Filmography in Segovia

Filmography in Segovia

The great variety of landscapes of the Province of Segovia make us an exceptional scenario with an endless source of locations. These are some of the films shot on our big set.

THE PRINCESS OF ÉBOLI. USES. 1954 Terence Young Shot in Segovia.

MR. ARKADIN Spain-Switzerland. 1955 Orson Welles. Filmed in Segovia (La Fuencisla, Alcázar, Azoguejo, Puerta de San Andrés, ...) and Pedraza.

MARCELINO BREAD AND WINE. Spain. 1955 Ladislao Vajda. Shot in the Ermita del Cristo de Caloco (El Espinar).


STANLEY KRAMER. Shot in Segovia and province.

WHERE ARE YOU ALFONSO XII? Spain. 1958 Luis César Amadori. Shot in La Granja.

THE GULLIVER TRAVEL. Britain. 1960 Jack Sher. Shot in the Alcázar de Segovia.

THE COLOSS OF RHODES. Spain Italy. 1960 Sergio Leone Shot in La Granja.

EL CID. USES. 1961 Anthony Mann Shot in the Hermitage of Juarrillos.

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. Britain. 1962 David Lean Shot in Segovia, image of the Aqueduct

THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. USES. 1963 Anthony Mann Shot in Valsaín.

THE BLACK TULIP. Spain-Italy-France. 1963 Christian Jaque Shot in La Granja and the Sierra Segoviana.

FOR A BUNCH OF DOLLARS. Spain-Italy-Germany. 1964 Sergio Leone Shot in the province of Segovia (according to Clint Eastwood in Navalmanzano).

THE BATTLE OF THE ARDENAS. USES. 1965 Ken Annakin Shot in Segovia (Valsaín and Navacerrada).

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO. Britain. 1965 David Lean Shot in Segovia armored train in El Espinar and scenes of Segovian railway stations.

GOLFUS OF ROME. Britain. 1966 Richard Lester. Shot in Segovia and Valsaín.

AN IMMORTAL HISTORY. France. 1966 Orson Welles. Shot in Pedraza.

CAMELOT. USES. 1967 Joshua Logan. Shot in Segovia and Coca.

CERVANTES Spain-Italy-France. 1967 Vincent Sherman Shot in Segovia.

PATTON. USES. 1970 Franklin J. Schaffer. Shot in the mountains of Segovia, Riofrío and La Granja.

THE SPIRIT OF THE HIVE. Spain. 1973 Víctor Erice. Shot in Hoyuelos and Jemenuño.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS. Spain-Great Britain-Panama. 1973 Richard Lester. Shot in Segovia and La Granja.

THE ANGELIC PRIME. Spain. 1973 Carlos Saura Filmed in Segovia, Navas de San Antonio and near the Riofrío reservoir.

THE LOVE OF CAPTAIN BRANDO. Spain. 1974 Jaime of Armiñán. Shot in Pedraza and Segovia.

BREEDING RAVENS. Spain. 1975 Carlos Saura Filmed in Finca "Quintanilla" (La Higuera).

FURTIVOS. Spain. 1975 José Luis Borau. Shot in Rebollo, Pajares de Pedraza and Segovia.

ELISA VIDA MÍA. Spain. 1976 Carlos Saura Shot in Melque de Cercos.

DEPRISA, DEPRISA. Spain. 1980 Carlos Saura Shot in Maderuelo.

GARY COOPER YOU ARE IN HEAVEN. Spain. 1980 Pilar Miró. Shot in Sotosalbos.

IN SEPTEMBER. Spain. 1981 Jaime of Armiñán. Shot in El Espinar.

EXCALIBUR. USES. 1981 John Boorman Shot in different points of the mountains and the province.

THE LEAK OF SEGOVIA. Spain. 1981 Imanol Uribe. Shot in Segovia.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN. USES. 1982 John Milius Shot in Valsaín and other Segovian places.

THE BICYCLES ARE FOR THE SUMMER. Spain. 1984 Jaime Chávarri. Shot in El Espinar and El Espinar Station.

BLACK ARROW. USA-Spain 1984 John Hough. Shot in Segovia.

BOLERO. USES. 1984 John Derek Shot in Pedraza.

THE MASTER OF SPIRIT. Spain. 1991 Pedro Olea Shot in Segovia and La Granja.

COLON: THE DISCOVERY. USES. 1992 John Gleen Shot in the Alcázar de Segovia.

THE CONQUEST OF PARADISE. Great Britain-Spain-France. 1992 Ridley Scout. Shot in Segovia.

DON QUIJOTE DE ORSON WELLES. Spain. 1992 Orson Welles-Jesús Franco. Shot in Riofrío.

THE RED SQUIRREL. Spain. 1993 Julio Medem. Shot in Valsaín.

AIRBAG Spain. 1997 Juanma Bajo Ulloa. Shot in Segovia.

VOLAVERUNT. The naked pestle. Spain-France-Italy. 1999 Bigas Luna. Shot in Riofrío.

GOYA Spain. 1999 Carlos Saura Shot in Ermita de Villoslada.

THE GOYA GHOSTS. 2005 Milos Forman. Shot in Segovia.

THE PAN'S LABYRINTH. Spain-Mexico-USA. 2005 Guillermo del Toro Shot in the woods of El Espinar.

THE THIRTEEN ROSES. Spain. 2006 Emilio Martínez Lázaro. Shot in Vegas de Matute and Segovia.

THE BORGIA. Spain. 2006 Antonio Hernández Shot in the province of Segovia.