Navalmanzano (Navalmanzano)

Navalmanzano (Navalmanzano)

Information: In a meadow next to a pond with poplars.

Access Mode: On the SG-221 road from Navalmanzano to Fuentepelayo, on the pk. 22,700 leaves a path on the left that after 0,3 km. leads to the area.

Distance to the nearest town: 2 km

Number of tables: 6

Number of sources: 0

Services: Childish games

Points of interest:

  • Lastras de Cuéllar: Lastras Lagoons.
  • Bernardos: church of San Pedro Apóstol, of Romanesque origin, rebuilt in the s. XVI, Romanesque sculpture. Hermitage of Santa Inés, Mudejar. Cerro del Castillo archaeological site. Petroglyphs. Medieval wall. In May, each 10 years, in years ending in zero, would go to the Hermitage of the Virgen del Castillo.
  • Narros de Cuéllar: hermitage of San Marcos, mudejar brick doorway. Sauquillo de Cabezas: church of San Pedro Apostle of Romanesque origin. Palace of the Cáceres and the Marquis of Casablanca.
  • Aguilafuente: archaeological classroom of the Roman Villa of Santa Lucía, in the Romanesque church of San Juan Bautista. Church of Santa María, origin of s. XII. Manor house of the Mayorazgo de los Pérez de la Torre, s. XVI. Fiestas of Our Lady of the Assumption, procession with jotas, popular bullfights, bullfighting festivities.
  • Real Village: church of San Juan Bautista, Romanesque parts, cover of s. XVI. Hermitage of San Blas.
  • Zarzuela del Pinar: church of the Exaltation of the Cross with parts of Mudejar style. Hermitage of Santo Cristo del Humilladero.
  • Great tit: Gothic church, s. XV and XVII. Shrine of Ntra. Sra. Del Bustar, pilgrimage.
  • Fuentepelayo: church of Santa María la Mayor, gothic, from the s. XV, remains of the Romanesque primitive. Famous Angel Fair.
  • Pinarejos: church of Our Lady of the Assumption, of several constructive stages, with bell tower of Romanesque period. Lagoons of "El Bodón" and "Adoberas".
  • Navalmanzano: Church of Los Santos Justo y Pastor, remains of Mudejar style. Hermitage of the Blessed Christ of Santa Juliana, with Romanesque remains.