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Next August 25 will celebrate the ninth "Honey Market". It is organized by the residents of Tejares, a small town in the north of the province of Segovia, grouped in the "Amigos de Tejares Association", which turns this peaceful town into a bustling and cheerful corner to spend a fun summer day.

The program of this IX edition will be:

Saturday 25

10: 00 Opening IX Honey Market.

12: 00 Opening Museum of itinerant beekeeping in the old schools.

12: 00 to 14: 00 Free face painting and twisting workshop.

12: 30 Inauguration of the IX Honey Market.

12: 45 Beer tasting with "90 Beer Varas"

13: 00 Opening of the IX Scarecrow Contest.

15: 00 Closing of the Market to eat.

17: 00 Reopening of the Market.

17: 00 to 20: 00 Activities for children and adults organized by Maxieventos.

20: 00 Raffle and prize-giving of the Market raffle and the scarecrow contest.

20: 00 Close beekeeping exhibition.

21: 30 Musical animation.


Throughout the day his famous scarecrow contest will be held: any person or group can present his scarecrow from the 13: 00 hours and expose it all day long, to the 20: 00, which will be awarded the prize to the best scarecrows.

Registration is free and free, participants can be of any age and location.
There will be three prizes and the winners will be chosen by the artisans of the market.

Poster IX Mercado 18

The realization of a festival of concerts parallel to the course is one of the strong points of the project. Each night, students have the opportunity to listen to concerts performed by their teachers and other guest artists. In addition, they can participate in the final concerts and in the traditional concert of candles that runs through the streets of Aylón.

Most of the concerts of the festival will take place in the church of San Miguel, located in the Plaza Mayor de Ayllón.

  • Entry: 6 euros.
  • General payment: 22 euros.
  • For more information, you can consult the following link.

Date Time Concert
Friday August 17 21.00 h. Álvaro Huertas. Cello recital
Saturday August 18 21.00 h. Mikhail Zemtsov. Viola recital
Sunday 19 August 21.00 h. Quartet Leonor and Raúl Pinillos, cello
Monday August 20 21.00 h. Antonio Arias and Marta Femenía, flutes. Diego Crespo, harpsichord and piano
Tuesday August 21 21.00 h. Ana Córdova, double bass. Diego Crespo, piano
Thursday August 23 21.00 h. Concert of students of the course
Friday August 24 21.30 h. Candle concert
Saturday August 25 12.00 h. Closing concert

magical nights2

Discover the full program of the Magic Nights Festival of La Granja 2018. You can find the four different festivals that are inside it:

  • Festival Nights of the Royal Site
  • La GranJazz Festival
  • International Folk Festival: The Folk of the Reserve
  • International Festival of Music and Dance of the Royal Site

It is possible to know it by clicking here.

You can know the characteristics of all the races, in addition to the registration mode and schedules on the website of the Diputación de Segovia or by clicking here.


The groups with which the festival will count are the following:


  • coagulation
  • Kemando Rastrojos
  • Koakzion
  • The Roce de Platero
  • Extremaños


  • LSM
  • Three chickens
  • Zirrosis
  • Porretas
  • Anarkohollica
  • Green page
  • Karolo and the Babilón Band
  • Ubunto Expliciti

For more information you can check your Web page.

The 7th "Siete Llaves" Amateur Theater Competition of Sepúlveda will start the 25 May day so that attendees can enjoy seven works characterized by their quality and diversity, where the classic will alternate with modern and young talent with mature .

All performances and the final gala will take place at the Bretón Theater at 22: 00 hours.

Friday 25 of May, Theater Group of the Carlos III University of Madrid. "Roberto Zucco" by Frenchman Bernard-Marie Kòltes

They open the contest with a classic of contemporary European dramaturgy. Inspired by the real news of a multiple murderer, who fascinated its author since he discovered in a subway station in Paris the poster "Se Busca", the work investigates several obsessions of the current world: the extreme vigilance to which it is subjected the individual, the need to flee before the vital dissatisfaction, the lack of communication between human beings. With a discourse of high existential poetry, with certain doses of black humor, this fable raises a disturbing cartography where madness, desire for freedom, violence and death intertwine and build, from fiction, the paradox of the reality of our days.

