Peralta lives in his puppets

Peralta lives in his puppets

It is said that a good artist is able to transfer part of his essence, his soul, and in Segovia, a city that takes puppets to the greatest exponent, the spirit of Francisco Peralta survives two years after his death.

On the occasion of this event, Segovia Tourism took the opportunity to pay a well-deserved tribute to Peralta in the museum located at the door of Santiago that hosts the puppet collection of the artist who, although born in Cádiz, decided to settle in the city of the Aqueduct to "Improve it", as was reminded of the Councilor for Tourism, Claudia de Santos.

Together with the mayor of the city, Clara Luquero, and a large representation of the Peralta family, despite the last minute absence of her widow and right hand in the realization of her work, Matilde del Amo, the councilor De Santos began a tribute act “humble and simple, as was Paco”, forerunner of the Titirimundi International Puppet Festival.

"We recognize and remember a good man, who created so much beauty and was so generous as to leave it in a space so linked to the city - the door of Santiago - which has evolved from its defensive functions to the current museum", Claudia de Santos said.

The contributions of the Ministry of Culture and the Historical Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León allowed the transformation into an exhibition space of the museum in 2012, which houses 36 works by the puppet master and sculptor.

“The transfer of Francisco Peralta's collection is inseparable from his personality. He was a good and humble man. Beauty and goodness are inextricably linked with their passion and desire to seek perfection, to innovate and raise the world of puppets to the highest artistic category, ”continued the mayor responsible for Tourism.


In the same terms, Clara Luquero referred to the puppeteer master when he said that “to talk about Paco is to talk about humility and talent, about his infinite generosity by giving us this jewel that the city thanked for his gold medal. Her work has become one of the key elements of the culture of Segovia, ”said the governor.

Among the distinctions that Francisco Peralta received for his career, the Medal of Merit of Fine Arts of 1990 stands out, being the first puppet master to have this badge. “He was a man with a lot of charisma, so meticulous and careful with his works, that he has allowed his museum to be one of the main treasures of Segovia,” Luquero said about a person “of those who sow the city, who tell us that this is the city of puppets. "

“His work - which has been digitized thanks to a scholarship from the AVIAMA (Association of Marionette Friendly Cities Association) - stays here for the enjoyment of all Segovians and their visitors,” said the mayor.

The tribute ceremony concluded with the interpretation of two members of the Segovia Land Band of a piece for two clarinets by Anton Stadler, an artist closely linked to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, to evoke one of Francisco Peralta's creation sessions.

Throughout the day, visitors to the puppet collection were able to leave a message on a card, in which the artist encouraged him to continue his work, and a flower next to a photograph of the puppet master placed at the entrance of his museum.