The Provincial Council hires nineteen people for six months to carry out tourism and cultural development activities in the province

The Provincial Council hires nineteen people for six months to carry out tourism and cultural development activities in the province

The Segovia Provincial Council has hired nineteen people to carry out tourism and cultural development activities in the province for six months, seven more than last year thanks to the lines of action framed within the 'ReinvenTa' Plan that is included in the Program ' Segovia, Reactive Province 'of socioeconomic recovery of the provincial institution. Adherence to this Tourism Employment Plan involves an investment of 190.000 euros, 70.000 euros more than last year, of which the Provincial Council contributes 40.000 euros.

These people, who have started their activity today, will be in charge of carrying out different actions, all of them aimed at the development of cultural tourism, food and wine tourism and agrotourism, with information points in tourist locations and developing an inventory plan of the different tourist attractions of the entire province for later dissemination in plans of 20 kilometers around each town.

It is not a secret that the province of Segovia is a territory with a great patrimonial, natural and gastronomic wealth, but it is seriously affected by depopulation, especially in rural areas. With the aim of helping to counteract this situation, the Diputación created in 2005 the guarantee brand Alimentos de Segovia, which brings together companies that produce or distribute quality products and are 100% from the province of Segovia. Currently, work is being done on developing a Strategic Food Plan for Segovia, which will serve to reinforce the implementation of the brand, consolidate its recognition and contribute to positioning the province on the map of the best gastronomic culture at a regional and national level. .

This undoubtedly results in an enhancement of both tourist resources and the intangible heritage of popular culture, as Alimentos de Segovia brings together products so characteristic and rooted in popular culture and tradition such as the Segovia suckling pig, the Lechazo, the chorizo ​​de cantimpalos and judión de la Granja, among others, all of them with recognized IGP. For this reason, and to continue reinforcing and developing the actions framed within this plan, two technicians have been hired with profiles of marketing and communication, advertising and public relations, commerce and marketing, business management and marketing, and audiovisual media management; and a third support person with an administrative profile to support all basic tasks.

Thanks to this call, the Department of Culture will also be reinforced with an administrative assistant to support the development of cultural activities in the province, since this area has been forced to reformulate all its programs as a result of the health crisis. These changes have taken the form of facilitating city councils the possibility of canceling large-capacity artistic activities, and replacing them with others of a smaller format that allow for safety distances. All this entails carrying out a large number of administrative procedures, regarding the adoption of new agreements, modification of the bases of the call or elimination of the same and the drafting of new bases that adapt to the new situation, with the consequent modification of databases and introduction of new data, so it was necessary to hire a profile of these characteristics.

On the other hand, four environmental guides have been hired for the study and design of agrotourism routes that allow us to enjoy our province through agriculture, livestock and gastronomy. Among the attractions of rural spaces, the agricultural exploitation maintains great interest in the demand of urban origin, involves experiences in agricultural life that are alien to them, knowledge of natural products in their production areas, as well as interacting with animal species with those who have lost contact. With the development and dissemination of these routes it is intended to meet the needs of society mentioned above and complement tourist activities with agricultural, livestock or artisan activities representative of the province. In them, tourism will be related to gastronomy, training and environmental education. Those hired will do a desk job that will focus on the search and study of information, surveys and personal interviews, geographic locations, inventory of resources, analysis of the results and writing of the proposal.

In the province of Segovia there are four Local Action groups that are developing a fundamental role in the settlement of the population and in the revitalization of the rural environment. For this reason, an area coinciding with that of one of these groups has been chosen, seeking mutual collaboration.

In addition, four informants have been hired to attend to the tourist and cultural needs of towns with great tourist influence in our province such as El Espinar, Cuéllar, Real Sitio de San Ildefonso and Palazuelos de Eresma. For this reason, a person has been hired in each locality who will support the organization and information of all the activities that are carried out, as well as to promote the tourist resources of each area.

The objective is to turn visitors into prescribers to increase overnight stays and retain visitors by trying to recommend the trip to our province among their friends and family. The four hired have knowledge of computer science and social networks, they also know the tourist and cultural activities that take place in each municipality and its surroundings, as well as those of the tourist and natural resources that the town has. On the other hand, it has been valued that they have their own initiative, teamwork capacity and experience with dealing with the public, as well as tourism studies and cultural management.

Finally, a team of seven people has been hired to develop an ambitious project for the inventory, digitization and dissemination of all tourist attractions in the province, which is divided into two sections. Four of them will carry out analysis, product creation and advice to the entrepreneur; so that they will visit the towns with tourist attractions and rural tourism accommodation to reorganize the offer in the province.

The objective of this activity is to create offers for the visitor around each locality with tourist accommodation, so that a virtual area of ​​twenty kilometers will be made around each municipality and on it all the gastronomic, heritage, natural, and activities offer will be analyzed. , industrial tourism, museums and interpretation centers. This work will lead to the organization of ideas of how, when and where to carry out the activities.

These people will telecommute preparing the areas and appointments for three days a week, and the other two will use them to travel to the province. During the trips, they will meet with entrepreneurs interested in appearing in these offers, as well as with those who wish to improve their web pages and their visibility in networks. In this way, they will be informed of all the offer that each area has that is interesting for the visitor and will sort it by areas. All these products that they develop will be worked on later by the other three people who have been hired with knowledge of web page management and social networks. They will be in charge of the design of the materials and their subsequent dissemination on web pages and social networks, not only of Prodestur, but also of the tourist establishments of the province, since they will also be in charge of advising entrepreneurs on the matter. communication to help them promote their product. It is intended that entrepreneurs who until now did not know how to sell their establishments digitally, have enough knowledge to carry out these promotional and marketing tasks online. The plan generated from each municipality will be posted on the website and a QR code will be generated, so that when tourists arrive at a location, simply by bringing their mobile phone closer, they can have all the information they need to enjoy the environment. : routes, restaurants, activities, accommodation, museums, artisans, shops, etc.

Source: Diputación de Segovia

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