Titirimundi International Puppet Festival

Festival considered one of the most important in Europe in its genre. It involves artists from all over the world who perform in the streets, courtyards, Teatro Juan Bravo, etc.


National Crafts Fair

It is celebrated coinciding with the dates of the May bridge, artisans from all over Spain participate with live workshops.


Music Nights in the Atrium of San Lorenzo 

Concerts are held every Friday in the Plaza de San Lorenzo, which still retains its medieval layout.

Tourism and Gastronomy Week 

It includes conferences, round tables and tastings. Stresses the Piglet Festival where homage is paid to the protagonist of the gastronomy of Segovia.

  • Association of Waiters of Segovia and its province. Tel.921 049 550


Mercado del Arrabal

It is celebrated in the Plaza de San Lorenzo and offers a wide range of crafts, musical performances, workshops, theater and games for children.


Story Week

Stories of different traditions and places, stories and stories of classic and contemporary authors, organized by the Municipal Theater Workshop.


Sample of Independent Theater Andrés Laguna Institute


Gastronomic Days of the Cod


March Women in Solidarity

A solidary march through the streets of Segovia whose collection is destined for an association.


Monumentrail BMW City of Segovia

Race where unimaginable places are seen very close to the city of Segovia. They are 10 or 17 km full of magic and sensations.


UVA Running Race

  • City Hall - IMD. Tel. 921 462 912 / 10 Campus María Zambrano - Sports. - Tel. 921 112 300