Spoon Tapas

During these days, winter tapas are offered in several restaurants in the capital.

Autumn Enological - Caja Rural Foundation

Two weeks of intense activity around wine as a fundamental symbol of popular culture and strategic sector of the economy of our region.

Mushroom Days


BEAUTIFUL COLLADO (20 km) Hunting Gastronomic Days

CHATUN (52 km) Mycological Days

The activity takes place in the morning in the place of the hermitage of San Benito de Gallegos and includes collecting mushrooms through the pine forest accompanied by mycological experts, children's workshop on mycology, exhibition and classification of mushrooms and mycological vermouth.

  • San Benito de Gallegos Cultural Association. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 628 160 720

CUELLAR (60 km) Contest of Tapas de San Andrés

Coinciding with the neighborhood festivities, a tapas contest is held among the establishments in the area.

EL ESPINAR (32 km) Autumn Tapas Competition

It is celebrated in all the nuclei of the municipality of El Espinar. CIT El Espinar.

FUENTREREBOLLO (55 km) Mycological Days

PEDRAZA (37 km) Concurso Pincho y Cap Medieval

Tapas and skewers made with only medieval ingredients, that is, the raw materials that were available before the Discovery of America

SEPÚLVEDA (59 km) Days of Mycological Tapas "Villa de Sepúlveda"

Bars and restaurants of the Villa elaborate tapas that have as a star ingredient the mushroom of thistle, the boletus, the truffle, the blue foot, etc ... For a small price, the clients can taste these mycological tapas with the privileged flavor, presentation and exquisiteness of the sepulvedana kitchen.