Saturday 26 of May, The Petitive 12. "Landscape"

Displaced, migrated, refugees. Tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions ... and life goes on. Imagine having 12 years and having to leave home without being able to take anything. The cold, the fear, the tiredness, the insecurity, the uncertainty, the pain ... imagine leaving everything you know to go who knows where. They have given voice to the little ones and have considered what happens when people escape from their land. What do they leave behind? Where are they going?

Friday 1 of June, Retranka Theater. "Auto" by Ernesto Caballero

Acid comedy full of ironic and intelligent humor where the contradictions of the human condition, its secrets and lies are revealed. Auto tells the story of four people who meet in a courtroom. While waiting for the wife, the husband, the sister-in-law and the hitchhiker try to combine criteria. They try to unravel a story in which nothing is what it seems, blaming each other and wondering if they are witnesses or accused. Their versions show how bland and mediocre their lives are and how exposed they are to advertising and consumerism.

June 2 Saturday, The Submarine with "The Lord Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran" by Ernesto Caballero

Paris, 60 years. Momó, a young Jewish boy befriends the Arab shopkeeper on Calle Azul. But the shopkeeper may not be Arab, the Blue Street, may not be blue and the boy may not be Jewish, since the story that is told is much more than that: it is the sign of love, tolerance and respect. Located on the outskirts of a city where religions, races, cultures, customs and also prejudices coexist that, in many occasions, make us move away from our neighbor without even giving him the opportunity to know him.

Friday 8 of June, Out of Focus Theater with "La Tortuga de Darwin" by Juan Mayorga

A historian receives in his office the visit of a lady, who turns out to be the talkative turtle that Darwin brought from the Galápagos, apparently the oldest creature in the world. It has survived a whole series of historical milestones: the Industrial Revolution and the October Revolution, two world wars and Perestroika. As a special witness, it has enormous value for scholars. His knowledge of the most unlikely details and jumps in his personal evolution will surprise more than one. History seen from below: "Living is adapting"

June 9 Saturday, Kumen Theater. "The Comedy of Miles Gloriosus" by Plauto in the version by José Ramón López Menéndez

Miles Gloriosus, a braggart soldier who even mocks the slaves, kidnaps Erotia, a Roman courtesan and takes her to Emerita (Mérida) with her; In addition, the same soldier receives as a gift from pirates Palestrión, servant of the young Roman Pléubucles, who was in love with Erotia, as she is with him. Pleubucles also travels to Emerita to try to recover Erotia, and stays in the house contiguous to that of the military. The servant makes a hole in the wall, so that the lovers can see each other. Estelerdo, one of the military servants discovers Erotia and Pleubucles kissing but they and Palestrión deny it, and makes them believe that Erotia's twin sister who was kissing with Pléubucles has arrived from Rome ...

June 16 Saturday, Aimara Antzerki Taldea. "El Enfermo Imaginario" by Molière

Comedy in which the story of Argan is told who believes he is always sick. The patient, in his delirium, constantly orders the practice of bloodletting and purging, and takes all kinds of remedies, dispensed by pedantic doctors, more concerned to please their patient than for their health; and they do not want more than their money. His wife, Bélisa lavishes tender care, but in reality she has other plans. Plans that your maid Antonia and her secretary are going to try to thwart. Argan has a daughter, Angelica who is in love with Cleanto. But his father wants him to marry Tomás because he is a doctor and so does not have so much expense.

More information

  • Entry: 5 €
  • Youth ticket (up to 16 years): 3 €
  • Subscription for the 7 functions: 25 €
  • Advance ticket sales and tickets starting at the 28 in April at the City Hall of Sepúlveda and at the Tourist Office. At the box office one hour before each show. More information in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the 921 540 425 phone.