The Recreation Area of ​​La Panera will strengthen its security measures

The Recreation Area of ​​La Panera will strengthen its security measures

The City Council of El Espinar (Segovia) and the Community of City and Land of Segovia held an emergency meeting to make decisions in order to improve the safety of the Recreational Area of ​​'La Panera' to reduce the risk of forest fires. The management of the installation is in the hands of a successful bidder who proposed the advance of the time of the off the barbecues at 19.00 hours.

The technicians of the Community of City and Land of Segovia suggested installing poles in the access and the exit to close the traffic 'La Panera' after hours, and avoid problems of night vandalism. In addition, the Councilor for the Environment of the consistory Espinariego, Ángel Gascón, considered it necessary to improve the existing safety signage, providing users with Emergency Phones and conducting environmental awareness and education campaigns in nature in the Park, for schoolchildren and for All public.

For its part, the Forest Nursery spoke about the reinforcement of surveillance and prevention and cleaning work for the summer campaign, as well as the study of actions to improve mobile phone coverage with the installation of repeaters and even the installation of a video surveillance system.

This meeting was held as a result, they recalled from the City Council of El Espinar, following the social alarm generated by the fire of San Ildefonso and "some malicious videos" uploaded to some social networks, recorded a week ago, in the Recreational Area 'La Panera' in a day with hardly any influx of visitors and after the visit of the forestry agents of the City of El Espinar and the Local Police.

During the summer period, the use of barbecues is prohibited and sealed, when so provided by the Junta de Castilla y León with temperatures of more than 30 degrees and with wind episodes that increase the risk of fire.