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On the occasion of the San Miguel festival in Cuéllar, the "La Feria del Pincho" is held from September 25 to 27.

The skewers will be served to the people who are sitting or to take away, respecting all the capacities in a categorical way. The price is € 1,50

The participating establishments are:

Ban Yonba with "Lo del Yonba"
Br El Pícaro, with "Skewer the Pícaro
Bar La Gaviota with "Today I fuck (yfatata)
Bar Chaplin, with "La gula"
Temple Bar with "Autumn Montadito"
The bull's friends, with "Arepa de Tor
Hole 19, with "Revolcanas19
Bar Naipe, with "Bocadito de flavor.

The activity returns to the Juan Bravo Theater of the Diputación with the play 'Perfect strangers' and a firm commitment to safe culture

For Bravo, who recalled that, "due to responsibility", the auditorium had been one of the first cultural spaces to be closed to the public even before the State of Alarm was declared, "that same responsibility is what leads us now to reopen ".

This reopening, which will take place on September 27 with the theatrical version of the film 'Perfect strangers' - in which Olivia Molina's participation stands out - will be done, as both detailed, adapting the Theater's security to the new regulations, in order to guarantee a safe culture. For this, among other measures, Juan Bravo has incorporated a system that allows disinfection of the premises in a reduced period of time.

In any case, the pandemic has not only affected the reduction of capacity or the adoption of health security measures, and this was also recalled by José María Bravo, before announcing a schedule marked by budget limitations that, however, did not it will lose quality and that it will continue to be varied and will have the family audience as a special protagonist.

Among the appointments designed for the adult audience, in addition to the aforementioned 'Perfect strangers', the also theatrical adaptation of Mario Vargas Llosa's novel, 'La fiesta del chivo', starring Juan Echanove, which will take place on 26 December, and the play 'La isla', directed by Juan Carlos Rubio and performed by Gema Matarranz from Segovia. From Matarranz, who will visit the Theater on December 6, the accidental president stressed that "it is always an honor to get on the boards of Juan Bravo" and anticipated that, as he did a couple of years ago with the play ' Lorca, personal correspondence ', will once again thrill the public with an island that will appear on a poster that also contains the theatrical productions' Submission and the future is in the eggs',' Caravan 'and' Blood Weddings' , Federico García Lorca's piece in a version by Guetto 13-26. In addition, as far as theater is concerned, the Juan Bravo will once again host the Provincial Theater Show during the month of November.

With regard to music, José María Bravo also announced the presence of a Segovian accent on the stage for October 25; that of the Segovian trombonist Víctor Correa, who after a long stay outside the province has returned to publicize his immersion in the international jazz scene. Also between jazz and r & b, the 'Godfather of swing', Ray Gelato will arrive in Segovia accompanied by The Giants to play on the eve of San Frutos.

And while the older ones enjoy jazz, the little ones will have the opportunity to discover the great rock songs adapted to a custom format with 'El rock suena en familia', a concert with themes by Queen, The Ramones or The Rolling Stones, to be enjoyed intergenerationally and that, together with 'Ebook', the Spasmo Teatro montage that reviews the life of the book, from the parchments to its digital model, are the two great bets of Juan Bravo to enjoy with the family. To them must be added, in addition, titles such as 'Bricomances', 'The legend of Sally Jones', 'The empires of the moon' or 'The treasure of Barracuda', which will show children the importance of teamwork, truth, patience, kindness, the importance of looking at problems with perspective or knowing how to share.

In addition, between December 21 and 29, the Juan Bravo Theater will celebrate the Christmas Family Theater Cycle, which with the works' El Princi-pato ',' Único ',' El loft of the Grimm brothers', 'The drum de Cora 'and' El viaje de Ulises' will try to bring, once again, the performing arts to the public from an early age; something in which the Provincial Council has been working intensively in recent years.

For José María Bravo, the opening of the Juan Bravo Theater, despite the restrictions, supposes "a thoughtful and safe opportunity that both society and ourselves, as Public Administration, must give to the cultural sector"; a sector that has been one of the great victims of the pandemic and that, like tourism, can count on from the Juan Bravo Theater, with the support of the Provincial Council.

Source: Diputación de Segovia

They find in the Archaeological Site of Cerro de los Almadenes the base of a Roman arnamental element.

During the excavations, they came across a piece that may correspond to an ancient Roman fountain or basin.
On September 3, the head of a sculpture was found that could correspond to the statue found last year.

The archaeologists of the Roman site of Cerro de los Almadenes have found during the excavation work the base of a Roman ornamental element that may well belong to a fountain, basin, or something similar. The piece has been transferred to the Museum of Segovia, where it will proceed to its archaeological and artistic study to try to define its precise chronology and its functionality.
Cerro de los Almadenes is one of the most important mining-metallurgical archaeological sites in our country.
The excavations at the site have been carried out since 2009 by the team of the Spanish Society for the History of Archeology without interruption. The research works are prepared with the support of the Junta de Castilla y León, the Otero City Council and various companies and associations, such as the Otero de Herreros Neighborhood Association.
For more information click here


The bikepark season is coming to an end and we couldn't miss a Red Bull Holy Bike weekend.

With the essence of this event, "enjoy a bikepark weekend to the fullest", and following all safety and health regulations, we present the next 3 and October 4 an opportunity to get to know La Pinilla Bikepark in a different way.

Participation is limited to 300 numbers, with a date that you must remember, On Monday, September 21 at 10:00, registrations will open for this edition, which will have all the details of a mythical event such as Red Bull Holy Bike. Cyclists from everywhere, two days long, three disciplines and a single bike to win ... Red Bull Holy Bike is back for another year!

Further information: Holy Bike 2020

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The new nightly dramatized visits arrive at the Castle. A new way of getting to know Cuéllar castle on summer nights, with small groups, with special tours.

Every Friday of the summer with passes at 21.30:22 p.m. and 30:XNUMX p.m.

More information: 921 142 203

Dramatized Night Tours Castle Poster

The Pedrazano sculptor José Álvaro and the Navarran artist Julia Cenoz will exhibit their works at @RueMareque, a space that the Galician fashion designer Helena Mareque has built on the ruins of one of the twelve houses that made up the uninhabited town of Aldealafuente.

The exhibition will take place next Saturday, September 19, from 10 a.m. to 20 p.m., and the following Sunday, September 20, from 10 a.m. to 14 p.m., and it will be possible to contemplate the work of artists who use disparate techniques but who share a determined link with nature.

José Álvaro learned to “play with fire and master it” thanks to his father, the blacksmith from Pedraza (Segovia). Self-taught, the beginnings of this sculptor in the world of art began with works in tin and, shortly after, went on to make creations in forging and wood, noble materials that he uses to conceive not only shapes but also transmit sensations that manage to trap the viewer. The work he now presents is materialized in wrought iron sculptures that rise ethereally together with wooden blocks that are cut and rediscovered in impossible spaces.

To conceive her artistic canvases, Julia Cenoz uses textile printing, a technique that, as she admits, “has a lot of magic and little of mundane”, but thanks to which she manages to express herself as well as channel her emotions. Through this artisan process, which is carried out with natural pigments, without toxic substances, Julia seeks to capture not only the color and shape of nature, but also its essence, seeking to reflect on the true meaning of the earth and its relationship with it. man.

"In each of my works, time stands still and as a result something unique and unrepeatable is created, free from all evil", as Julia Nozón has pointed out.

@RueMareque materializes a vital project of the fashion designer Helena Mareque, who, a few years ago, landed in Aldealafuente, a neighborhood of San Pedro de Gaillos that during the 60s suffered the effects of emigration and has been uninhabited since 1976.

"The first time I saw this village, they were simple stones floating between poppies and a blue sky," says the designer.

"I was captivated by nature, and some stones that suggested the great possibilities of bringing it back to life." And so, after an exquisite process of recovery of a group of houses in ruins, he built a multidisciplinary space, open to host different cultural and social initiatives that contribute to the rebirth of Aldealafuente.

Source: Segoviaudaz


1.-Artists of legal age, Spanish or foreigners residing in Spain may participate.

2.-Registration will take place at the Foundation's headquarters, C / Real, nº 15, Pedraza (Segovia) on September 12, 2020 between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., where the registration form will be filled out and signed, Giving safeguard to the interested party. Work supports will also be sealed at the beginning, as well as upon receipt of the finished work.

3.-Theme of the work: Free (painting Pedraza).

4.-Free Technique.

5.-Size: Not less than 65 x 50 cm., Nor greater than 100 x 81 cm.

6.-The works will be carried out outdoors on the day of the Contest, from 11am. until 18:XNUMX p.m., exclusively within the Villa premises, the material to be used at the expense of the author. All works, whether on paper, board or canvas, will be presented on rigid support and without signature.

7.-Once the ruling has been issued and the awards ceremony made, the non-awarded works may be withdrawn by their authors.

8.-The Jury will be made up of different people related to Art and will remain anonymous until the moment of the decision, which will be at 19:30 p.m. on the day of the contest, followed by the awards ceremony.


1st Prize: Villa de Pedraza Foundation, endowed with € 1.000
2nd Prize: AmbientAir, endowed with € 500
3rd Prize: SIR SL endowed with € 300

10.-The decision of the Jury and award ceremony will be held on September 12, 2020 at 19,30:21 p.m., at the Santo Domingo Center, where the participating works will remain on display until XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. of that day.

11.-The awarded Works will become the property of the corresponding Sponsoring entities.

12.-The Villa de Pedraza Foundation is not responsible for the loss, theft or deterioration of the work.

13.-Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of these rules.

14.-Given that the effects of COVID-19 are still continuing, the Foundation reserves the right to suspend or postpone the contest, if there are causes that prevent or do not advise its holding, notifying it in advance on our website

Pedraza de la Sierra, June 2020

You can download a copy of the bases: Competition rules

From this Thursday until November 30, the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja, in Segovia, will host an exhibition on the work of the Czech artist Jitka Kolbe, a specialist in glass sculpture and design, as reported in a note press.

The exhibition is organized by the Royal Glass Factory of the Segovian municipality, in collaboration with the Centro Checo de Madrid and the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

Artist Jitka Kolbe Růžičková had her first contact with glass when she began her studies at the Železný Brod school of glass in the Czech Republic.

In the 80s he graduated from the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague, with Professor Stanislav Libenský, the greatest exponent of the Czech study glass movement in Europe. From then on, he began his creative career in the field, both in sculpture and in glass design.

Thanks to the mastery he has over the different glass techniques, he is able to provide his works with generally smooth and geometric profiles, pictorial elements based on intense chromaticism and molded surfaces, sometimes worked with matting and engravings that when absorbing light modify the range of shades of the glass and give it different lighting effects.

As she herself indicates, “light is the inseparable companion of glass. Thanks to this play of light, the final effect is defined and the glass work comes to life ”.

Unlike his Czech colleagues who generally use the fused glass technique, Kolbe employs the traditional blow-in-mold technique, in this case of plaster, carried out in a blowing workshop, north of Prague, specializing in high-quality glass. .

The exhibition will feature a selection of works from the Big Vases collection and the Abandoned Clothes series with a social background on the Holocaust. Author's designer pieces will also be unveiled, both in glass and porcelain, called Kolbe Design.

Since the 80s, Kolbe's work has been featured in galleries in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, China and Japan. More recently, one of his works “Gerda Stein”, from the Abandoned Clothes series, was selected in the 2019 New Glass Now competition at the Corning Museum of Glass, USA.

Source: Segoviaudaz

Glass factory

In Segovia there are pictures loaded with meaning that all Segovians can read.
The day that, at the foot of the Aqueduct, a huge carousel with a red roof appears, everyone knows that "they are here!" Titirimundi is synonymous with spring, full terraces and little space to park in the center ... this year, however, Titirimundi 2020 will be different, instructions for use.

We have re-thought the whole event from a security point of view. This exercise has led us to make decisions, which before the Coronavirus, were unimaginable, such as eliminating all street programming, face-to-face workshops and parties.

In 2020 there will be no street shows or public sitting on the stairs. There will be no queues at the gates of the spaces and no buses full of children from the province will come. There will be no exhibitions or workshops to learn how to carve wood. This year the festive atmosphere that the city takes during Titirimundi will be the great absentee, our first Festival without a party.

Titirimundi 2020 has a new protagonist, security. It will be the first edition of the masks, the hydroalcoholic gel and the safety distance. (COVID-19 protocols)

In addition to all of our efforts, the best way to celebrate a safe event is by appealing to personal responsibility. We must all be responsible: the organization (COVID-19 Protocol for Titirimundi 2020 workforce), the artists (COVID-19 Protocol for companies in Titirimundi 2020) and the public (Titirimundi 2020, Instructions Manual).

This will be the year that we learn to go to the theater in a different way. We have put together a guide to help you have a better Titirimundi experience this year.

Despite everything, we have much to celebrate. We keep the most important thing, the origin of everything: the puppet theater. Titirimundi 2020 will be a great cultural event in its 34th edition. It will be smaller, with fewer companies, less capacity ... but with a great artistic proposal.

This year we celebrate being able to be here, one more year, in Segovia, with the puppets.

