Getting to know the Alcazar in a didactic and fun way

Getting to know the Alcazar in a didactic and fun way

The Alcázar Board of Trustees has launched a series of recreational and educational activities aimed at elementary school groups of 5º and 6º. These activities have been designed in collaboration with the Provincial Directorate of Education and will be called 'Alcazareando', whose main objective is the promotion of culture and history among schoolchildren.

This program allows you to learn in a didactic and fun way one of the great assets that Segovia has. Among the activities that make up 'Alcazareando' is the commitment to the phenomenon of the 'Escape Room', which is undoubtedly a great hook for the little ones to assimilate knowledge while having fun deciphering the riddles and riddles that will allow them to leave the living room.

To begin with, there is an initial activity, which is preparatory for the rest, which will be carried out at the school premises prior to the visit to the Alcazar, and intends to prepare students to take full advantage of the activities that they subsequently develop in the Alcazar. It consists of a small questionnaire with which, through questions with multiple response options and images, students discover the Alcazar and acquire the first knowledge.

From there, the rest of the activities are carried out in Alcázar itself, as the students of the CEIP Carlos de Lecea did yesterday, who were in charge of inaugurating 'Alcazareando', and as nine other schools in Segovia will do. In total more than 400 schoolchildren will enjoy this experience promoted by the board.

Play and learn Once in the Alcazar, school groups begin their journey by taking a guided tour of the fortress. The content of the visit is adapted to the cognitive level of children, 5º and 6º of primary education. Similarly, it is directly related to the knowledge acquired by performing the initial activity in the classroom. The visit leads young people to discover seven spaces inside the fortress, such as moats, towers and different rooms that the palace has.

And once the visit is done, it's time for fun with the expected 'Escape Room' to try to escape from a room full of riddles and secrets, specifically the Viscount of Altamira's room. From it they will be victorious if they solve a series of tests in the time of 20 minutes that include: mathematical deduction, construction of phrases in English, composition of a puzzle or resolution of a word search with a secret message. They can also do a gymkana that complements the guided tour already made. The search for answers to a series of tests posed by the gymkana will lead students to discover for themselves seven spaces of the Alcazar that have not been visited during the guided tour.

The activity can be complemented by a didactic visit to the Tower of Juan II.

The reception of 'Alcazareando' has been so good according to the organizers that they have already reserved all the dates available for the realization of the activity in this school year and that it will surely be extended to the next course with news and new riddles that students will have to reveal from other centers anxious to escape from the room in the shortest possible time.