Route of the Royal Sites

Route of the Royal Sites

Three places in the province stand out as members of this Route of the Royal Palaces.

The Palace of the Real Site of Valsaín conserves only some of the walls of what was a building of great austerity and beauty, destroyed by a fire in 1697


Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso

Many of the stones of the remains that remained in Valsaín were used in the construction of the Royal Palace of San Ildefonso (place also known as La Granja), whose works were started in 1721 by desire of Felipe V and Isabel de Farnesio.

It is always a pleasure to visit La Granja. A very well preserved exterior and interior place, it is an exemplary example of real palatial residences. Next to him is the beautiful Collegiate that keeps the royal pantheon. The visit to this Palace must be completed with a tour of its wide, original and shady gardens, through which numerous artistic fountains are scattered, whose water features are of surprising beauty. A walk through the town, we discover some large buildings that served to house court services; in two of them (House of Infants and Barracks of the Corps Guard) are currently a tourism hostel and a congress and convention center.

You can not miss the visit to the Real Fábrica de Cristales, an industrial building of outstanding architecture, whose restoration has been carried out, with all merit, over most of its surface; today it also houses the National Glass Center and offers continuous exhibitions of Spanish and foreign artists.


Riofrío Palace

The last palace that we propose on the route is the Riofrío Palace, located in the middle of a wide oak forest where deer and fallow deer roam freely. The quadrangular Palace has a majestic staircase and valuable works of art, as well as an interesting and curious hunting museum.