More information and program here: Titirimundi



September 7: Inauguration of the Visual Arts program:

Nature and sustainability will be present in the Visual Arts exhibitions co-organized with the Junta de Castilla y León, which will open on September 7 in various emblematic places of the city of Segovia and. Hussain Aga Khan (Geneva, 1974) will speak of sustainability, protection of the environment and care of the planet in Mar vivo, an exhibition that talks about the beauty, complexity and fragility of life in the oceans through extraordinary photographs that encourage dialogue on the global impact that the oceans have on science, the environment and contemporary society in the face of the climate crisis, the loss of species and the deterioration of nature. Some of these images have already been seen in international centers such as the Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência in Lisbon or the Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs in New York. It can be visited in the church of San Juan de los Caballeros.

For his part, the Colombian artist Alberto Baraya (Bogotá, 1968) will explore natural conservation and with a reflection between fiction and reality in his installation Greenhouse of tropical Mutisianas that will be located in the Huerta de Félix Ortiz. The protagonists? Cloth or plastic flowers and plants to talk about research and the questioning of scientific knowledge and the instruments that legitimize it: expeditions and museums.

Two other exhibitions complete the program. The first, Hágase en mi according to your word, is a hyper-realistic installation by Madrid artist Ana de Alvear on the mystery of the Annunciation that can be seen in the Esteban Vicente Museum Chapel, in collaboration with the Segovia Provincial Council.

The second, Snapshots recorded on the national retina of César Lucas, is a retrospective of one of the most famous Spanish photojournalists. Co-organized with the City Council of Segovia in La Alhóndiga, it collects the icons of the XNUMXth century portrayed by its objective. Of his career and the images that remained in the collective imagination, he will also talk with the journalist Aurelio Martín to close the opening day.

Other inaugural events on day 7: Current affairs under debate

After the opening of the visual arts exhibitions, and as has been traditional, the Hay Festival de Segovia will celebrate its opening with free entry to the events, subject to the capacity limitations stipulated by the authorities. Genetics, the phenomenon of fake news, economics and nature, or the phenomenon of best-selling books will star in talks, meetings and debates that will try to unravel some of the current unknowns.

The relationship between disease and genetics will be discussed, among others, by the doctor in Genetics and Cell Biology, Miguel Pita, and the journalist of the newspaper ABC, Jesús Calero, who will discuss the influence of genetic material in the pandemic that is devastating the planet.

Hoaxes and fake news will also have their place in the debate Responsible journalism against “fake news” between the director of El Norte de Castilla, Ángel Ortiz, and the president of the Economic and Social Council of Castilla y León, Enrique Cabero.

The green economy will bring together the director of El Adelantado de Segovia and the director of the Biodiversity Foundation, attached to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Elena Pita, in Ecoeconomy a challenge for the present, with the aim of finding a relationship between the economic vision with the environmental variable.

And of course books and words, a fundamental pillar of the festival that will also bring together editors such as Carlos Rod, from La Uña Rota in conversation with Pablo Martín Sánchez or the famous writers Irene Vallejo and Montserrat Domínguez, who will talk about the world on its opening day. of the book in A "best seller" essay.

From September 17 to 20

Delibes's thought, nature, the European response or the phenomenon of best-selling books will complete the more than 50 events and debates, scheduled for this XV edition between September 17 and 20. About 100 personalities from the cultural and political world will clear up some of the unknowns of the current crisis.

The landscaper Fernando Caruncho will speak about our relationship with nature, who will discuss Spiritual Nature with the cultural manager specialized in art and gardens, Sofía Barroso; We will discover the proposals of international landscapers such as Cristina Castel Branco or Ngoc Minh Ngo; the naturalist Joaquín Araújo will exchange impressions in The trees that will teach us to see the forest with Miquel Molina, deputy director of La Vanguardia, and writers such as Sergio del Molino will debate with the writer and journalist Karina Sáinz Borgo about the relationship between the skin, the land and the human being. There will be no lack of reading cycles in gardens, with the collaboration of numerous European embassies and institutions such as the British Council or the Institut Français.

The extensive program of the Hay Festival Segovia 2020 will also feature numerous internationally awarded writers such as the last Alfaguara Prize, Guillermo Arriaga, who will receive the award at the Fundación Telefónica Space, in an event where he will also talk with the journalist Pepa Fernández; the Gouncourt prize, Eric Vuillard, presenting his latest book The War of the Poor, or the Peruvian Renato Cisneros promoting the 'There are Dialogues with Hispano-American Notebooks' with Gabriela Yvarra. There will also be no shortage of great Spanish letters such as Javier Cercas, Manuel Vilas, Luis Mateo Díez or Pablo D'Ors, among others.

The cultural exchange will cross borders to dilute them and share knowledge, how the interactive installation, Disappears the Wall, of the Goethe-Institut that commemorates the German presidency in the European Union and that will be presented for the first time in Segovia, will be reflected. They will also participate, in collaboration with the IE Foundation, embassies, and politicians of various kinds, as well as representatives of European international media such as Financial Times (UK), Público (Portugal), La Stampa (Italy), NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands) or the Gazeta Wyborcza with whose director the prestigious historian Adam Michnik will discuss the sociologist and writer, Fernando Savater.

But also in this edition, the Hay Festival de Segovia 2020 will have a strong female role in the debate on key issues such as leadership, creation or sustainability. We will have international leaders among which are, the ambassadors of Colombia, Carolina Barco, Ireland, Sile Maguire or Morocco, Karima Benyaich, the first woman to hold this position in Spain, experts in international leadership, such as Marta Williams, and authorities such as the Vice President of the European Parliament, Dita Charanzová, the Secretary General of the Ibero-American General Secretariat, Rebecca Grynspan, or the new director of Arco and an expert in international art, Maribel López, among others.

Female leadership is also present in the world of letters with great writers such as Reyes Monforte or Carmen Posadas. We will present the latest editorial news from the Sabadell Foundation with Almudena Grandes or Elvira Lindo; in collaboration with Acción Cultural Española (AC / E) we can enjoy authors such as Rosa Montero, Ana Merino or Isabel Coixet, and with CEDRO, delve into the work of Julia Navarro, Carme Riera or Care Santos, among others.

In addition, we will have the opportunity to meet the new literary voices as the protagonists of the project, sponsored by Wom @ rts, There are 28, with Edurne Portela, Janne Teller and Karolina Ramqvit, as well as the last winner of the Loewe Foundation Poetry Prize, Aurora Luque, the winner of the Young Creation Prize, Raquel Vázquez, the last winner of the 2020 Nadal Prize , Ana Merino, or the last winner of the Fernando Lara Award, the Colombian Ángela Becerra, among others.

The complete program and ticket sales will be available on the web, where the security protocols dictated by the authorities will also be updated.


From August 13 to 16, in the Plaza de Castilla de San Rafael, we will enjoy the most original artisan products.

In order to adapt to the regulations to combat Covid-19 and to protect both the public and exhibitors, a series of prevention measures had to be taken.
There will always be personnel in charge of ensuring your safety, maintaining the ideal capacity in the venue and controlling safety distances. Follow their prompts.

Organized by the CIT

craft fair2

There will be several guided visits to the church of Santa María la Mayor on the occasion of the fifth centenary of its completion, as well as a solemn mass.

The City Council of Coca launches the programming of the cultural summer taking into account the safety of the attendees who, due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, must follow the rules imposed by the health authorities - wear a mask, maintain the minimum safety distance and avoid interpersonal contact - at all times. In addition, from the Consistory they emphasize that the cultural program could undergo some alteration, depending on the health situation.

On the occasion of the fifth centenary of the completion of the current Church of Santa María la Mayor, there will be several 30-minute guided tours, by the Official Chronicler of Coca and his Land, where some interesting aspects of his story. These visits will take place on July 30, August 4 and 5 at 12.00 noon and will be limited to a capacity of 15 people per visit. In addition, as a tribute to this fifth centenary of the church, on Saturday, August 29, a solemn mass will be officiated by the Pastoral Vicar Don Ángel Galindo at 20.00:21.00 p.m. and, immediately afterwards, at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., in the Plaza Mayor, the Coca Municipal Music Band will hold a concert.

In addition to that concert, the Music Band will also perform as a concert on August 8 and 16 and with the touch of targets on August 15, which corresponds to the feast of Our Lady of the Assumption, a key day in the August festivities in the town that this year have been suspended due to the epidemiological situation. This is the first official performances that the centennial group will carry out this 2020, since its last touch occurred in the past Christmas.

It is worth mentioning the collaboration in the elaboration of the program of the Cultural Association 'Los Azafranales', which has prepared a virtual contest -whose award ceremony will be held on August 1- on the occasion of the full moon march that had to be suspended, as well as the performance of a tribute to Asterix and Obelix as they passed through Cauca in issue number 14, 'Asterix in Hispania' by Rene Goscinny.


12:00 h. Guided visit to the Church of Santa María la Mayor.

21:30 p.m. Main Square. Zumba Master Class.

21:30 p.m. Main Square. Kreston's magic.
22:30 p.m. Main Square. Awards ceremony of the 'Full Moon' contest.

12.00 p.m. Guided visit to the Church of Santa María la Mayor.

12.00 p.m. Guided visit to the Church of Santa María la Mayor.

21:30 p.m. Main Square. Urban Dance Master Class.

22:00 p.m. Institute Square. Concert of the Coca Music Band.

21:30 p.m. Main Square. Performance 'La Esteva'.

22:00 p.m. North esplanade of the castle. Cinema: 'Mia and the White Lion'.

22:30 p.m. Main Square. Performance of the group Abrojo Folk

AUGUST 13-16
11:00 h. at 14:00 p.m. and from 19:00 p.m. at 21:00 p.m.
Painting exhibition by local artists Esmeralda Pascual and Ángel Sanz.

12:00 h. Adolfo Suárez Avenue. Puppet performance Saltatium theater with 'Jorge el valeroso'.

10:30 a.m. Targets by the Coca Music Band.
20:00 p.m. Coca Gardens. Tribute to Asterix and Obelix as they passed through Cauca.
21:00 p.m. Old soccer field. Cougar group performance.
00:00 h. In the same place, second pass of the Cougar group.

22:00 p.m. Main Square. Concert of the Coca Music Band.

21:00 p.m. Main Square. Clara, Candela and María trio. Classic songs.

20:00 p.m. Solemn Mass. Don Ángel Galindo.
21:00 p.m. Main Square. Concert of the Coca Music Band.

18:30 p.m. Main Square. Titirimundi 'The Ghost Scarecrow'.

18:00 p.m. Martín Frías Auditorium. 'En las dos orillas', Latin American music, by Alenta Dúo.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

Coca summer

From Caja Segovia Foundation and from the hand of Begoña, Mª Cruz and Rebeca, Segovian official guides, they propose us to see, discover and enjoy our city with the tours:

Rise and Decline of Segovia in the XNUMXth Century:
• Thursdays (18.30pm) and Sundays (11.00am).
"Real" and Legend Stories:
• Tuesday (18.30pm), Friday (19.00pm) and Saturday (11.00am)
* Recommended for all audiences
Women in the History of Segovia:
• Monday (19:00 p.m.)

Duration of the tours: 2 hours.
Groups: minimum 6 - maximum 20 people
Price: € 8 adults / € 4 children between 5 and 16 years (cash payment at the beginning of the visit).
COVID Note: in compliance with the official protocols established to minimize the hygienic-sanitary risks caused by COVID-19 in the development of our activity, the use of a mask will be mandatory for all attendees. Disposable headphones will be supplied for the follow-up of the visit, guaranteeing the safety distance.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Begoña Horcajo - 636444892
Mª Cruz Benito Merino - 636842896
Rebeca Martín Nieto– 629306951

Rise and Decline of Segovia in the XNUMXth Century
On this route we will discover from the Barrio de los Caballeros, its nobles, hidalgos and large houses, passing by its humanist intellectuals, to the decline marked by the political, social, economic and religious differences that immersed us in the Community War.
Days and times: Thursdays (18.30pm) and Sundays (11.00am).
Meeting point: Diablillo statue 10 minutes before the start of the visit.

"Real" and Legend Stories
A fresh and fun way to walk around Segovia discovering the founders who made the city you know today; secrets of our kings and queens, their hobbies, quirks and funny anecdotes.
Recommended to ALL KINDS OF PUBLIC.
Days and times: Tuesday (18.30pm), Friday (19.00pm) and Saturday (11.00am).
Meeting point: cross next to the Aqueduct

Women in the History of Segovia
Do you know who was the first Princess of Asturias? What Castilian lady kept the keys to the city? Or who was the first woman to become a San Quirce Scholar?
We will visit the historic center of the city discovering these and many more curiosities of women who marked the History, not only of Segovia, but also of Spain.
We will stop at places that were relevant in some period of these women's lives and marked their trajectory, such as Isabel La Católica, Beatriz de Bobadilla, Sta Teresa de Jesús, Guiomar and Elvira Sastre, among others.
Days and times: Monday (19:00 p.m.).
Meeting point: Diablillo statue 10 minutes before the start of the visit.

Source: Segoviaudaz


During the weekends until next August 30 you can enjoy a new theatrical tour of the center of the town

The romantic author José de Espronceda returned to Cuéllar last weekend and will do so every Saturday and Sunday until August 30, accompanied by one of the characters from his novel 'Sancho Saldaña or the Spanish of Cuéllar', Zoraida, who in This time it is a girl whose father, Toño the tanner, is in charge of working the skin in the tanneries, the center where the tour begins.

The initiative is one of the new proposals for Tourism for this summer, which recovers a creation launched in 2017, with a text written by Maite Sánchez, in which young and old know the job of tanner, they approach the knowledge of the world of the skins and even some monuments that they find along the route, such as the church of Santo Tomé.

