Castles and Walled Villas

Castles and Walled Villas

Segovia has been called the "real Land of Castles", not because of its large number, but because of the relevance of these defensive buildings, fortunately preserved in excellent condition and located in walled complexes that present a great visual unity.

These are castles and walled villages located on top of hills, generally on previous Roman and pre-Roman constructions. They coincide with the old and emblematic Heads of Communities of City or Villa and medieval Earth, that were created as a result of being repopulated from s. XI to XII with the particularity that they were self-governing, with even military functions, owing obedience only to the king.

Thus we have the exceptional walled complexes of the Communities of: Pedraza, Sepúlveda (which included the Castle of Castilnovo), Cuéllar, Maderuelo, Fuentidueña, Coca, Ayllón, and the less favored in terms of their preserved remains of Fresno de Cantespino and Montejo de the Vega de la Serrezuela. And as there is no rule without exception, the Castle of Turégano is an interesting example of fortification belonging to the episcopal lordship. Some castles were later reformed in the s. XV, being those that better aspect present, like the Alcázar de Segovia and those of Coca, Cuéllar, Castilnovo and Turégano.