The activity returns to the Juan Bravo Theater of the Diputación with the play 'Perfect strangers' and a firm commitment to safe culture

The activity returns to the Juan Bravo Theater of the Diputación with the play 'Perfect strangers' and a firm commitment to safe culture

The activity returns to the Juan Bravo Theater of the Diputación with the play 'Perfect strangers' and a firm commitment to safe culture 

For Bravo, who recalled that, "due to responsibility", the auditorium had been one of the first cultural spaces to be closed to the public even before the State of Alarm was declared, "that same responsibility is what leads us now to reopen ".

This reopening, which will take place on September 27 with the theatrical version of the film 'Perfect strangers' - in which Olivia Molina's participation stands out - will be done, as both detailed, adapting the Theater's security to the new regulations, in order to guarantee a safe culture. For this, among other measures, Juan Bravo has incorporated a system that allows disinfection of the premises in a reduced period of time.

In any case, the pandemic has not only affected the reduction of capacity or the adoption of health security measures, and this was also recalled by José María Bravo, before announcing a schedule marked by budget limitations that, however, did not it will lose quality and that it will continue to be varied and will have the family audience as a special protagonist.

Among the appointments designed for the adult audience, in addition to the aforementioned 'Perfect strangers', the also theatrical adaptation of Mario Vargas Llosa's novel, 'La fiesta del chivo', starring Juan Echanove, which will take place on 26 December, and the play 'La isla', directed by Juan Carlos Rubio and performed by Gema Matarranz from Segovia. From Matarranz, who will visit the Theater on December 6, the accidental president stressed that "it is always an honor to get on the boards of Juan Bravo" and anticipated that, as he did a couple of years ago with the play ' Lorca, personal correspondence ', will once again thrill the public with an island that will appear on a poster that also contains the theatrical productions' Submission and the future is in the eggs',' Caravan 'and' Blood Weddings' , Federico García Lorca's piece in a version by Guetto 13-26. In addition, as far as theater is concerned, the Juan Bravo will once again host the Provincial Theater Show during the month of November.

With regard to music, José María Bravo also announced the presence of a Segovian accent on the stage for October 25; that of the Segovian trombonist Víctor Correa, who after a long stay outside the province has returned to publicize his immersion in the international jazz scene. Also between jazz and r & b, the 'Godfather of swing', Ray Gelato will arrive in Segovia accompanied by The Giants to play on the eve of San Frutos.

And while the older ones enjoy jazz, the little ones will have the opportunity to discover the great rock songs adapted to a custom format with 'El rock suena en familia', a concert with themes by Queen, The Ramones or The Rolling Stones, to be enjoyed intergenerationally and that, together with 'Ebook', the Spasmo Teatro montage that reviews the life of the book, from the parchments to its digital model, are the two great bets of Juan Bravo to enjoy with the family. To them must be added, in addition, titles such as 'Bricomances', 'The legend of Sally Jones', 'The empires of the moon' or 'The treasure of Barracuda', which will show children the importance of teamwork, truth, patience, kindness, the importance of looking at problems with perspective or knowing how to share.

In addition, between December 21 and 29, the Juan Bravo Theater will celebrate the Christmas Family Theater Cycle, which with the works' El Princi-pato ',' Único ',' El loft of the Grimm brothers', 'The drum de Cora 'and' El viaje de Ulises' will try to bring, once again, the performing arts to the public from an early age; something in which the Provincial Council has been working intensively in recent years.

For José María Bravo, the opening of the Juan Bravo Theater, despite the restrictions, supposes "a thoughtful and safe opportunity that both society and ourselves, as Public Administration, must give to the cultural sector"; a sector that has been one of the great victims of the pandemic and that, like tourism, can count on from the Juan Bravo Theater, with the support of the Provincial Council.

Source: Diputación de Segovia