The visit begins in Tenerife, where visitors meet Zoraida, a girl who does not want to work with her father, but rather play. The assistants know how the leather tanning work is and the little girl can finally escape from carrying out the hardest tasks on the condition of leaving to sell fur around the town, after which she will be able to enjoy the game with the little ones who can also participate in the visit, since it is indicated for family audiences.

Young and old will help Zoraida sell the skins through the municipality, even trying to convince passers-by to buy one of them. While taking a walk through some of the most beautiful corners, they meet the young writer José de Espronceda, who, with all kinds of tricks, will try to trick Zoraida into giving her a skin to bind her new novel.

For this, in the first place he offers to be a character in his next writing, which does not convince Zoraida, since she does not know how to read. Next, Espronceda will dress up as the old Berenguela, a thief, and even a monk, characters who will try to deceive or convince the girl in order to give them one of the skins she wears in her car.


This is a small synopsis of 'Espronceda en cueros', the play that will be performed on the streets of the town this summer and that the whole family will be able to enjoy, getting closer to the knowledge of the skins and even to the different monuments that are found along the way, such as the church of Santo Tomé, the convent of La Concepción or San Francisco.

Along the way, visitors will also be able to enjoy key places in the writer's history while passing through the villa, such as the house in which he lived, or the street that fills his name. It is a walk full of surprises in which a small wink is also made to one of the most important celebrations in Cuéllar, such as its running of the bulls.

In this theatrical visit through the streets of the town, the participants will learn about the world of leather and leather, about how they were worked, which ones were used and know terms such as cordoban - high quality tanned goat or goat leather - o guadamecí –an artistic work technique for the skin characterized by the application, on the tanned skin, of a thin silver foil as a preparation layer, to paint or polychrome the skin in a lasting way.

Zoraida, Espronceda, Toño the tanner, Berenguela, the thief, the monk and many surprises will fill the streets of Cuéllar on weekends, as this theatrical tour of the town's historic complex, which starts in Tenerife, will take place every Saturday and Sundays in the months of July and August in two passes, at 11:00 in the morning and at 19:00 in the afternoon.

The price of the activity is five euros for adults and children over the age of three and you must make a prior reservation at the Municipal Tourism Office in person or by phone 921 14 22 03, or directly in the center of Tenerife. It will be mandatory to wear a mask and the groups will be a maximum of 15 people.

Source: North of Castilla Segovia

Cuellar visit

The exhibition 'Confloenta. The Roman city of Duratón 'has opened to the public in the Interpretation Center of the Old Sepúlveda Prison. The exhibition is part of the cultural project 'Los Mercados archaeological site - Roman city of Confloenta in Duratón', which is promoted by the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with the collaboration of both the Sepúlveda City Council and the Provincial Council provincial, and co-financed with funds from the ERDF Operational Program. The actions included in the project were interrupted during the recent state of alarm and are now being resumed with the same objectives: to make the heritage wealth of the property known and how the research that is allowing the recovery of the legacy of this important archaeological site of the Province.

The exhibition that reaches Sepúlveda was first opened, at the end of 2019, at the Segovia Museum. In the Interpretation Center of the Old Prison of this town, you can visit it from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10.30:14.30 a.m. to 16.00:18.00 p.m., in the morning, and in the afternoon, from XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

The sample is structured in nine panels whose explanations are complemented by archaeological pieces recovered in the different excavation campaigns that have taken place in the site. The idea of ​​this exhibition montage is to provide the public with interesting information about this enclave, its historical context and the different recovered assets. Basically the information contained in the aforementioned panels refers to the territory, urban planning, the excavated hot springs and their operation, the livestock forum, the Romanesque church currently located in its vicinity and the Visigothic necropolis linked to the Roman city.

All the informative activities contemplated by the cultural project are a complement to the archaeological research that the Provincial Council of Segovia has been promoting since 2016, with the collaboration of the Sepúlveda City Council and the Board, in this site. Works that have allowed to discover relevant archaeological remains to know the past of this part of the province.

Archaeological zone of 'Los Mercados'

The archaeological site of 'Los Mercados', in Duratón, site of the Roman city of Confloenta, was declared a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC) with the category of Archaeological Zone on February 11, 1994. It is a unique exponent of the world Roman urban in the center of the Duero Basin. The city of Confloenta was founded at the beginning of the 98st century BC by the Roman Republic, within the territorial reorganization program carried out as a consequence of the conquest by Rome of these territories assigned to the Celtiberian Arévaco domain between 94 and XNUMX BC.

Confloenta became the urban unit that managed and administered, as head of Latin civitas, the territory of the upper and middle Duratón Valley between its foundation and at least half of the XNUMXth century AD. The city seems to acquire the category of municipality of Latin law. in the last quarter of the XNUMXst century AD, with the Flavian emperors.

After the disintegration of the Roman Empire, an important population remained within the site of the Roman city, within the Visigoth Monarchy, until in the 711th century AD, the site was completely unoccupied, as a consequence of the political upheavals caused by the Muslim invasion of XNUMX. AD

From the XNUMXth century AD, the reoccupation of the immediate surroundings of the place of 'Los Mercados' is witnessed, with the emergence of the village of Duratón, where a Romanesque hermitage is built, also located within the BIC.

Among other actions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism linked to the project around Confloenta, the improvement of access and adaptation of a visitor reception area in the archaeological zone of the Visigothic necropolis and the site, and works of consolidation of the structures of the ramp and the southern baths, in addition to the signage of the archaeological zone to promote its knowledge and tourism in this enclave.

Source: Segoviaudaz

From July 20 to 22, La GranJazz, the consolidated jazz festival of La Granja.
All performances will take place at 21:30 p.m. on the premises of the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja.
Entry price: 2.00 €

20 July
'TOMMY CAGGIANI QUARTET. Therion Project '. Tommy Caggiani Therion Project is a personal project by Milanese drummer, percussionist, composer and music therapist Tommy Caggiani, whose repertoire of original compositions fuses ethnic rhythms and jazz improvisation.

Throughout his career this Italian musician has recorded with Maurizio Giammarco, Antonello Salis, Malik Yaqub, Bob Sands, Jerry González, Jorge Pardo, José Luis Gutiérrez, Javier Colina or Baldo Martínez, among other musicians. He is in charge of the Tommy Caggiani Therion Project musical quintet, made up of musicians who mostly come from the Conservatorio Superior de Jazz de Navarra.

The name of the group is inspired by the Greek word therion, which means half animal, half human, with which they allude to the prehistoric figures of the theriantropos, where the superhuman strength of transformation is palpable, as well as the energy of music created by the group.

21 July
'COULEUR CAFÉ. Standard Jazz Vocal '. Couleur Café Jazz Quartet (CCJQ) emerged as "Four cats" in early 2010 as a classical jazz ensemble (piano, double bass, drums and voice), with the idea of ​​bringing this style of music to the general public through versions of songs jazz and other themes that, not properly belonging to this genre, are closely linked to it. Standards of jazz, bossanova, French song, funk, bolero or pop are some of the styles that his repertoire covers.

Characterized by their versatility and a personal vision of music, the components of CCJQ thus try to give a “new breath” to “old sounds”. But, not only that: In their desire to continue learning and evolving, they continue to explore new trends and incorporate them into their playing, enriching their performances and thus making CCJQ not "just another jazz quartet" "

22 July
José Luis Gutiérrez is an absolutely unclassifiable artist. A born creator: multi-instrumentalist, composer, inventor of instruments, poet, creator of programming ... his curiosity is infinite and his ability to surprise us, too.

Together with the Town Hall, it is the alma mater of La Granjazz. Side by side they have kept the programming alive, avoiding great difficulties. Well-liked in San Ildefonso where he was the town crier in 2014.

Information points
Tourist Office of the Royal Site of San Ildefonso
Dolores Square

(+34) 921 47 39 53

Social Networks
Facebook Magic Nights of the Farm Festival

Facebook turismorealsitiodesanildefonso

jazz poster

One more year, the Espirdo City Council and the Segovia Provincial Council convened the 1th edition of Art in Nature, to be held on Saturday, August XNUMX. In this way and without suspending this activity, «we want to contribute to the dissemination of art and culture in these difficult times that we are going through, incorporating a large number of novelties in it, such as the awarding of prizes to the participants and the extension to the world of photography ”, says the mayoress of Espirdo, María Cuesta.

The edition, subsidized with 6.000 euros by the provincial institution and coordinated by the artist Christian Hugo Martín, will represent the current social and cultural variables: our fields and towns; our work and economy; our tradition ... through the artistic gaze. The president of the Provincial Council, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, explained that the environment of the work area "will be our field and our easels will be the straw packages distributed by the era, already a symbol of our cycle." The artists will develop their artistic proposal from 10 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon on Saturday, August 1. Subsequently, the exhibition of the works and awards ceremony will be held after the jury's deliberation. Participation is restricted, in order to comply with the standards required by the current situation of the covid-19, to a number of 20 plastic artists and 20 photographers. The theme to be developed will be inspired by the current reality, plastic artists must submit the registration of previous participation in the email of the City Council (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The technique to be used will be free, on the standard support provided by the organization (large format 240 x 150 centimeters). Each artist will bring their work materials (acrylics, oil, sprays ...). The photographers will present the registration of previous participation in the same email from the City Council. They will take their photographs during the edition day taking into account the proposed theme. Each photographer will present a maximum of three photographs within ten days after the edition is held (until August 11) in the manner and manner described in the registration form.

Three prizes are established for the modality of plastic arts: 300 euros (first), 200 euros (second) and 100 euros (third); and three others for photography; 200 euros (first), 150 euros (second) and 100 euros (third). The bases and the registration form can be downloaded through the website and The registration period will be from July 20 to 24 and, once completed, the selected artists and photographers will be notified to carry out their projects.

Source: North Castilla Segovia

espirdo kptH U110793811215N2E 624x385El Norte

The summer monuments opening program, fruit of the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the Diocese, includes as an innovation this year the extension of the period of cultural visits to the religious heritage of the province of Segovia

From next Tuesday, July 14 and, as a novelty this year, until September 13 in all the offer, churches, hermitages and other temples of the province open for holidays; that is to say, those with monumental value that the Diocese of Segovia and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have incorporated this year to the Program of Opening of Monuments in Summer through 'routes' or proposals such as 'Mudéjar to the south of the Duero' will be visited, 'Camino de Madrid', 'Románico Sur', 'Valle del Duero' and Segovia a World Heritage City.

For the first time, the opening season has been unified, which means that there will be 17 more days to enjoy this cultural offer in 69% of the cases and discover monuments that are not usually visited or are under limited conditions.

The opening hours will be from 11 am to 14 pm and from 17 pm to 19,45 pm.

This improvement introduced represents an increase of 22,83 in the program budget compared to last year, approaching half a million euros in the Autonomous Community as a whole.

The Deputy Minister of Culture, Raúl Fernández Sobrino, presented the program for all of Castilla y León last Friday at the church of San Juan de Rabanera in Soria and stressed then that it allows "linking the historical-artistic heritage to tourism, bringing culture closer to visitors and tourists, while promoting rural development, generating economic and tourist activity ”.

It is also a program that the Board sets as an example of public-private collaboration work and institutional coordination between administrations, the autonomous administration offering organizational and promotional support.

Most of the temples that can be visited thanks to the program are located in rural areas, although the churches of San Millán, Seminario, San Miguel and San have been included in the thematic proposal World Heritage Cities. Martín from the Segovian capital.

With the theme 'Mudéjar to the south of the Duero' the offer includes the churches of San Andrés, San Miguel and San Esteban and the Magdalena chapel, in the town of Cuéllar. The last one, by the Cuellarano City Council. On this same 'route' are the church of San Esteban de Nieva, that of Nuestra Señora de la Soterraña in Santa María la Real de Nieva, that of San Bartolomé in Sangarcía and that of San Baudilio in Samboal.

The Camino de Madrid (to Santiago de Compostela through the province) includes the church of Santa María la Mayor de Coca, that of the Assumption in Martín Muñoz de las Posadas and that of Nuestra Señora del Rosario in La Granja.

The widest offer is that of the Romanesque South, with churches or hermitages of more than thirty municipalities, some with great heritage and a larger population than the rest, such as Turégano, Sepúlveda, Riaza and Ayllón and others located in small towns such as Sotosalbos, Pelayos from Arroyo, La Cuesta, Becerril, Villacorta, Duratón, Duruelo or Aldealengua de Pedraza, as well as Madriguera, in the area of ​​the 'red' towns, due to the color of the stone of their homes, or El Muyo, one of the towns 'blacks' from the Sierra de Ayllón.

In the Douro Valley, the must-sees are the churches of Sacramenia, Cuevas de Provanco, Fuentidueña, Aldeasoña, Laguna Contreras and Fuentesoto.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

12 1kama Sotosalbos Church KAM1665 696x464

On Sundays and Thursdays in July and August, the Royal Glass Factory of the Royal Site of San Ildefonso schedules evening film sessions. For this year, 80s classics and children's cinema concentrate the offer. Passes will take place at 22 p.m., with doors entering an hour earlier through the entrance to the Cristales factory (museum access). The price is € 3 and includes a night tour of the museum. Tickets can be booked one hour before each pass and at the Real Fábrica store during normal business hours.

