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“Between painting and illustration”, an exhibition by Esther Mínguez


“Between painting and illustration”, an exhibition by Esther Mínguez
Sea, 5. November 2019 - Vie, 29. November 2019
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Description of the event

The Department of Youth of the City of Segovia, hosts in the Exhibition Hall of the Young House, the exhibition "Between painting and illustration", which brings together the works of the Segovian artist Esther Mínguez, made from the year 1998 until the present time.

You can visit the 5 to the November 29. With two distinct parts, in one of them the oil, watercolor and colored pencils have a clear prominence, of the works made since the beginning of the author's artistic career until the present moment; The other part is dedicated to the most recent stage as an illustrator in which different works for posters, stories or stories, made in mixed media, watercolors and graphic colored pencils among others stand out.

Esther Mínguez completed a Bachelor of Arts and subsequently completed her higher studies in Plastic Arts and Design at the School of Art and Superior of Design "Casa de los Picos" in Segovia. At the end of this stage of studies, he opened his own workshop for the artistic-creative development of children between the ages of 5 and 12. At this time he has resumed a family business, which has allowed him to improve and devote more time to illustration.

Amadeo Olmos has been an essential pillar in his training as an artist, he has been his teacher and mentor. In 1998 he began to go to his oil and watercolor classes and still enjoys the knowledge that the author shares with her in each class. In his painting work we can see the influence of painters such as: Rene Magritte, Monet, Picaso, Andrea Soos, Ángel Cristóbal, Amadeo Olmos ...

His artistic facet has been increased in recent years through illustration, formed and influenced in turn by "Tiny School." From that moment, he creates his own personal under the pseudonym of "green bird". In this new artistic stage his works are inspired by authors such as: Rene Gruau, Eduardo García Benito, Akira Lusaka, Ira Sluyterman and many more ... that charge their creations with strength and identity.

If we visit her Instagram page: pajarillo_verde, we can find a wide sample of her work, where soft colors, nice images full of affection and care are highlighted, as well as infinite forms where the author materializes her creativity through work on different surfaces: ceramics , wood, fabrics, walls and much more.

All the information can be consulted at the Department of Youth (Paseo de San Juan de la Cruz s / n), on the phone 921 460401, and on the pages and