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The bison, a species that has already inhabited the peninsula, as we can see in the different cave paintings of the area will be included in two different Segovian herds: six copies will be taken to the Matarrosueros farm in El Cubillo, and 5 copies will live with the horses of the Los Porretales farm, in Cabezuela.

In the first, a couple has already been living for a few weeks to learn about their ability to adapt to the area. Thus, the six copies can be visited on the farm through guided tours that are made there; anyone who wants to participate in this, can register in the "Safari Ibérico Segovia" and to contemplate a great diversity of fauna, like the new bison, but also wild boars, horses and wild cattle.

The initiative has been promoted by the Segovian companies Naturaltur and La Perla cattle ranch, within a program for the development and recovery of the bison because this species has a very good environmental impact; One of the foods of the bison, are the branches, barks and bushes, so it cleans the forest, being a natural ally for the prevention of fires, spreads seeds and fertilizes the grass. Now we must add the possible creation of employment and the attraction of visitors that make the bison, one of the economic resources of these areas.


The Encierros de Cuéllar have suffered a chronology of titles since the year 1977 in which they declared Fiesta of Tourist Interest. Years later, in 1994, they were granted the title of Fiesta of Regional Tourist Interest for the 2008 to grant them the National Tourist Interest Award.

From 2015 the works have been carried out to recognize the last step and thus, the Encierros de Cuéllar obtain the Declaration of International Tourist Interest.

This treatment is important for the Villa, but also for Segovia and Castilla y León, because it is the first party of the community that is declared of international interest and that it is not Holy Week and the only one of this character in the province .