A summer of cinema at La Granja
Sunday, July 12, 2020 - 22:00 - Superlopez
Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 22:00 - Mortadelo and Filemón
Sunday, July 19, 2020 - 22:00 - Dumbo 2019
Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 22:00 - Grease (Pending confirmation) or The best Summer of my Life
Sunday, July 26, 2020 - 22:00 - How to train your dragon 3
Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 22:00 - Shark
Sunday, August 02, 2020 - 22:00 - Et el Extraterrestre
Sunday, August 9, 2020 - 22:00 - Pets 2
Thursday, August 20, 2020 - 22:00 - Aladdin 2019
Sunday, August 23, 2020 - 22:00 - Back to the Future
Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 22:00 - Jurassic Park or Bohemian Rhapsody (to be confirmed)

Source: Acueducto2

expoalfabricacristales 160x160

The National Center for Environmental Education (CENEAM), of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, located in Valsaín (Segovia), in the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, begins its Guided Tours Program on Monday with an offer of 24 walks, with a total of 12 different routes, that will take place until the end of August, with appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with the landscape, nature, history and popular culture as the common thread of these outdoor activities , free and aimed at all audiences.

It also includes six activities of the Didactic Excursions Program, which were postponed due to the state of alarm, and which will take place on Sunday morning, with a selection of those that best adapted to the new situation derived from the pandemic in order to guarantee the safety of the participants.

The sub-delegate of the Government in Segovia, Lirio Martín, encouraged citizens to participate in this extensive program, with which they will be able to enjoy the enormous landscape, natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Sierra de Guadarrama. To participate in any of the walks and excursions it is necessary to reserve a place in advance, until 14.00:XNUMX p.m. on the day before each one, in the case of Sunday excursions it will be until the previous Friday.

The groups will be made up of a maximum of 15 people for walks and 20 for excursions, and it will be necessary for there to be a minimum of five registrations for the activity to take place. In case of suspension of any, those registered will be notified in advance. Reservations can be made by calling 921 473880, from 9.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or by sending an email to the address, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The CENEAM will confirm the reception of the mail and the availability of places.

Measures to prevent contagion

The organization will guarantee the necessary security measures by applying the health regulations established at all times. For their part, the participants must be provided with: mask, which will be compulsory for those times when due to the characteristics of the terrain or the needs of the activity itself, it is not possible to maintain a distance of 2 meters between people; Disinfectant spray or gel bottle, for individual use and small in size and a plastic bag to discard masks and other non-reusable protection elements that will be deposited in the corresponding containers at the end of the tour.

They also explained that the presence of dogs is allowed following a series of rules such as prior consultation and availability of the group, provided that there are no health incompatibilities or phobias among the rest of the participants; the animals must be up-to-date with regard to the administrative and sanitary requirements established by current legislation; owners 'commitment to abandon the activity if the animal causes discomfort to the group or diverts the participants' attention during explanations.

As for the general recommendations, it is advisable to equip yourself with field shoes, suitable clothing, a hat and sunscreen, in addition to bringing water or other hydrating drinks and some food.

Wide offer

The offer begins this Monday, at 10.00 am, with 'A walk in the woods', which will be repeated on August 28, to observe various natural aspects and some traditional uses of Mount Valsaín.

On Wednesday the 8th, also at 10.00:6 am, the walk 'The legend of the Monk's Cave', touring the landscapes where the events of one of the best-known legends of Valsaín took place, with a length of almost 3 kilometers. This appointment can also be booked for Monday, August XNUMX.

For Friday, July 10, the proposal 'Soldiers in the summits', which will have another second appointment on August 10. A walk to interpret the remains of buildings from the Civil War that are preserved on the summits of the Dos Hermanas and Peña Citores area, with the aim of showing the great impact that this event had on the landscape of the Sierra, an enclave that It has had great strategic value throughout history.

The first week ends on Sunday, July 12, with 'Walking with a dog through nature', with the dog educator Estefanía Ibáñez. The next day, the walk 'La Silla del Rey', to the top of the hill known as 'El Moño de la Tía Andrea' where the famous 'Silla del Rey' is located, a granite throne with an 1848 inscription alluding to Don Francisco de Asís de Borbón consort of Isabel II. A proposal that will return on August 26.

On Wednesday July 15, 'The landscapes of water', touring the banks of the Eresma river where you can see bridges, dams, ditches and a section of the historic road known as the Royal Fisheries, which Carlos III ordered to build to practice the fishing. Those interested have another date available, August 5.

For Friday, July 17, the walk "El cerro del Puerco", which is a small hill attached to the Navalhorno meadow, which is a magnificent watchtower over the Valsaín valley. On the walk you will be able to contemplate the beautiful landscape of the valley, in all directions, and a set of defensive buildings from the Civil War. It will be repeated on August 7.

On Sunday, July 19 and August 19, the walk is titled 'The sounds of the forest', with a tour of the soundscapes of Mount Valsaín that serve as a tracking tool. For Monday 20, 'War Landscapes', with an itinerary that shows how the constructions of the Spanish Civil War were in the Sierra de Guadarrama and in the Montes de Valsaín, which will have a second pass on August 17.

For Wednesday July 22, 'A walk through the cacera', which fed the deposit of the Real Aserrío de Valsaín. This 12th century sawmill operated with steam machinery, so it depended on the water supply. The next date will be August 24. Under the title 'Praderas y navas' on Friday the 26th, to interpret the landscape from La Pradera de Navalhorno to the prairie of Navalpinganillo, inside the valley of the River Eresma. On Sunday XNUMX, the walk 'Archeology of water'.

The last week of July, three new appointments, for Monday 27 'El cerro de Matabueyes', Wednesday 29, 'La Fuente del Infante' and Friday 31, 'The garden and the forest', which like the rest will have a Repeat in August, on August 21, 24 and 14, respectively.

Source: Segoviaudaz

Dinner opt

The Association for the Promotion of Segovian Suckling Pig (Procose) organizes a new edition of this traditional event from July 8 to 10.

"In gratitude to the people of Segovia and visitors who always bet on this popular dish as a guarantor of quality," the organization said through a press release in which it reports that a total of 16 restaurants in the capital and in the province they will serve the ration of suckling pig at 50 percent of the price that appears in your letter. Roast centers and wholesalers have also joined the initiative, and they will sell it 33 percent cheaper than usual cost.

The president of Procose, José María Ruiz, has considered this campaign as a token of gratitude to the people of Segovia who have always shown their support for the quality offered by the guarantee mark 'Cochinillo de Segovia', requesting the protected product when they are going to consume it and identifying with him. In addition, he recalled that all restaurants that operate with the brand have a plate that identifies them. Lastly, he highlighted the value of the quality of the product and the vigilance to which it is subjected from the livestock farm until it is served at the table, with a mandatory regulation for those who are part of the association.

The restaurants that will participate will be the following: La Codorniz, El Portón de Javier, Mesón de Cándido, Parador de Segovia, El Figón de los Comuneros, Lobiche, José María, El Rancho de la Aldegüela, Mesón de Duque, Casa Felipe, Venta Magullo , Taberna de López, El Horno de Juan (Madrid), Los Mellizos, Casares Acueducto and El Sitio.

In addition, you can buy preasado in Cafetería Astral (Madrid) and as wholesalers are Cárnicas Tabladillo, Cárnicas Nicomedes Abad, Comasa CB and Carnicería Mercedes Martín. The rest of the details of this special edition of 'El Dorado' can be found at

Source: The Day of Segovia


Music with Taste ... to Segovia

“Música con Gusto” returns, the gourmet rural music festival of the Caja Rural Foundation

Every summer more than 500 people enjoy this festival, which is already consolidated in Segovia, and the “sold out tickets” poster hangs every year.

With the arrival of good weather, the most beautiful settings of the Segovian heritage are adorned to host the Music with Taste festival, two gourmet evenings in which music will be the main protagonist and will merge with the scenic beauty and gastronomy.

On Thursday, July 23 at nine o'clock at night, the festival will kick off with a magical space, the Alcázar gardens (next to the San Marcos bridge), a stage that has traditionally hosted the cadets' end-of-year dance. An idyllic setting in the middle of nature, where the majestic Alcazar has witnessed the loves and heartbreak of the students of the Artillery Academy ...

The Segovian duo Wine Notes, with the vocalist Henar López and the guitarist Gele Rodrigo, will open the festival with a repertoire of Acoustics with Denomination of Origin, and then the Troupé de la Merced, Segovian eclectic orchestra, will be carried away to trick us into their trip of naturalness, fun and a point of picaresque.

Monte Nevado will put "the taste", with a selection of Iberian ham and exhibition of Iberian ham cut and the Segovian winery Avelino Vegas, will offer three wines to put the finishing touch to the first evening of the festival.

On July 30 at the same time, the Patio de Armas of the Artillery Academy will dress up to receive Zoe, a musical duo composed by pianist Miguel Ángel Recio and vocalist María Recio, who will perform a popular song repertoire. Spanish. Next, the Malandro Club band, formed by Javier Mayor (double bass), Alberto Vaquero (trumpet) and the native of Martín Muñoz de las Posadas Gorka Hermosa (accordion), will present a careful repertoire equidistant between the traditional music of the Iberian peninsula, jazz, tango and contemporary classical music.

El Cordero restaurant will be in charge of the gastronomic part (three tapas) and El Decantador, a Segovian project by sommelier Paco Plaza and businessman Alvaro Gil will offer three wines to round off the evening.

Tickets are priced at € 19 and can be purchased on the Caja Rural Foundation website

IMPORTANT: the organization has all the necessary security measures to ensure the absolute tranquility of the attendees (limited capacity, sufficient space between locations, individual gastronomic passes, etc).

MCG poster 2020 740x1031

The spectacular violinist Ara Malikian will give a concert at the Royal Palace of La Granja on August 6, within the framework of the Jazz Royal Palace program, promoted by National Heritage. From July 3 to September 12, the five royal palaces will host paid concerts by Malikian, Zenet, Andrea Motis, Bob Sands Big Band and Dulce Ponte. To these are added another 20 free concerts in the Campo del Moro in Madrid by jazz formations. Tickets will go on sale on July 1 on the National Heritage website.

Source: Acueducto2


The XXI edition of the Festival of Oral Narrators will be held from July 6 to 12, adapting its format to the current situation and moving it entirely to the gardens of Los Zuloaga (next to the church of San Juan de los Caballeros). Once again, great voices of the oral narration will come to the city from the hand of the writer and narrator Ignacio Sanz, director of the initiative organized by the Department of Culture of the Segovia City Council.

With the aim of extolling the value of the spoken word, this special program will have a cast of seven narrators. Throughout the week they will present themes of diverse nature and will drink from improvisation, thus combining the experience of their literary references with the surprise factor.

The festival will be held under all the necessary sanitary prevention measures against Covid-19, with reduced capacity and the dispensing of hydroalcoholic gel. All actions will start at 22:00 and the symbolic price of tickets, 3 euros, will go to the Red Cross for the acquisition of perishable products that support local merchants to alleviate the effects of Covid-19. Tickets can be purchased from June 26 through and from July 1 at the Visitor Reception Center.

• Monday, July 6: Pablo Albo is a writer marked by his surreal tendency who spends a good part of his time touring schools and libraries as a storyteller. Like a good surrealist, he plays with the absurd and tends to be confused. Humor is an essential part of his narrative shows.
• Tuesday, July 7: Quico Cadaval. Perhaps it is the strongest prop of oral narration in Spain. Gallego, putative son of Don Álvaro Cunqueiro. Theater director, writer and speaker. In his stories, in addition to an overflowing and flowery verbal apparatus, there is always an ethical desire that has made him the master of oral narration.
• Wednesday, July 8: Cristina Verbena. It is a storyteller from Zaragoza who is accompanied by a warm voice and an elegant stage presence. Drink from refined literary sources such as Cortázar or Calvino. Sometimes he intersperses small songs between story and story.
• Thursday, July 9: Diego Calavia. We are before a narrator from La Rioja who works magic while he relates. As we know much of the magic lies in the voice. Calavia does it with the teaching experience, at last, it is a classic that hypnotizes.
• Friday, July 10: Rodorín. Here is one of the puppeteers who, while reporting, uses objects that have a metaphorical attribute added. He usually does it for children, but this time his stories with objects are intended for the adult audience.
• Saturday, July 11: Paula Carballeira. Galician actress, writer and oral narrator. Much of the magic in their stories comes from the ancient Galician world. But also of its narrative strength, its sobriety, its capacity for seduction.
• Sunday, July 12: José Ovejero. We are before a writer who has obtained some of the most prestigious awards in the literary scene. At the same time, he is a writer who tells his own stories. He does it with solvency and sobriety; at last he is also a professional on stage.

Source: Segoviaudaz

Saint John of the Knights

An international classical music festival that bets on new national and international promises in an original program with a wide variety of styles and formats.

Held in different towns in Castilla y León since 1999, in 2008 it establishes its permanent headquarters in the gardens of the Royal Palace of the Royal Site of San Ildefonso and in its Casa de las Flores.

The Festival is part of the programming of the Magic Nights of La Granja in collaboration with the Real Sitio Town Hall.

Information points
Tourist Office of the Royal Site of San Ildefonso
Dolores Square

(+34) 921 47 39 53

Prior reservation is essential at the Tourist Office of the Royal Site of San Ildefonso
More information at:
Social Networks
Facebook Magic Nights of the Farm Festival

Facebook turismorealsitiodesanildefonso

Further information: Magical nights

RS2020 poster

The Tourist Office of the town opens its doors this Friday

The Cuéllar Tourism Office (Segovia) opens its doors this Friday with new proposals and schedules for tourist visits in the town during the summer. The new resources, with dramatized routes and visits to the old town, will be incorporated throughout the month of July, offering new products every weekend to tourists and visitors who come to Cuéllar.

