Service, and consider them as biological resources that are an important part of biodiversity, representing the emblem of a balanced nature, being a seal of environmental quality.

Without forgetting that they are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a series of threats in many areas of the world. The populations of many species are under pressure and some species are in danger of extinction.

Domingo 17 of June, El Espinar (Segovia)

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Put on your boots and get to know the Biosphere Reserve and National Park. We will organize a carrion in the feeder or El Espinar Supplementary Food Point.

Activity not free. Limited places. It is essential to make a reservation.

If you are interested in doing this activity, request your reservation by going toContactwith us or filling out theform

The Association of Hospitality and Tourism of Segovia AIHS announces the first edition of the "PROVINCIAL HOSPITALITY AWARDS SEGOVIANA AIHS", which will be delivered during the gala to be held on 10 June day of 2018.

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The bison, a species that has already inhabited the peninsula, as we can see in the different cave paintings of the area will be included in two different Segovian herds: six copies will be taken to the Matarrosueros farm in El Cubillo, and 5 copies will live with the horses of the Los Porretales farm, in Cabezuela.

In the first, a couple has already been living for a few weeks to learn about their ability to adapt to the area. Thus, the six copies can be visited on the farm through guided tours that are made there; anyone who wants to participate in this, can register in the "Safari Ibérico Segovia" and to contemplate a great diversity of fauna, like the new bison, but also wild boars, horses and wild cattle.

The initiative has been promoted by the Segovian companies Naturaltur and La Perla cattle ranch, within a program for the development and recovery of the bison because this species has a very good environmental impact; One of the foods of the bison, are the branches, barks and bushes, so it cleans the forest, being a natural ally for the prevention of fires, spreads seeds and fertilizes the grass. Now we must add the possible creation of employment and the attraction of visitors that make the bison, one of the economic resources of these areas.