Holy Week (March / April)

Declared of National Tourist Interest.

The guilds of Segovia are responsible, with their effort and complicity, to carry out an authentic manifestation of art and religiosity that takes place through the steep streets of the historic city, through which the different steps will be taken from the neighborhoods. They will process on Thursday and Good Friday.
The Representation of the Passion of Jesus Christ takes place in the neighborhood of San José on the Saturday before Palm Sunday


Sacred Music Week

It starts on the Saturday before Holy Week. Segovia is considered a city of reference and meeting of the most diverse cultures and confessions with this cycle of sacred music, which is one of the oldest and most recognized of the entire Peninsula.


Meeting of Image Collectors - SegoviaFOTO

Its purpose is to reward, discover and promote the talent of emerging photographers.


END OF THE YEAR "Women that Transform the World"

It is a benchmark for reflection and debate on the role that women are playing in the world, in the fight for the defense of Human Rights, Peace and Equality.


Film Series “La Mujer Creadora”

The films that are screened in this cycle are made or starred by women.


Ronda de Marzas

Round the streets of the center of Segovia, from the Plaza del Azoguejo to the Plaza Mayor, with stops in different catering establishments.


National Folklore Award Agapito Marazuela

It is a prize that has no financial endowment and consists of the delivery of a bronze bust of the folklorist, the work of José María García Moro.


Days of the Lechazo de Sacramenia


Regularity City Rally of Segovia

Walk the streets of the city and towns of the province.


March Cofrade

Popular march of solidary character organized by the Brotherhood of the Flagellation of Nueva Segovia.

Half Marathon City of Segovia

Athletics race through the city of Segovia.