With the opening of the Tourist Office, the guided tours of the Castle, the Mudéjar Art Center and Walks through the historic center begin, as well as the free visit of the Wall, the viewpoints route and the Fishermen's Path.

Starting on Saturday, July 4, Saturdays and Sundays, the Dramatized Route through the Historic District and, starting on Friday, 10, the dramatized night visits in the Castle of the town and, one week later, the dramatized visits for children, Saturdays and Sundays from the Tanneries Center. Finally, from July 25 and the rest of Saturdays, the nightly dramatized literary route arrives through the historic center.

On the adaptation of the new regulations on the occasion of COVID 19, the Cuéllar City Council announced, according to Ical reports, that the guided tours within the Castle-Palace will have a maximum capacity of 15 people and the guided or dramatized tours of the historic center may reach up to 30 people.

In addition, the Tourist Office will have hydroalcoholic dispensers, disinfection mats, with delimitation of spaces to comply with social distance and the guides will remember that exposed goods or exhibition material cannot be touched, as well as avoiding touching where possible. walls, railings, or handrails. Visitors are recommended to book the desired visit, since the groups will be reduced to adapt to the new sanitary measures, with control of groups and their representatives to follow the COVID-19 regulation.

The summer schedule of the Cuéllar Tourism Office will be, until September 30, from 10.00:1400 a.m. to 16.30:20.00 p.m. and from 921:140 p.m. to 014:XNUMX p.m., Monday to Sunday. For more information and reservations, call XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX and email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Source: The Day of Segovia

Cuellar visit

The Segovia City Council, through the Department of Culture, has worked with the different festivals of the Segovian summer, MUSEG Segovia Music Festival, Various Music, Go to Fresco and Folk Segovia, to create an eclectic program that will put rhythm to the nights of the Segovian summer.

"Segovia, an oasis of culture" is an initiative that merges those festivals, canceled due to the pandemic, to ensure the continuity of cultural programming, energize the city and support the Segovian cultural fabric.

On the one hand, the Zuloaga Garden will host every Saturday, from July 4 to September 5, ten musical performances of different styles, plus a children's concert that will take place on Sunday, July 19. Music and poetry, folk, jazz, soul, funky, or symphonic music are just some of the genres that the public will be able to enjoy in this return of Segovian cultural programming.

The cycle will be opened by the musical recital of the Segovian poet Elvira Sastre (July 4), "Elvira en voz", accompanied by the musician Manu Míguez, to continue with the folk music of La Musgaña and Free Folk (July 18), the show children's "Hamelin ... with music elsewhere" by Andreas Prittzwitz (July 19), and the Ensemble of the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra (July 25).

The program continues in August with the flamenco show by Macarena Ramírez (August 1), the jazz and tango night of Let the children play Big Band and La Lunfardita (August 8), and the funky-soul evening that Freedonia will offer (15 August). There will also be space for opera and zarzuela at the gala starring mezzo-soprano Cristina del Barrio, tenor Miguel Borrallo and pianist Puerto González (August 22); as well as for the pop rock of Rebeca Jiménez and Sisters & Bro (August 29).
The cycle will end with a very Segovian night: the Mondongo Swing duo, formed by Cuco and Luisa Pérez, and La Banda del Búho, with a night of cabaret and soul (September 5).

All the performances will begin at 22:00 except for the children's show that will start at 20:30 and the Ensemble of the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra at 21:30.

Solidarity collection

Ticket sales will begin on June 24 at and at the Visitor Reception Center from July 1. Tickets to all shows will cost 10 euros, except for the Ensemble of the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra and the children's show, which will cost 3 euros. In addition, there will be discounts of 20% for under 25s and over 65s (8 euros) and 70% for unemployed people (3 euros).
The proceeds will go to the Spanish Red Cross in Segovia in order to alleviate the effects of Covid-19 through the acquisition of perishable products in local businesses.

An emblematic and safe place

The Zuloaga garden, located next to the church of San Juan de los Caballeros, will be presented more than ever this summer as an oasis for culture. The City Council of Segovia has considered this location as an ideal space to enjoy culture again in a privileged heritage environment, outdoors.
Due to its characteristics, this enclave allows the prevention measures against the Covid-19 to be maintained, both at the entrances, entry and exit routes will be created, as well as in the capacity control, to avoid crowds, creating a safe space. The capacity will be reduced to 231 seats, with numbered and pre-assigned seats, keeping a distance of one and a half meters between the seats. Likewise, the space will be cleaned and disinfected before each performance.

Music all summer and in all neighborhoods

The other great program of "Segovia, an oasis of culture" is an ambitious call with which the Department of Culture wants to support professional musicians from Segovia. More than 500 performances distributed in 13 areas of the city, will fill Segovian nights with different rhythms, every Friday and Saturday at 21:00 p.m. and 22:30 p.m. In this way, the residents of each neighborhood can be surprised with a new performance every weekend while strolling through its streets or enjoying a terrace.

Around 70 professional Segovian musicians will participate in small-format concerts with rhythms ranging from folk and jazz, through classical music and signature music, to Latin American sounds or rock, among many others. This initiative has the collaboration of the AIHS (Agrupación Industrial de Hosteleros Segovianos) and Coca-Cola.

The Segovian artist Gonzalo de la Osa has been in charge of designing the image “Segovia, an oasis of culture” evoking a space that, far from being a mirage, is finally a reality to enjoy close and quality programming this summer .

Source: City of Segovia

Oasis of culture

On Sunday June 28 at 9:00 am The Link - Canine Education and Activities and Anut Canine Education will carry out a route with dogs around the Los Angeles de San Rafael reservoir. It will last an hour and a half and the price is 15 euros per dog.

The quarantine has been a shock for both dogs and humans. Many of our canine companions have begun to feel insecure when it comes to relating to others or fears have arisen towards other people or people. With this walk we want to spend a pleasant time between dogs and humans, guided by professionals, and learning how to improve coexistence and walks.

For this reason, during the walk, three professional canine educators will advise attendees on how to properly handle the leash, analyze the interactions that take place and explain notions of canine communication. In addition, there will be some proprioception exercises that can be put into practice on a daily basis and there will be a round of questions to answer all the questions.

The tour is covered by liability insurance.

At the end of the walk, attendees will be able to enjoy together with their dogs the terrace at the foot of the Outdoor Factory reservoir, a partner company of the event. In addition, gifts will be delivered courtesy of the organizers and the collaborating company Naturpet Pets

Who is it geared towards?
• People who want to enjoy a group walk with their dogs in a natural environment.
• Dogs that cannot relate to others in their usual environment.
• People who want to learn how to improve the bond with their dog. Also learn to read the visual communication of their classmates.
• Dogs that show insecurity towards other dogs or people.
• People who want to meet others who share their interest in dogs and nature.
How to register?
Simply write an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 667 88 54 33 (you can also contact by WhatsApp) and we will offer all the detailed information.

Anut Educación Canina is a company based in the province of Segovia. It offers multiple services: Puppy education, adult dog education, advice when looking for the ideal dog, rehabilitation of behavioral problems (aggressive behaviors, fear, separation anxiety, protection of resources, etc.) and socialization walks.

El Vínculo - Educación y Actividades Caninas, is a company that works mainly in Segovia, Ávila and the community of Madrid, it also conducts seminars throughout the national territory. The most outstanding services are dog education and therapy for behavioral problems, as well as offering various recreational and sporting dog activities such as; basic obedience, discdog, dog skills, dog dancing and detection.

Source: Segoviaudaz

Route with dogs

The Councilor for Culture and Tourism announces that the summer season will be full of activities in which security will be the protagonist, with planning for fifteen days and a very varied offer

The town receives summer and a time when, without a doubt, cultural activities mark the agenda of the people of Cuellaran. However, the coronavirus has changed the perspective and the conditions, a fact to which the City Council and the associations have had to react. The Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Maite Sánchez, explained what is the situation that comes with the summer. In the first place, she commented on the position of the Cuéllar City Council, which is of the opinion of “continuing to carry out activities, otherwise, due to the threat of the coronavirus that continues here, but our life must continue and culture is In this sense, they are working with artists from all walks of life to alleviate the blow, "which has not only come to commerce, but also to all the people who are dedicated to the world of plastic arts and performing arts." Remember that there are many activities and events that have had to be suspended: from Easter to the Celtas Cortos concert that would take place now in San Juan, through the Youth Fair, El Chocolate, and what would take place in the nearest future, such as the festival Así Cantan Las Corales, the National Festival of Jota, Sponsalia -for which they worked on a renovation-. The councilor assures that they have been working these months on a fun, varied, inclusive and accessible program for people with different abilities. For this, the spaces are opened, and in addition to the Castle and its Patio de Armas, this year various places are opened "that many locals will discover this summer". Some of them are the atrium of the church of San Esteban, the Chapel of Orphan Girls, the courtyard of the Grammar Study or the courtyard of the Town Hall; "These spaces show the heritage wealth that Cuéllar has," adds the villa.

Sánchez explains that from the area they have raised the summer with "micro events" with a very limited and limited capacity of 30 people who can enjoy various shows at the same time in various parts of the town, on a rotating basis. This will be the dynamic, but concerts are also planned in larger venues, such as the Castle itself or San Francisco.

However, the mayor emphasizes that a "chip change" is necessary in the consumption of culture, changes that come in the form of regulations. It will be necessary to arrive in time for the show because once it starts, the doors will be closed. There will be marked, very clear safety distances when sitting down; The public will be grouped by families, so when making reservations it will be done in this way. Likewise, they recommend the reservation, "try not to arrive at the last minute." There will be very strict hygiene regulations, both for City Council workers and for attendees: constant disinfection, masks and avoiding contacts.

Another of the customs to modulate and that the mayor highlighted is that this year there will be no summer programming magazine. "It is a summer of great instability and we cannot program things that may not exist later, so the programming will take place every fortnight, and the regulations are also strict regarding paper," Sánchez specified. For this reason, on the panels that are in the streets, calendars will be hung: "people will have to come to see what is on that day, we have to get used to getting closer to culture, and it does not always have to come to the mailbox, That is very important, getting used to spending every fortnight and seeing the possibilities, "he said. The summer culture will start with Festeamus and will continue with the dramatized tourism routes through the streets, and will continue with cinema in the Plaza de Toros, storytelling, Nights of the Mudéjar in different spaces, events in the courtyard of the Villa, a Blues Festival and Jazz and, in collaboration with the sports and environment area, marches and Sunday routes.

“This is going to be a very complete summer culturally speaking, and we hope that people participate in the proposals that we are going to make; We believe that the show must continue, so let's go ahead, "concluded the mayor, who despite the difficulties presented by this new normality, assures that programming every fifteen days leaves more space for programming and evaluating alternatives. They hope that the population will soon get used to the regulations that only aim to ensure safety without giving up any kind of cultural leisure, so necessary after a hard period of confinement.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

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The Segovia City Council, through the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation, will commemorate the European Day of Music in digital format.

"We want that, even in these circumstances, music shine on the European Music Day, so we are going to take advantage of the facilities offered by social networks to celebrate this day," says Noelia Gómez, coordinator of the Don Juan de Bourbon.

The European Music Day, next Sunday, June 21, will begin with a matinee. The pianist Marco Mezquida will be the protagonist of a concert, on the YouTube channel of the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation, at 10.00:XNUMX in the morning. Chosen 'Musician of the Year', on several occasions, by the Association of Jazz and Modern Musicians of Catalonia, Mezquidase has positioned himself as one of the most complete and expressive artists of his generation in the jazz scene and improvised music in Spain. His musical language reflects all the music that he has been passionate about: jazz, free improvisation, romantic classical music, modern music, his love for the world of song and Iberian and Latin American popular music, contemporary music, pop and rock, flamenco and old music.

Also on Youtube, at 12:00 hours, you can see the video of the Escolanía de Segovia, performing on the streets of the city. A video, previously recorded, that will allow you to enjoy the choir of white voices and the magnificent Segovian monumental heritage.

At 17:30 p.m., on the live Instagram channel, the main protagonist will be Teresa Berganza on an Instagram Live, framed in the cycle 'Conversations in Trust' started by the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation during confinement. The opera singer, one of the greatest figures in the history of lyrics in our country, will speak directly with the coordinator of the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation, Noelia Gómez.

That same day, June 21, new scores of the María de Pablos Collection in digital version will be published on the Foundation's website. Scores of the Romantic Sonata, Quintet Faunos and La Cabrerilla, composed by the Segovian creator, can be downloaded.

On Monday June 22, children will be the main protagonists. Coinciding with one of the last school days, a children's show will be broadcast from the social networks of the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation. At 11.00 am, the children will be able to see “Breathing tales”. In this production, the Quinteto de viento "Respira" and "Teloncillo" come together to offer a unique and innovative program in Spain, combining narrative, theater and music. Recommended for children from three years of age, "Respirando Cuentos" is a dramatized concert with two original and exclusive compositions for the wind quintet, about two classic stories from the universal narrative, 'Ferdinando, the bull' and 'The ugly duckling '.

More information
Don Juan de Borbón Foundation Communication
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Royal Glass Factory rethinks the format of courses taught so far and offers a series of activities and workshops, aimed at all audiences, who comply with the health protocol as well as with the specific safety and environmental regulations in this situation.

The offer is aimed at all audiences: children, young people, adults and even families. The different workshops, courses and experiences will take place in the facilities of the training area of ​​the Royal Factory.

