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On August 30, there will be a solidarity concert by the famous singer Manu Tenorio in Valsaín. A perfect activity to enjoy with friends, or with the family, in addition the benefits will go to the Spanish Association against Cancer.

-Price: 10 euros

-Where to buy tickets ?:

In Segovia:

1- Paco Mattresses. C / José Zorrilla, 48 bass

2- ABM office supplies. C / The Cars 14

3- AECC Segovia Offices. 1 somorrostrous square.

4- Pub Celia Av. Via Roma

The farm:

  1. Tursimo office. 921 47 39 53
  2. Paloma Bar Cafes. C / 2 Supplies
  3. Disco-Bar Eclipse. C / Baños 2. 921 47 14 87
  4. Mapfre office. C / Reina 13. 921 47 17 17
  5. La Fragua restaurant. C / Cuartel Nuevo 2
  6. Valsaín:

  1. Kiosk the Fronton
  2. Valsaín bullring. 2 event day hours before

The "Open in Holy Week" program of the Junta de Castilla y León includes a total of 368 monuments throughout the Community.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of these days to know some places in our province.

Download here the Brochure

Holy Week opening program

archaeological heritage

12: 00 h. Guided visit to the archaeological site of Santa Lucía. Meeting point: reservoir car park.

17: 00 h. Guided tour of the Archaeological Hall of Aguilafuente.

CONFERENCES: Auditorium of the City Hall of Aguilafuente
18: 00 h. "New archaeological data on the Roman town of Santa Lucía in Aguilafuente (Segovia)" Santiago Martínez Caballero (Museum Director of Segovia)

18: 30 h. "The digital tools used in the research work of the Roman villa of Santa Lucía" Clara Martín García (Archaeologist and cultural heritage manager)

19: 00 h. "Advances in the anthropological and paleopathological study of the exhumed remains in Santa Lucía during the 2018 campaign" Jesús Herrerín López (Professor Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and UNED)

19: 30 h. "Archaeological prospecting: the advancement of archeology" Víctor M. Cabañero Martín (Professor UNED)

20: 00 h. "The mosaics of the Roman villa of Santa Lucía, Aguilafuente (Segovia)" Laura Frías Alonso (Archaeological Workshop Manager Aguilafuente)

Organized by: Archaeological Hall and City Council of Aguilafuente
Coordinates: Laura Frías Alonso