Segovia presents the XXVIII Conference of Contemporary Music

Segovia presents the XXVIII Conference of Contemporary Music

The Segovia Contemporary Music Conference reaches its 2020th edition as one of the most veteran cycles nationwide. From the hand of its artistic director, Chema G ° Portela, the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation, attached to the Segovia City Council and the National Center for Musical Diffusion, the Jornadas, with its peak in November 2020 at La Cárcel_Segovia Creation Center , offer the city a monthly appointment in other cultural spaces, such as La Alhóndiga, San Nicolás or the IES Mariano Quintanilla. Thus, the XXVIII Segovia Conference will take place between October 2021 and May XNUMX offering nine concerts in which we can enjoy eight absolute premieres.

The inauguration will take place on October 24, in the Plaza Mayor, at 13:00 p.m., with a performance by the Tierra de Segovia Symphonic Band that will feature two absolute premieres. The show will allow attendees to contact contemporary music; on the one hand, through listening to new techniques for dealing with sound and sound discourse; and on the other, by being invited to participate to play with sound, thus creating their own soundscapes.

On November 6 at 18:30 p.m. the eighth edition of DAS ECRE will be inaugurated in the Gallery of La Cárcel_Centro de Promoción, an action converted in this particular year into an exhibition of 'Sound Installations', organized with the collaboration of the Band Symphony Tierra de Segovia and which will remain open to the public until December 13.

That same afternoon, at 20.30:2 p.m., at La Sala Ex.Presa 30, we will enjoy the project 'Homenaje a Cristóbal Halffter' presented by Spanish Brass, one of the most dynamic and consolidated brass quintets on the Spanish music scene with XNUMX years of experience. trajectory. The program includes two absolute premieres, one by the maestro Cristóbal Halffter himself and the other by the composer Ángela Gallego.

On November 7, on the same stage, the renowned pianist Mario Prisuelos will premiere 'Resonari Fibris' where, through a cycle composed by Sergio Blardony, a dialogue is articulated between the new work and the old work, in a project to disseminate music of the Spanish Renaissance.

The students of the Contemporary Music Workshop (TMC) of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Segovia will offer on December 5, in the Assembly Hall of the Mariano Quintanilla Institute, the 'Obsydian' program that includes the absolute premiere of the Segovian José Rubén Cid.

At the Church of San Nicolás, on January 16, the American cellist Kathleen Balfe will present an attractive program consisting of ten premieres, commissions from the Festival of Spanish Music of Cádiz and the National Center for Musical Diffusion to Spanish composers.

In February the prestigious Gerhard Quartet, which celebrates a decade of successes in Europe in 2020, presents the program 'Aire visible' in which it will give life to the recent composition of Ramon Humet, together with two imposing works by two established authors of the XNUMXth century, Claude Debussy and Béla Bartók.

The Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia (neSg), resident group of the Conference, will perform the program 'Música Sacra Cubana' on March 19. In collaboration with the XXXIX edition of Semana de Música Sacra, the neSg will offer a spiritual journey through the different religious music of the Cuban people, the result of this syncretism between Christianity and the Yoruba African gods. Thus, they will sound from the most traditional Cuban manifestations to the avant-garde music of our century, among which we will enjoy an absolute premiere by maestro Flores Chaviano. Likewise, the absolute premiere of “Ánimas”, by Carme Rodríguez, the winning work of the III María de Pablos International Competition, also serves as an interlude.

In April, Juan Antonio Xas will present his new project 'From the organ to the synthesizer' in which, starting from the conception of the pipe organ as an ancestral synthesizer and the use of the computer as a contemporary tool and instrument, he connects past and present in an interesting approach that encompasses electronics, image, sound and improvisation.

The Feedback Trio will close the cycle in May with an absolutely avant-garde program, 'Journey Never Made' in which renowned composers explore the possibilities of an extremely rich and unusual line-up.

The pedagogical workshops, Contacting contemporary music, by Digresión and Slap! Will take place between January and May 2021, and will bring contemporary music to children and young people from the very beginning.

The capacity will be limited according to current legislation. Tickets will have a symbolic price of € 3 and can be purchased through the website of the Juan de Borbón Foundation or the Segovia Tourism Office, and if there are seats available, at the box office of the rooms themselves an hour before the concert.

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Source: Segovia Advance