This proposal expands the provision of services that the Institution programs each year through its different training, production and museum areas, the objective of which is set out in its founding act.

Thus, throughout the summer, the program of training activities that will take place between the months of July and September will be as follows:

Workshops for children and young people (July / August, 2 hours, groups of 8 students)
· Personalize a glass with your best design

· Design your tray with recycled glass

· Design your watch

Family experiences
· Casting experience

· Demonstration in the courtyard of the Museum

Monographic Courses
· Techniques for making and decorating glass

Glass blowing

· Sculpture with sand casting

· Hot sculpture with recycled glass

· Introduction to grinding

· Initiation to sandblasting

· Initiation to calligraphy in engraving

· Initiation to Kilnforming

The reopening of the facilities of the Royal Glass Factory occurs after having implemented all the health protocols required by the central government, which guarantee the safety of workers and visitors. Following the Government's recommendations, regular cleaning and disinfection is carried out. The masks will be mandatory for the assistant.

Place: Royal Glass Factory of La Granja

Dates: Between the months of July and August 2020

Hours: Indicated in the schedule of each workshop and / or course

Further information:

Source: Segoviaudaz

The routes are framed within the municipal term and the application is designed to be able to solve errors in the itineraries and to progressively add new routes of greater distance and difficulty.

The Nava de la Asunción City Council has created and published its own dossier of sports routes that can be carried out in the municipality. It is a tool to help interpret the different sports routes in the natural environment, to be able to access them safely.

The dossier is made up of a set of closed routes, grouped in a PDF file that can be downloaded from the Consistory website www.navadelaasunció It is designed so that users carry it on their mobile phone and, in this way, they can interpret the route at all times or, if necessary, orient themselves by clicking on the next point of the route they are taking. It will be the application itself that gives the relevant indications to get to that next point.

Each route is accompanied by a short summary with the main indications such as the distance of the route, the time it takes to walk, the difficulty and the unevenness, the starting and ending point of the route, and an image with the map Of the same. To see the detailed route you must 'click' on each map and the application will redirect us to Google Maps, regardless of whether or not you have downloaded the application on the phone. Within Google Maps a route will appear where the signage on the map is much more visible and detailed and, in addition, it offers the possibility of using the phone's GPS to be able to move with the directions of the application.

In each of the routes there are different points indicated through the online map, but they are also marked along the route itself, emphasizing, above all, the routes where there are points where mobile coverage is scarce or one, where the Signs are posted on the ground with beacons.

Currently, the dossier is made up of ten routes, the shortest being four kilometers long and the longest sixteen kilometers long. The route of all of them is complete through the municipality of Nava de la Asunción. The dossier is updateable to be able to modify the possible failures or problems that exist in a route, as well as to be able to expand the number of routes as the de-escalation progresses. Little by little, routes of greater distance and difficulty will be added, through different routes.

“The idea of ​​making this online dossier of sports routes arose when noticing a greater presence of people on the roads closest to the urbanized land of Nava de la Asunción, both for walks, jogging and cycling, so from the We think that it would be a good idea to give the possibility to all the people who wanted to know the natural environment of the town, helping to avoid crowds and favoring social distancing ”, stand out from the Council.

Fostering rural and active tourism is another of the main objectives of the route dossier, to offer tourists a greater number of activities, making this town a pleasant destination for resting and practicing sports close to nature.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

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The Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) and the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts have been awarded the 2020 Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities, as announced today by the jury in charge of its concession. The jury for this Award - convened by the Princess of Asturias Foundation - was chaired by Víctor García de la Concha and made up of Luis María Anson Oliart, Alberto Edgardo Barbieri, Irene Cano Piquero, Gabriela Cañas Pita de la Vega, Aurora Egido Martínez, Taciana Fisac ​​Badell, Elsa González Díaz de Ponga, Santiago González Suárez, Alan Goodman, Álex Grijelmo García, Miguel Ángel Liso Tejada, Rosa María Mateo Isasi, Emilio Morenatti Fernández, Álex Pina Calafi, Ana Santos Aramburo, María Sefidari Huici and Alberto Anaut González ( secretary).

This candidacy has been proposed by Antonio Lucas, member of the jury for the 2020 Princess of Asturias Award for Literature. Exceptionally, due to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting was held by videoconference. According to the Foundation, the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) is considered the largest meeting of the Spanish-speaking publishing world and the most important literary fair in the world, along with that of Frankfurt (Germany). For its part, the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts has become one of the most important cultural competitions, which has exported its formula from the small Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye to cities in different countries in Europe and America. The Guadalajara International Book Fair, popularly known as FIL, was founded in 1987 by the university of the same city. After more than three decades of existence, FIL has become a social, political and cultural benchmark around the book.

The Hay Festival of Literature & Arts is a literary gathering founded in 1988 in the Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye, a town of about 1800 inhabitants known at the time for the large number of bookstores, especially used books, which had become I claim not only for bibliophiles, but for tourists in general. Held annually for 11 days in late May and early June, the Hay Festival hosts more than 700 events, including debates, interviews and concerts, attended by audiences from more than 40 countries. Although initially dedicated to literature, the festival has expanded its scope to music, cinema and thought. Some of the most renowned contemporary writers, scientists, politicians, historians and music creators, among others, participate in the meetings. The figures for attendance at the Hay Festival exceed 270 people. Access is free for university students and each year is visited by more than 000 schoolchildren from some 10 schools. Organized by the Hay Festival Foundation, in 000 the Festival began to hold similar competitions in different countries, such as the Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), the Hay Festival Segovia (Spain), the Hay Festival Querétaro (Mexico), the Hay Festival Arequipa (Peru) and the Hay Festival Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). It also organizes meetings of emerging writers - under 220 years old - with international editions in Bogotá (2006 and 40), Beirut (2007), Port Harcourt (Nigeria, 2018), Mexico (2010) and Aarhus (Denmark, 2014).

Source: The Day of Segovia


Pending the evolution of the pandemic and sanitary measures, institutions and organizers of major events prepare programs starting in the summer.

On the website of the International Festival 'Titirimuni' it is warned that they are going to "fill the autumn of 2020 with puppets and it is going to look like it is spring", although the final programming and the companies of the thirty-fourth edition are still on the air , pending what the health authorities mark for the week of its celebration, from September 22 to 27. This concern is shared by institutions and those responsible for major events, some that will start in early summer, if they have not been previously suspended.
Marian Palma, director of 'Titirimundi', will leave the program closed in July, with the idea of ​​occupying spaces depending on what is required: 30%, 50% or 70%, prioritizing the outdoors, such as the San Juan de the Knights, also chosen for other cultural activities of the City Council and the Hay Festival.
Palma ensures that the headaches come to guarantee security, hygiene and a procedure to avoid crowds, also pending in other countries and if there is movement between borders, although there are international companies that postpone their visit to Segovia by 2021. Of a total of 34 , from 12 different countries, it is still unknown if the European will be able to participate or if they will only be Spanish. It is a Covid-19 festival, warns its manager, overwhelmed by uncertainty but willing to strictly abide by the sanitary conditions that are imposed. What falls off the bill are the exhibitions and one-man companies prevail.
The Hay Festival, in Segovia since 2006, has everything ready to start on September 7 with the presentation of the visual arts program, led by an exhibition in La Alhóndiga by César Lucas, a benchmark in Spanish photojournalism, and concentrate the most important events of the 18 to 20. Social distance, hydrogels and personal protection will prevail in the Literature and Arts Festival with the message of 'Segovia Segura', with the intention of opening a capacity to a third of the occupation and increasing the time between events to disinfect spaces, according to the director of this traditional cultural activity, Sheila Cremaschi.
Cremaschi maintains that the number of events has not been reduced, there are only changes in terms of capacity and hours, and ensures that no guest has canceled their presence, with only those who come from the United States or India being doubtful. Without revealing names, it guarantees a program similar to last year's, which will be presented on June 20 at 90%.
For his part, the deputy of Culture and vice president of the Deputation, José María Bravo, points out that they focus on how to fit cultural programs and make culture reach the citizens of the province and the Juan Bravo Theater, complying with the rules to which the pandemic forces.
After closing on March 6, the 'Juan Bravo' has blocked dates for the Hay Festival and 'Titirimundi', which is expected to reduce the capacity to 150 seats, out of a total of 450, continuing, between October and December, with deferred works such as 'Don Giovani', by the orchestra, soloists and choirs of the Ópera 2001 company; 'Lady in red on a gray background', with José Sacristán, and 'The colonel has no one to write to', with Imanol Arias, among others.
Work is being done with the groups to maintain, in November, the Provincial Theater Show, allowing companies that have not been able to rehearse a new play to repeat any of the previous ones. You can move to the theater 'Aperitives a banda', taking into account that some municipalities have dissociated themselves from the activity, which also requires a stage of good dimensions, given the number of musicians involved.
Bravo recalled that the project 'Confinactuamos' has been specially launched, which consists of broadcasting videos of a maximum of 25 minutes by 48 professional Segovian artists and groups, from music, storytelling theater or magic, to whom amounts are paid from 250 euros, which are disseminated on social networks and through La8 Segovia.
The 'Esteban Vicente' Museum reopens on June 30 after being able to extend the 'Featured, Telephone Collection' exhibition until September 6, inaugurated a few days before the state of alarm was declared, along with the permanent collection of the painter born in Turégano and 'The flat mountain. The enchanted region ', by José María Yagüe, explains Bravo.
After postponing planned projects, until next year, with international loans, between September 24 and January 10, an exhibition will be held with "closest artists", according to the director-curator, Ana Doldán. The sample scheduled for the end of the year is canceled 'sine die', although it is not lost. The museum's budget has been modified downwards, while a total of 130.000 euros has been transferred to the common fund of the Provincial Council, in support of the social and economic measures derived from the health crisis, from the budget for the unspent theater. .
The Department of Culture has also spent 300.000 euros for the same purposes that do not go to the fairs and parties in Segovia, which have been suspended, according to its manager Gina Aguiar, who plans to open an exhibition of Segovian artists in La Alhóndiga, on 15 September. June. With some activities distributed throughout the neighborhoods of the city and a program dispersed by areas to avoid crowds, as in other cases, the 'Insurrecta' project, by the artist Gonzalo Borondo, is underway, which intervenes in 32 billboards in the city, coinciding with the start of the Comunera revolt in Segovia, five hundred years ago, from June 29 to April 23.
With the idea of ​​boosting talent and local creation, the summer program will star in music in outdoor spaces, an exhibition in La Cárcel and, at the end of June, a Photoespaña exhibition on balconies and windows of old town buildings historical, with images that have participated in the call # PHEdesdemibalcón. FolkSegovia and Various Music shows will be integrated, suspended as general events.
Aguiar trusts that the offer will attract tourism and, as for the International Festival of Segovia, promoted by the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation, the regular programming will be adapted to a joint program that can be controlled in all aspects that marks the new reality. , enhancing the outdoor stages. In addition there will be a program of creativity labs for children and adults.

Source: The Day of Segovia


This international award, convened by the City Council, has as a novelty the creation of a website for cultural competitions supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports to receive the poems on-line.

One more year, the Nava de la Asunción City Council calls the XNUMXth International Poetry Prize 'Jaime Gil de Biedma y Alba'. It is an award that, currently, is in a prominent place in the national and international poetic scene, thanks to the significant number of originals presented from a wide variety of countries, as well as their quality.

The eighteenth edition of this award is endowed with 2.000 euros for the winning work, which is promoted and sponsored by the Nava de la Asunción City Council. The poems presented must conform to the rules of the contest. Poets of any nationality may participate, provided they present the poem in Spanish. The theme will be freely chosen but must have a maximum of 100 verses. Only one poem may be submitted per author, whose admission period will end on October 31, 2020. The ruling, which will be final, will be made public on January 8, 2021, the date on which Jaime Gil de Biedma y Alba died, poet who was always closely linked to the town and in this environment much of his work is inspired.

The novelty of this year is that the poems will be sent, preferably, through the Consistory website (, which together with have created a website for cultural competitions supported by the Ministry of Culture. and Sports, to receive the poems online. This system complies with the certificate of anonymity, the protection of the works, the protection of the escrow and transparency in the process. This novelty has been introduced for two reasons: for modernization and another, fundamental, for security by the Covid-19.

The award has several acts that complete the call: a contest among the students of the IES Jaime Gil de Biedma, in order to promote poetry among the youngest, which this year celebrates its twelfth edition; exhibitions; and the fifth micro-story contest both at the CRA Obispo Fray Sebastián and at the IES Jaime Gil de Biedma in the town.

In the last edition of the 'Jaime Gil de Biedma y Alba' International Poetry Prize, the degree in Hispanic and natural Philology of Seville, Diego Vaya, was the winner of the contest with his work 'Man with no name (Trilogy of the dollar)' , in a contest that was very close due to the presentation of more than 300 high quality poems. The winner has a long history in the world of poetry, where some of his poems are collected in various national and international anthologies. A selection of his poetry has been translated into German and published by the University of Osnabrück and, in addition, he has different awards such as the 'Vicente Núñez', and the poetry and novel awards from the University of Seville.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

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He wants to take advantage of the inland tourism trend planned for next summer by publicizing the monuments on the public network.

The National Heritage agency wants to take advantage of the pull that inland tourism may have next summer and for this it has launched measures that seek to publicize its monuments, and the health guarantee measures implemented.

