Decalles celebrates the 13ª edition of the contest "Decuchara" winter cover

Decalles celebrates the 13ª edition of the contest "Decuchara" winter cover

This is undoubtedly an unusual initiative in the field of tapas that claims to claim the blunt tapas, so traditional of the Castilian winter, from the good work of the Segovian restaurateurs, spearhead of traditional Castilian gastronomy.

The event also serves as a great showcase for the products of "Foods of Segovia" products that will be used in the preparation of most tapas.

For this edition, as we did in the previous appointments, a folded brochure has been prepared with the recipes of the participating restaurants and the photo of each cover in full color, thus being able to discover the ingredients used and savoring each one of these Little wonders

In this edition, 19 are the participating Restaurants and although the figures are much less spectacular than in the summer cover (this year almost 80.000 tapas), the Decuchara contest has already been consolidated in Segovia as a must and there are innumerable requests for information via email that the association receives from nearby provinces and other parts of Spain, serving near the 40.000 rations.

In this edition, as in the last 12 gastronomic competitions organized by Decalles, a pairing between trade and hospitality has been carried out with the realization of 5.000 discount cards that the Segovians will be able to obtain when making their purchases in the Decalles establishments. The relationship between trade and hospitality in an association such as CCA Decalles and more in a city like Segovia must be total, Segovia is already a gastronomic reference and why it could not become a commercial reference in our region. Hospitality, commerce, culture and tourist resources are undoubtedly the showcase that the city must offer and abroad.