Segovia Tourism presents the easy reading guide to visit the city

Segovia Tourism presents the easy reading guide to visit the city

Prepared with the collaboration of Plena Inclusión Castilla y León and validated by two associations of people with intellectual disabilities

Its mission is to facilitate the stay in the city and ensure that the greatest number of people can enjoy its tourist offer is a project that is gradually becoming a reality in Segovia.

From the Tourism Area of ​​the Segovia City Council, work is being carried out to expand the offer of products and services aimed at people with different abilities, as well as to promote the knowledge of all the agents involved in the tourism sector of the importance and the benefit it represents Work in a Tourism for All.

Cognitive accessibility is increasingly established as an essential tool to talk about universal accessibility, but it is still a very unknown area at many levels. In the tourist field it is essential to apply it to be able to bring leisure and culture to all people.

Segovia Tourism has begun to work in this direction with the edition of the generic guide of the easy-to-read city “Segovia World Heritage Site”, prepared with the collaboration of Plena Inclusión Castilla y León, the Federation of associations and family foundations with intellectual disability, and validated by the People Segovia and Aspanias Burgos Foundation. The guide, among other information, includes four of the routes through Segovia offered by the EMT and basic information on six cultural events in the city: Easter, Titirimundi, Folk Segovia, Museg, Hay Festival and Muces.

Easy reading is a way of writing to make documents easier to understand for people with reading comprehension difficulties. It is done following a series of text and design guidelines in order to facilitate the understanding of the environment.

Documents, websites or books written in easy reading carry the European logo for easy reading.

The brochure is available in all centers managed by Segovia Tourism.

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