For this reason, on Friday, June 5, it published a video on its YouTube channel that, under the title 'Waiting for you to come', invites citizens to visit the Royal Sites, whose reopening the institution has carried out in stages in the context of the de-escalated in the crisis by Covid-19, as reported in a statement.

The video, starring National Heritage employees at the Royal Palace of Madrid, recalls that the institution "has continued to work during the state of alarm", for almost three months, to preserve palaces, monasteries and convents, and "to have its reopening ”following the security protocol and the new access regulations for the prevention of contagion of the Covid-19.

The Reopening Plan of the Royal National Heritage Sites began to be carried out on May 11 with the opening of the Jardines de Aranjuez to the public and more recently, with the Jardines de Campo del Moro, in Madrid; that of the Almudaina Palace, in the Balearic Islands; and that of the Yuste Monastery, in Extremadura.
Over the next few days and once the provinces where they are located pass to Phase 2, the institution will continue with the reopening of the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the Royal Palace of Aranjuez and the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, in Segovia.

The President of National Heritage, María de los Llanos Castellanos, recalled that with the application of these measures a visit is guaranteed "in the best possible security conditions, at a time when prevention and hygiene in the cultural offer of de-escalation must be the highest priority of the entire society ”.

Source: The Adelnatado of Segovia

La Granja Palace

Once the most critical moments of the pandemic have been overcome, we begin the de-escalation that will take us to a new post-covid'19 scenario.

Since May 25, our province has been in Phase 1, which means the relaxation of certain restrictions established after the declaration of the state of alarm.

In compliance with the conditions set by Order SND / 399/2020 in its Article 26. Public visits to museums and capacity control measures, the Museo del Paloteo will reopen its doors on Saturday June 6 with the following scenario of opening to the public :

Individual visits: Understood not as a single person but as a family or a coexistence unit. Maximum of 5 people per coexistence unit.

There will be no visits by school groups or adult groups until all de-escalation stages have been completed.

Capacity reduction: it is reduced to 1/3 in each of the public spaces and rooms, prioritizing the basic criterion of 2 meters of interpersonal distance (understood as the distance between family or coexistence units).

Hours: the first two Saturdays of the month, from 11:30 a.m. to 14:30 p.m. and from 16:30 p.m. to 19:30 p.m.

Entry: free until the end of the alarm state.

People entering the Museum must wear their own mask.

On June 6 and 13, the last opportunity to see the temporary exhibition “Danzantes”, with which we celebrated the Museum's tenth anniversary in 2019.

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1st.- All people who wish to, regardless of their nationality, may participate with only one story per author.

2nd.- The originals will be presented in Spanish and will have a length of three or four pages. Theme: Free. The works must be unpublished and not have been awarded in other contests.

3rd.- The following awards will be granted:

1st Prize, endowed with 1.000 euros and a diploma, sponsored by the Villa de Pedraza Foundation
2nd Prize, endowed with 500 euros and diploma, sponsored by Residencia Puentes del Cega

These prizes may not be declared void.

4th.- The awarded works may be published on the Foundation's website, which reserves the right to any form of publication or edition.

5th.- Papers must be sent by post to: Villa de Pedraza Foundation, for "XIV Short Story Contest", C / Real, 15, 40172 Pedraza de la Sierra (Segovia).

6th.- The stories will be presented in quadruplicate and single-sided, written with a computer, DIN A-4 format (Arial or Times New Roman font, body 12, space 1,5).

7th.- The shipment must be made under escrow, that is to say, the work will go without a signature, with only the title and motto in it. The manuscript will be sent in a closed envelope, containing inside it another sealed envelope with the motto and the title, the name and two surnames, address and telephone number of the author. The motto will be indicated on the outside of said envelope.

8th.- The deadline for the submission of originals will end on September 30, 2020. The decision of the jury will be communicated to the winners days before the award date and will be published on the website of the Foundation (www.pedraza .net). The awards ceremony will take place on October 24 at 20:00 p.m., at the headquarters of the Foundation, Founders Room, in the Santo Domingo Center.

9th.- As a condition for the reception of the prizes, the authors undertake to be present at the award ceremony and to the public reading of their work.

10th.- The winners undertake to provide the content of their works, in electronic format, to the Foundation, prior to receiving the prizes.

11th.- The jury, whose decisions will be final, will be made up of three people linked to literature and / or the Villa de Pedraza Foundation.

12th.- The works presented will not be returned nor will correspondence be maintained about them.

13th.- Contestants fully accept these rules for the mere fact of presenting themselves for the prize.

The diploma accrediting the award and the poster announcing the event have been designed by Rafael Sánchez Muñoz, a good painter based in Pedraza.

A copy of the bases can be downloaded by clicking here: Villa de Pedraza Foundation

Villa de Pedraza Foundation

The Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain, which includes the cities of Ávila, León, Segovia and Béjar (Salamanca) in Castilla y León, will launch tomorrow the initiative called '#Jueves en red', a cycle of virtual meetings that They seek to publicize the latest projects of this association while serving as inspiration for travelers to visit the enclaves that make up the group.

These virtual meetings, with free access to all Facebook users, will be broadcast live from 19:XNUMX pm on the page of this network of the Red de Juderías, as well as on the Facebook page of the magazine ' Your great trip ', collaborator in this initiative.

This activity seeks to inform and serve as inspiration to those who participate in the talks, which will address the Sephardic heritage of the cities that make up the Red de Juderías de España with the aim of serving as a magnet to attract visitors during the summer season, in which will work to enhance the proximity destinations that also have a rich cultural, historical, monumental and gastronomic offer.

The first of the talks will feature the participation of journalists Clemente Corona and Carmelo Jordá, two of the authors of 'Travel Diaries', who will talk about their travel experiences in the cities of the network. Corona is the author of 'The found key. Toledo, Segovia and Ávila ', while Jordá is the author of' Looking for Sefarad in Extremadura: diary of a journey through the Extremaduran Jewish quarters'. The meeting will be moderated by Marta Puig, manager of the Red de Juderías de España.

On Thursday May 21 it will be the turn of Alejandra Abulafia, author of the tourist guides 'Routes through the Jewish quarters of Spain', who will talk about the project and in the following week Javier Zafra will intervene, to talk about his book 'Sabores de Sefarad' , of imminent appearance and one of the most important elements of the homonymous action of the Red de Juderías de España.

And in the fourth virtual meeting, on June 4, Marta Puig, manager of the network, will present the news with which the different tourism and educational programs and projects of the association –RASGO, Discoverers of Sefarad, etc.- face the imminent season summer.

Source: Segoviaudaz

Jewish Quarter Network

The City of Sepúlveda has decided, due to the health crisis, to transfer the celebration of the Theater Contest to autumn. The idea is to carry it out in the months of October and November, as long as the situation allows it and the event can be carried out with complete normality and security guarantees, as reported in a press release.

The selection process is currently underway, which has also been affected by circumstances. In this way, no new deadline will be opened, but the selection will be carried out among the requests sent within the deadline.

Once the selection is made, the organization will contact those selected to find out their availability to act on the new dates, always taking into account that sanitary conditions allow it.

The Sepúlveda City Council convened the IX 'Siete Llaves' Amateur Theater Contest last December, a call whose presentation period ended on March 19.

Every spring, Sepúlveda becomes the 'Villa del Teatro Aficionado'. For four weekends, the Teatro Bretón opens its doors to host a theater competition that stands out every year "for its poster, for the exceptional public that has come from different places, as well as for the quality of the plays that are performed."

The Contest is included within the commitment that the Sepúlveda City Council maintains with the development of the performing arts in Sepúlveda and with the purpose of consolidating the contest and keeping the culture alive.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

14 3 Sepulveda Amateur Theater Siete Llaves 696x464

Ernesto San Frutos, Andy Stalman and José María Gay de Liébana will offer three practical Webinars aimed at Segovian SMEs.

After the EMFI Congress (scheduled from March 3 to 24) was cut short after the celebration of its first two days due to the appearance of Covid 19, the Caja Rural Foundation is preparing to relaunch the tenth edition of this business event, that Yes, in a different format, according to the new situation: three digital meetings in which the interaction of the participants will be decisive.

Further information: Webinar EMFI Congress

Emfi live 2020 facebook2 500x5002x

Activities scheduled for the next few days in which we would have to celebrate the Cultural Week of Saint Eutropius, on the streets, in our cultural centers ... given the circumstances, we have looked for several alternatives to be able to offer activities from home, we are detailing each of they:

Every year, on these dates there was an Exhibition, the proposal of the Culture Area in these circumstances has been the call for ¡Vaya Cuadro! An activity that has had a great reception and that will allow us to enjoy the homemade versions of historical paintings, who was going to tell us that in a cultural week we would have exhibited paintings by Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci or Picasso. You can see the photographs of the Exhibition on the Facebook Page of Tourism and Culture of the City Council. We assure you that you are going to have a great time watching the album, we have some neighbors who are artists. Here is the link where you can access the album.

The first weekend we had planned to enjoy the Zarzuela and the traditional children's show in our Theater, pay attention to its Facebook page Teatro El Espinar because whoever wants these activities will be an alternative to enjoy them from home.

On Tuesday 28, the traditional Gastronomic Contest organized by the El Pinar ACCAM Association was planned. If someone thought that they were going to run out of their XXIV edition, they are wrong, they have also reinvented themselves, and have organized a collection of recipes on their Facebook page, we encourage you to participate and continue entering them on Facebook El Pinar ACCAM

Be encouraged to follow them and send your recipe

Science also played a leading role in our cultural week: on the AC Hespérides Facebook page you can find various activities to keep you entertained, follow them because they are sure to surprise us with original proposals. at the moment, they are collecting astronomical drawings to mount an exhibition

It could not be missing like every year since the AC's cultural activity was incorporated into the Municipality. Azar that proposes an activity that promises to make us spend very good times, for several days from April 19 until reaching the grand finale coinciding with what would be its Jugona afternoon of Cultural Week 2020 on May 3.

"The mystery of the Lost Grove", an interactive story espinariega on the Facebook of the Azar Association, in which the public will decide where the adventure is headed. The adventure has already begun, and we have the protagonists of the story walking ... we can go marking the events that are happening, follow them on their page because it is a very original activity.

On April 30, the day of San Eutropio, Patron Saint of El Espinar, the Music Band would celebrate their concert at the Theater, in addition to blowing out the candles for their 80th anniversary. This year the circumstances do not allow us to enjoy it there, but we are sure that the Band and the Theater will not leave us without music that day, you can follow them on their Facebook pages, they will surely move us like every year.

At the moment, on your page you can enjoy very curious memories.

Or a very special "whip" without leaving home

In addition, our girls from the Dance Group, participants in the programming of the Cultural Week for several years, have prepared a surprise for us on May 1, until the day arrives you can follow their news on their Facebook page Group of Dances of El Espinar until tomorrow the 26th they are collecting photographic material with which they will surely surprise us. plus another drawing contest

The seventh edition of the Riaza Trail Challenge announces a change in its celebration date. Due to the health crisis caused by COVID and the foreseeable impossibility of holding the event on June 13, the first scheduled day, the Organization informs that the new date to carry out the test is September 5, 2020. The The decision was made in conscience after the alarm situation established by the authorities and prioritizing the health of all the participants, volunteers, organizing team and residents of the town of Riaza.

Meanwhile, the registration period for the event has been extended in light of this new scenario, maintaining the first tranche of prices established for the acquisition of the bib number. Consolidated as one of the most desired competitions in Castilla y León, the Segovian event brings together nearly a thousand participants in each edition, offering a beautiful mountain tour of the Sierra de Ayllón.

In addition, this year, for the first time since its birth, the Riaza Trail Challenge changes the direction of its routes, now undertaking the route in the opposite direction than usual. In this way, the main cordal of the Sierra will be made from West to East, while the famous ascent to Pico del Lobo, profile ceiling at 2.274 meters, is located this time at kilometer 45. The town of Riaza serves as epicenter to the event, welcoming the start and the goal of all the modalities of the program.

In turn, the organization is working so that its two long distances, Ultra and Marathon, are again qualifying for UTMB 2021, granting the ITRA points corresponding to all finishers who reach the finish line in regulation time.

Entries to the Riaza Trail Challenge can be formalized on the deporticket platform at the following cost: € 62,90 (63km), € 42,90 (42km), € 22,60 (20km) and € 12,40 (11km).

logo riaza trail challenge 2017

The Provincial Council of Segovia joined the solidarity sports project launched by the athlete from Granada Luis Alonso and the 'Sewing Battalion' acquiring 224 steps, one for each municipality and minor local entity in the province. The project 'Steps against the Covid-19' will take Luis Alonso this Saturday to climb the 20 steps of the Tower of the Cathedral of Segovia 260 times, commemorating his victory eight years ago in the Great Wall of China Marathon.

Each of the 5.250 steps are for sale at a symbolic price of five euros, the proceeds of which will go entirely to the purchase of medical supplies for the General Hospital of Segovia. The sports deputy, Óscar Moral, appreciated the solidarity commitment that the athlete Luis Alonso always shows, announcing that the Provincial Government acquired 1.120 euros, with a total of 224 steps, one for each municipality and minor local entity in the province.

Moral encouraged each Segovian to help Luis Alonso climb at least one of the steps of the Cathedral tower, to achieve this new challenge, which, like the rest of those that have been launched by citizens, during the last month, "will reverberate for the benefit of Segovia and its province."

