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Saturdays at the Theater


Saturdays at the Theater
Sat, 5. October 2019 - Sat, 21. December 2019
Cinema and theater
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Description of the event

New programming of “Saturdays at the theater” All shows are in the Teatro Palladio at 18: 00 h Reservations at the 678 555 239 Paladio Arte, opens a new cycle of “Saturdays at the Theater” from the 5 from October to 21 from December. Saturday 5 of October. Rossini in the kitchen, La Tartana Theater. Saturday 19 of October. Lar (The house, the home). Lasal Saturday 2 November. The Adventures of Curious Ganz, Silent Tide (London - United Kingdom) Saturday November 16. Oh pear, expert, pear !, Hunting Gamusinos. Saturday 30 of November. The Seed, Cinnamon. Saturday 14 of December. Nikki's flight, Marisa Amor. Saturday December 21. Wake up, an almost comic toy, Cia Teatro Paladio In this eleven edition of the cycle "Saturdays at the theater" we program, as always, thinking of the smallest of the house. Recommended functions from the 3 years where we include puppets, theater, stories, magic and this time a show in English (with little text) and extension of the Festival Pendientes de un Hilo (Madrid). Earrings of a Thread, aims to bring the art of puppets and objects to the public. With the idea of ​​serving that public that is permeable to art and that, like any citizen, has the right to access quality culture.

Other companies of national and international prestige are part of the program of this new cycle Organized by the New Public Association and Paladio Arte and with the collaboration of Segovia City Council and Caja Rural Foundation. Caja Rural de Segovia Foundation. Saturday 5 of October. Rossini in the kitchen, La Tartana Theater. Genre: Puppets and actors Duration: 55 m Recommended age: from 3 years A fun puppet and actor play through Rossini's musical work discovering the musician and the person with his two great passions: music and food. In his kitchen we will see how the events that are happening to the great composer vary his emotional states and how this influences his dishes and his scores. An approach of classical music to children's audiences with objects and puppets of all sizes and techniques, where you can taste first-class music, second-hand cuisine and dessert we will discover their secret love ... all with the unmistakable seal of La Tartana, in an innocent and fun recreation of the delivery and passion of Rossini as a musician and chef. Saturday 19 of October. Lar (The house, the home). Lasal Genre: Theater, circus Duration: 55 m Recommended age: from 3 years. The home is the universe that welcomes us from our first breath and protects with its walls the heat radiated by the people who inhabit it. LAR talks about the protection and love that our home inspires us, but ... And if our house disappears, they destroy it, do we have to leave it without having another house to go to? It is an obvious object in our lives, as it is evident that we breathe ... but ... what if we did not have a home to return to every day? Where would we go? How would we build our new home? ... Saturday 2 of November. The Adventures of Curious Ganz, Silent Tide (London - United Kingdom) Genre: Puppets Duration: 55 m Recommended age: from 4 years The Adventures of the Curious Ganz is a fictional story based on the authentic life of the 16th century scientist, Joachim Ganz It is a celebration of innovation, the strange, the brave and the curious! Counted through the scenery, puppets, music and a few words (in English). A perfect opportunity to practice English with a native company. Prize for the best production for children. The West End Theater Awards, London 2019 Saturday 26 November. Oh pear, expert, pear !, Hunting Gamusinos. Genre: Puppets and actresses Duration: 60 m Recommended age: From 3 years. Tomasa has been running a position in the city's food market for more than 40 for years; selling fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Tomasa has been looking for his perfect successor for some time; He has made the decision to fulfill his dream of youth; Work in a circus as a tightrope walker and travel across the five continents. Perhaps that person is closer than it seems, perhaps soon the day will come to take out that suitcase that has been prepared in the warehouse for so many years. Within this delirium we will have to wait for our turn to come, have you all taken a number? Who gives the time? Saturday 30 of November. The Seed, Cinnamon. Genre: Puppets. Duration: 55 m Recommended age: from 3 years The Seed is a show about the different ways of growing To harvest you have to sow. To sow we need land, water, sun and a seed. Where to put the seed? The right place, the right energy. For something to grow healthy and strong you have to take care of it. You have to spend time. Grow herbs, trees, animals, humans. Doubts, cravings, desires and all kinds of feelings grow. Sometimes they don't let you grow up. Others let you grow too much. The limits help to grow. Fear no. The more love we sow the more caresses we reap. December 14 Saturday.

Nikki's flight is the illusion of fulfilling a desire: to ascend to the sky, to rise, to ascend ... Despite the impossibility of the human being to fly, we want to detach ourselves from the Earth, travel through the air and dream, blow, dance, sing, conquer and see new horizons that give us a breath of fresh air. Nikki's flight is the poetry of a balloon flight; it is a journey through some invisible little gestures of our lives; It is that which makes our hearts happy without great movements, a look towards the silent and smiling sky. Saturday 21 of December. Wake up, an almost comic toy, Cia Teatro Palladio Genre: Tetro, circus, magic.

Duration: 60 m

Recommended age: from 5 years. The character that worries us is a somewhat gray human being? Search, search, something that seems to have been lost, knows that laughter is no longer yours, has it lost it? Did he abandon her? Did he neglect her? -It does not approach a clown corrillo, where through the history of each and every one of them, it is changing, its life, its character, That “cirquillo” with its numbers and its comedians show our character that laughter does not he had lost her, "alone" that he had forgotten.

Where: Sala Teatrillo Paladio, located 5 m from the bus station, next to Red Cross Segovia.

Tickets: Partner for one day. Early booking at the TLF 678 555 239: 6 € (up to 24 h before) At the box office 7 € Services: Adapted for people with reduced mobility, Easy parking. More information at: Tlf 678 555 239 Organized by: Palladium Art Association AC New Public Collaborates: Segovia City Council Caja Rural de Segovia Foundation.

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