The Cantalejo Fuentidueña Arciprestazgo makes his Advent retreat

The Cantalejo Fuentidueña Arciprestazgo makes his Advent retreat

The church of Santiago Apóstol de Turégano has welcomed this week the Advent retreat of the Cantalejo-Fuentidueña Arciprestazgo. The event brought together some sixty people between priests and laity from different parishes of the Arciprestazgo, as well as other locations.

The trade began with the welcome of the priest-host parish priest, Santos Monjas. After his speech, Gonzalo Pedroche, promoter and member of the public association of faithful 'Mane Nobiscum' (based in La Cuesta), took the floor to briefly explain the liturgy that was to be developed. Pedroche directed the ceremony that consisted of an office of Roman Vespers with Eucharistic exposition. At the celebration, which took place in the chapel of the Romanesque apse of the temple, songs were sung and readings alluding to the Birth of the Lord were read.

At the end of this preparatory act of Christmas, Archbishop Juan Aragoneses said goodbye to the congregates and visited the parish nativity scene.

The next act of the Cantalejo-Fuentidueña Arciprestazgo will be the carol festival that will be held on Sunday, December 22 at 18:XNUMX p.m. in the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption of Cabezuela. Choirs from the different towns of the demarcation will participate in this meeting.