The challenge 'Steps against the Covid-19' will take place this Saturday, starting at 11.00, with the intention of Luis Alonso is to ascend up to twenty times the 260 steps that are from the ground to the octagon of the tower of the Segovia Cathedral. On the last climb, the runner will finish in 'the eight balls', the highest point, totaling 5.250 steps, 86 more than the steps he climbed to win the Wall of China Marathon.

To collaborate with the 'Stairs against the Covid-19' initiative, those interested can buy their steps through a transfer to Aspace Segovia, on the ES66 3060 1028 5924 4215 6622 account; through Bizum at number 629 338 931 or through the online platform

Source: Segoviaudaz

An online reading club, a poetry contest, Story Week and booklets, among the proposals. The tribute to Cervantes, Zambrano and Machado this year will be a citizen tribute through social networks.
The Department of Culture of the City of Segovia presents a program around Book Day that this year, due to the special circumstances caused by the confinement, will be carried out remotely, through its telematic means. The Municipal Reading House-Library of Segovia proposes numerous activities, a poetry contest is created and the Municipal Theater Workshop will continue to celebrate its Story Week, which this year celebrates its XXVII edition. In addition, as every year, on April 23, Book Day, three great authors who appear on the streets of Segovia (Miguel de Cervantes, María Zambrano and Antonio Machado) will be honored, but this time it will be a citizen tribute through social networks.

The illustration of the program, which will be distributed digitally, is the work of the cartoonist Jorge Rodríguez Rivero, who presents Juan Bravo as a close hero who reads with his neighbors, a nod to the 500th anniversary of the community rebellion in Segovia, that our city celebrate this year.

The program begins on April 13, with the start of the Veros en Verso poetry contest. It is an activity coordinated by Andrés Sánchez “Andrelo” and the cultural association Células Durmientes, which is part of the discipline of the spoken word. Participants, over 14 years old, must record a maximum of 2 poems, with a duration of approximately one minute, and publish them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #VerosenVerso and tagged Segovia Cultura Habitada. The jury will assess both the quality of the poem and that of its representation. There will be three prizes, of 150, 100 and 50 euros in books, and the winning poem will be exhibited in one of the spaces of the Reading House. Bases, at

On Thursday, April 16, Storytelling begins at your home for the family audience with children from 3 years old. The usual storytellers of the Casa de la Lectura “transfer” their stories to the YouTube channel of Segovia Cultura Inhabited. The collective The hat of memory begins, with a story divided into four sessions, which will take place from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 April. And the Tamanka Theater company continues from April 30 to May 3 with a new story. The connection time to see the stories "in premiere" is 17:30.

The stories for adults take over, so that on April 17 and May 1 Verónica Pensosi, through her I tell you a life initiative, will narrate, also through the Segovia Culture Inhabited YouTube channel, Creation stories in confinement. Artists confined for various reasons used this circumstance to deepen their creativity. Thus arose, for example, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, who stars in the first narration. In the second account, the Renaissance master, Michelangelo, is the center. 19:00 p.m. will be the start time of both events.

On Saturday, April 18, a new reading experience begins, the online reading club La ciudad que no duerme, which opens the Segovian author Alberto Martín, and will last just over twenty days. Those interested should register through the platform Read Open Reading ( to discuss with the author the details of his latest novel, El silencio de Raquel. The Reading House will provide access to the book. An opportunity to read a work by its own author.

The booklets are a year more faithful to their appointment with readers, this time in digital format. This initiative of the Editorial La uÑa RoTa, which was recommended by the Ministry of Culture as "experience of good reading practices", since Monday April 20, and from the website of the Department of Culture,, the Readers will be able to enjoy these ideal literary appetizers to share with the gastronomic aperitif. As a novelty, in addition to a booklet for adults, there will be another for children, accompanied by associated activities.

And the program continues with the celebration of the XXVII Week of the Story of the Municipal Theater Workshop of the City of Segovia, with stories for all ages that will be published from April 20 to 25 on the YouTube channel of Segovia Cultura Inhabited, each day at 20:30 p.m. Tales of different traditions and cultures, classic and contemporary, narrated by Lola Velasco, Mercedes Rodríguez, Concha Esteban, María Luisa Delgado, Beatriz Rincón, Gloria Torres, Concha de las Heras, Begoña González, Mari Cruz Sastre, Laura Postigo, Patro Solís, Melquisedec García Cob, Juampi, David Gregoris, Juan Madrid, Paloma Reyes and Rosario Herrero.

And on Thursday, April 23, Book Day, the tradition of honoring three great authors of universal literature who are present in the streets of Segovia will continue: Miguel de Cervantes, María Zambrano and Antonio Machado. On this occasion, the tribute consists of leaving messages of recognition through the Segovia Cultura Habitada social media profiles. The public will be in charge of publishing them throughout the day.

All the initiatives will find their replica also on social networks and websites of the Department of Culture (Segovia Cultura Inhabited), and of the Casa de la Lectura-Biblioteca Municipal de Segovia.

The Department of Culture closes the program with a special mention to the booksellers from Segovia, who with their work always bring the magic of literature closer to citizens.

Further information: City of Segovia

On Sunday April 19 there will be a solidarity race from home promoted by the Caja Rural Foundation to raise funds for the Segovian project 'Majos contra el Covid-19'. This initiative arises with the coronavirus health crisis through a group of young people from Segovia who contacted hospitals and nursing homes to try to cover, as far as possible, the most urgent needs.

Thanks to the disinterested collaboration of numerous individuals and companies, it has distributed water in the residences of Mozoncillo, Abades and Valverde and in the General Hospital of Segovia. It has also supplied pillows and blankets and other sanitary material.

The entire proceeds from the race will go to this project, which will meet the needs of the General Hospital. In this way, the group of volunteers will buy caps and leggings for health professionals, which is what they have told the Caja Rural Foundation.

The test start time will be 12.00 and will last until 12.45. Each participant will try to run a distance from their home, although they can also walk. To make sporting activities more enjoyable and to have a greater impact, the idea proposed by the organization is to share images on social networks with the hashtag '#CuarEntrena' and '#YoMeQuedoEnCasa'.

The race bibs are available on the web platform with a voluntary donation of five or ten euros. Afterwards, those registered will be able to print their bib number for Sunday.
Live training.

On the other hand, the organization offers a live training plan with coach Benjamín Muñoz through his YouTube channel. The sessions take place from Monday to Friday from 18.00:12.00 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from XNUMX:XNUMX noon; and it proposes a series of exercises in which you work strength, resistance or cardio.

At 10.30 am on Sunday there will also be another test, called 'Run against the coronavirus' in Segovia. This race follows a similar line to the previous one, although in addition to running on foot from home, it allows it to be carried out pedaling from an exercise bike or with a roller.

This initiative was born with solidarity in order to help in the purchase of medical supplies for professionals from Segovia. Registrations are open on the website. To follow the test, the organization launches the following hashtags '#YoMeQuedoEnCasa' and '#SegoviaContraElCoronavirus' to support the messages of encouragement.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

March of the Barbarians

On March 8, there will be a march through the municipality of El Espinar that will travel part of the places and roads that the Gabarreros made every day. From El Espinar Station towards "La Garganta" about 11 km.

The registration is mandatory and the cost is € 3,5 from the tourist office of El Espinar or from Segovia with a bus that will put Prodestur Segovia at a cost of € 6,5.


The guided routes Walk through Segovia, organized by the Provincial Council, will begin on Sunday, March 1 in its 2020 winter edition so that participants discover the Domingo García petroglyphs site. Once again, and in collaboration with the Local Action Groups of the province (Aidescom, Codinse, Honorse-Tierra de Pinares and Segovia Sur), the Segovians are invited to know the province through four hiking trails in which as pointed out by the deputy of Employment, Provincial Promotion and Sustainability, Noemí Otero, "the fundamental thing will be the relationship with the natural environment, knowing its importance and value and contributing to its protection and improvement".

The Diputación starts the 2020 environmental routes program with four tours of the province
The first route, therefore, will take place in the region of the Local Action Group Aidescom-Santa María la Real de Nieva, proposing to publicize the oilfield of Domingo García, where you can clearly see the presence of people through of a sample of rock art from at least 15.000 years ago. The tour will continue through Ortigosa del Pestaño, passing through the old railway station, and end in Nieva, where you can see the church of San Esteban, a beautiful example of Romanesque brick architecture. Another attraction of this route will be the possibility of contemplating the impressive views of the Segovian countryside and the steppe birdlife in this area.

The rest of the routes will run through landscapes and highlights of the municipalities of Navafría (March 7), Cuéllar (March 22) and Fresno de Cantespino (March 28) and will be led by specialized guides, with a medium-low difficulty in most cases, traveling distances between new and approximately twelve kilometers. Groups of forty people will be formed, maximum and, as on other occasions, there will be a bus with departure and arrival from the bullring of Segovia.

The inscriptions, with a price of three euros, will be made during the week prior to each route and can be made through the phone 619 705 613. The period to sign up for the first route begins on Monday, February 24, at 10.00 at 13:00 p.m. You can expand information on the routes through the website of the provincial institution,

Economic Promotion Routes

The Rise 2020

From May 30 to June 3, "La Subida 2020" is celebrated in Bernardos, a unique party in Spain that is celebrated once every ten years. On May 31, the image of the Virgen del Castillo, patron saint of the town, will be taken in procession to her hermitage, located three kilometers from the town.

On the occasion of extraordinary situations, since the appearance of the image in 1728, and every ten years after 1940, the town of Bernardos dresses in his best clothes to celebrate 'the climb'. A unique festival, of eminent religious character and whose central axis is the patron saint of the town, the Virgen del Castillo, whose image rises in pilgrimage from the church to the hermitage, located on the hill of the Castle.

Ascent of the year 2020 will be celebrated, as is traditional, on Sunday of Pentecost, on May 31, the virgin remaining in the hermitage until the afternoon of the following Tuesday, June 2, when a procession will begin to the rhythm of the jota to accompany the patron saint of the town to her habitual residence, in the parish church. Predictably it will be a long, very long procession (ten years ago it lasted almost 20 hours), which will end well into the morning of day 3.

It is a date marked in red and of inevitable return to Bernardos for many of his children, as some return only for that great day.

It is a party that prepares thoroughly for several years. For the organization of the same, the Association of the Ascent was created, which includes all the representative entities of the town: town hall, diverse associations, clubs, companies, etc. The best thing about the party is that everyone gets involved, because the party belongs to everyone.

From here we encourage you all to stop by Bernardos and enjoy with us the 'Rise'.

For more information click here

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The Virtuosos of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Vienna Orchestra, by candlelight.

The famous concerts of Pedraza, which require restricting access to the medieval village, will be held on Saturdays July 4 and 11.
The Villa de Pedraza Foundation already has the poster for the 2020 Candle Concerts, which will be held on Saturdays July 4 and 11 and in which the Virtuosos of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Vienna Chamber Orchestra will perform. The concerts will be at 22 pm, on the esplanade of Pedraza Castle, which, like the rest of the medieval village, will be lit with thousands of candles. Tickets are already on sale in advance.

On Saturday, July 4, the Virtuosos of the Berlin Philharmonic will be on stage, returning to the Segovian village after the success harvested in 2017 with a repertoire of pieces from Svendsen, Grieg,

Boccherini, Massenet and Strauss. On the second Saturday of July, the esplanade of Pedraza Castle will be filled with the sounds of the components of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra.

Since 2017, the Villa de Pedraza Foundation established a limited capacity agreed for reasons of accessibility, capacity and safety of residents and visitors to enjoy the beauty of Pedraza, under the light of thousands of candles. In addition to the people who attend the concerts, 5.000 free admission tickets are provided each day, to which we must add the people who have reservations in the different hotel establishments and restaurants. Last year, free passes to access the medieval village during concerts sold out within four hours of offering.

It was in 1951 when Pedraza was declared a Monumental Complex, Today, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval villages in Spain.

If you want more information and purchase tickets, click here.

Pedraza candles

This Sabbath, February 8, is going to celebrate the IV Popular Massacre oranizada by the Bar Los Huertos.
It will be accompanied by music and in the afternoon they will offer garlic soups.
You can attend as much as you want.

Killing origins

The town of Cantalejo will host the falconry championship.

During the weekend of February 7 to 9, the falconry championship will be held where the best birds will meet, different flight modalities will be developed and with different types of raptors, The XVI Troreal Kings Cup, a competition test with the best specimens in the world of falconry. There will be tests to get the Kings of Altanería Trophy, Harris Cup with low-flying Harris by pen, Kings Cup with low-flying Azores with pen and small birds.
The falconry days of the XVI Troreal Kings Cup will begin on Friday 7 at 20:00 p.m. with the reception of participants and raffles. The bulk of the championship will be held on Saturday, with the semifinals of the various modalities, and Sunday with the finals throughout the morning, ending the championship with the delivery of trophies to the most distinguished birds in this edition, according to Vilorio Seven.

More information The Adelantado de Segovia.


Sports activities begin as is the case of the IX Wall Race, the first Sunday of March that from Monday, January 20, you can already register

More information by clicking here

2IX Wall Race Cuellar min

Tierra de Sabor restaurant is filled with food from Castilla y León
In Madrid Fusión, the menu prepared by Miguel Ángel de la Cruz and Óscar Hernando from Tierra de Sabor Restaurant, Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, from La Botica de Matapozuelos (Valladolid), with a Michelin star, and Óscar Hernando from Segovia Maracaibo- was tasted Casa Silvano were the ones who prepared the menu that the national and international prescribers tasted Tuesday and other guests present at the Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión gastronomic summit.