Sotosalbos returns to honor the Archpriest of Hita falling in love with its natural, heritage and gastronomic wealth

Sotosalbos returns to honor the Archpriest of Hita falling in love with its natural, heritage and gastronomic wealth

The president of the Diputación de Segovia, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, remarked today that around a literary piece, 'The Book of Good Love', Sotosalbos recalls that it is the municipality par excellence related to its author, the Arcipreste de Hita, in addition to show to Segovians and visitors all their environmental wealth, heritage, artisanal, gastronomic and Christmas spirit, during the afternoon of Friday and Saturday with 'Enamora Sotosalbos'.

De Vicente also recalled that this initiative of the City of Sotosalbos falls within the scope of local innovation for which the Provincial has been betting as the Festival 'Pan Duro' of Brieva or 'Art in Nature' of Espirdo. "Local initiatives to value the province as poles of attraction at specific times," said Miguel Ángel de Vicente, "to also add power of convocation and immense wealth."

The mayor of Sotosalbos, Feliciano Isabel, said he feels "very proud" of this event that in all his activities recalls the passage of the Archpriest of Hita and helps connect the past, present and future of the municipality. "It is the perfect opportunity to transmit it to visitors who arrive for the first time," he explained, "and those who already know and value us respect Sotosalbos in one of the most powerful bridges from a tourist point of view."

An invitation that Feliciano Isabel extended to all Segovians to fall in love with Sotosalbos, in addition to thanking the collaboration of the Diputación, the Fundación Caja Rural de Segovia, the establishments and businesses of the town that will again make possible 'Enamora Sotosalbos' , which brings together gastronomy, nature, music, school of Good Love, light photography, magic, crafts and painting.

The head of the Layna Agency, Luis Serrano, advanced that all activities are free and begin this Friday, at dusk, with 'Love to the light', which will consist of the exterior lighting and in all its dimension in blue color of the church Romanesque of Sotosalbos, emblem of the town, and 'Love of Christmas', with the lighting and decoration of the centenary elm, which invited all Segovians and visitors. At 20.30 hours, the church will host a music concert by Harp and Violin.

The bulk of the proposals will be Saturday 7. Between the 10.00 and the 14.00 hours, an exhibition of traditional forging will be developed, under the title 'Love for handicrafts', with a nod to those trades and jobs that are disappearing. At 11.45 hours, the proposal is called 'Love of nature', with an environmental workshop that will include a walk through the places of Sotosalbos to put into practice everything learned. Participants will receive a reusable cotton bag.

The second workshop 'Love of photography' will begin at 12.00 hours, in which a photographic teacher will give advice on the use and process of a dark camera. Participants will go out to the village to take pictures and enter the raffle of two dark cameras.

Already in the afternoon, at 18.30 hours, the 'School of Good Love', will give way to a conference, said Luis Serrano, "about the feelings between people with a talk for singles, married or divorced, we go for everyone."

The next appointment will be 'Love of Magic in the El Portón restaurant', starting at 20.00 hours, with a close-up magic show and the final touch will be, at 21.00 hours, with the party 'Fall in love with Sotosalbos ... or in Sotosalbos', sponsored by El Decantador and Brualdis. “With love of gastronomy, an old clothing made with Valseca chickpea and wines with pairing of Valtiendas and Rueda Denomination of Origin,” said Serrano.

Love to Paint

The promoters of 'Enamora Sotosalbos' have already launched the contest 'Love for painting', in which any technique can be used and has a cash prize of 100 euros. The theme will be about the Romanesque church of San Miguel and the town of Sotosalbos. Each contestant must send their work by email in digital format to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A jury will be in charge of selecting the winning work, which by decision of the government team will become the main image of the local Sotosalbos festivals.