Guided visits to the exhibition 'Images of Antiquity'

Guided visits to the exhibition 'Images of Antiquity'

The Museum of Segovia promotes this weekend several guided visits to the temporary exhibition 'Images of Antiquity. Return to Roman Architecture in Segovia ', an exhibition that brings together images of Roman buildings, cities and urban complexes in the capital and province, recreated with digital techniques. The exhibition also includes archaeological and architectural pieces from the time.

The guided tours will take place on Saturday October 17, with three groups that are divided into different times, at 11.00, at 12.00 and at 13.00. The next day, Sunday 18, there will be a guided tour at 12.00 in the morning. Those interested may only attend with a prior reservation, by calling the telephone number 921 46 06 15 or by registering in person at the Museum itself.

'Images of Antiquity' recreates a part of the ancient history of Segovia through graphic documents made with a computer based on archaeological research in recent years. In addition to these images, the posters add information about the methodology used in the recreations, so that viewers can learn about the creative process of these digital images.

The development of graphic materials has had the collaboration of archaeological teams working in the province, as well as graphic design and drawing companies, topography, photogrammetry and planimetry.

The exhibition has been organized by the Junta de Castilla y León with the collaboration of the Provincial Council, the Royal Academy of History and Art of San Quirce and the Association of Friends of the Museum. It has also had the help of the Aguilafuente City Council as a borrowing entity, by temporarily donating a fragment of the mosaic from its Roman villa in Santa Lucía.

The 65 pieces that make up the sample, including documents, images, planimetry, drawings, architectural elements and publications, are distributed in nine sections The following sections are: Urbs, with infographics of the reconstructions of the cities of Segovia, Confloenta, Cauca and Termes ; Acquaeductus, which presents infographics with reconstructions, plans and explanatory texts of the Aqueduct of Segovia; Forum, which shows the reconstructions, plans and images of the forums of the cities of Segovia and Termes, with their explanatory texts; Forum pecuarium, with infographics of reconstructions, planimetry and explanatory text of the Confloenta livestock forum; Thermae, which presents infographics with reconstructions, plans and explanatory text of the Confloenta Baths; Domus, on the domus of the Cinco Caños de Cauca; Marmora, which brings together construction materials in limestone and marble pieces; and Villae, which presents the reconstruction, planimetry and explanatory text of the village of Santa Lucía in Aguilafuente and Matabuey in Navas de Oro. It is completed with graphic information and text on the photogrammetric documentation process of Aguilafuente.

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Source: The Day of Segovia