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“Meet the Lady of the Cathedrals”


“Meet the Lady of the Cathedrals”
Sea, 5. November 2019 - Dom, 1. March 2020
Religious Tourism
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Description of the event

As of Monday, November 4, the Cabildo launches visits “Meet the Lady of the Cathedrals” that will make it possible to better understand the Cathedral from an artistic, historical and religious point of view. They will take place from Monday to Friday at 12: 30 and 17: 00 in winter time - November to March - with a unique tour of the most important chapels, cloister and exhibition halls.

This series of visits, by the official guides of the temple, has limited capacity for 45 people who can approach the artistic, historical and sacred Catholic temple, as well as interesting facts and curiosities of the Cathedral that have been emerging throughout the almost 500 years of history. Apart from this, the visits are open to all questions that arise during the tour as they intend to become a dialogue between the guides and the many visitors who come to the Cathedral.

The Cabildo introduces as a novelty the orientation of the guided visits to the different liturgical times and important festivities such as Advent -Christmas-, Lent -Saint Week-, Easter or, in November, the month of the dead. In this way, within the established route a mention will be made, for example during this month of November, to the most important funerary works of art: graves, burial mound or illustrious characters buried in the temple.

The total price of the guided tour will be for Segovians of 3 € and, for tourists and visitors, 3 € plus the general admission -6 € in total and 5,5 € with reduction-. Children under 10 years will not pay admission. Visitors, within the services offered, will enjoy a guided tour with improvements since the Cabildo has acquired a new radioguide system that will prevent noise pollution, especially in the rooms, in addition to improving individual hearing.

The reservation and purchase of entry can be made the same day of the visit or in advance in the reservation portal through the website

the lady of the cathedrals