Diocese and Deputation seal an agreement to preserve sacred art

Diocese and Deputation seal an agreement to preserve sacred art

The president of the Diputación de Segovia, Michelangelo of Vicente, and the vicar general of the Diocese, Angel Galindo, signed on Tuesday the agreement whereby part of the heritage and cultural archive of the provincial institution will be exhibited, during the next five years, in the Diocesan Museum 'Splendor Fidei', in the Episcopal Palace. Among the works stands out 'Christ crucified ', by Pedro Berruguete, valued at 1,2 million euros, found at 1965 in a loft of the old convent of Santa Cruz.

From the Diputación de Segovia they recalled that it is an oil on panel of 191x136 centimeters that, it is believed, was entrusted by Fray Tomás de Torquemada to Pedro Berruguete, who could paint it between 1490 to 1493, constituting the central part of an altarpiece which also included four other minor works: 'Santo Domingo de Guzmán penitente', 'Santa Catalina de Siena', 'Friar in meditation' and 'Angel with the weapons of the order'.

Berruguete's work was exposed to the public in the Provincial Museum, but, for Michelangelo de Vicente, it is important that it can now be a claim to visit the Diocesan Museum, and he was convinced that the Episcopal Palace is the ideal place to exhibit this work and the remaining 38, where they will be "well maintained and well shown". The ceded parts were subjected to restoration work, so their exhibition is "a way to contribute to their conservation and maintenance in good condition."

The president of the Diputación de Segovia thanked “the generosity” of the neighbors and parishes of the province, where some of these pieces were located, by allowing their transfer to the museum and that it can be shown jointly “the great heritage that resides in the villages".

Among others, we can highlight 'the Arqueta de San Corbalán', one of the Tardogotic jewels of the Segovian artistic heritage, which guarded the remains of what was appointed by Santo Domingo first prior of the Convent of Santa Cruz; the size Christ tied to the column ', attributed to the Spanish sculptor Pedro Millán or the Renaissance work of the' Altarpiece of Santa Marta.

On the other hand, Vicente and Galindo also signed the direct concession of 4.000 euros by the Diputación to the Diocese of Segovia, for the digitization work of the Diocesan Archive fund.