Gastronomic Days and Other Events

Gastronomic Days and Other Events



Finding Mushrooms ("Buscasetas" - November)
It is celebrated in several restaurants in the province. Initiative of the Castilian-Leonese delegation of the Eurotoques Cooks Association.
Coca - Gastronomic Days "12 Months 12 Tapas 12 Wines, it is celebrated one weekend a month.
CIT Coca - City of Cauca. @citcoca

Tapas in Castilla y León  Organized by the Associations of
Hospitality of Castilla y León.

Food Trucks (May)

Gastronomic Days "Cooking the Cheese of Castilla y León" (April)
They are held in various restaurants in the province.

Jornadas del Puchero (January, February and March)
Several restaurants in the Northeast area of ​​Segovia offer delicious menus made with the best products of the region.
La Lastrilla - La Matanza Gastronomic Festival (from October to March)
Restaurant Venta Magullo - Complejo Hostelero - Tel. 921 435 011
Nava de la Asunción - Nava Tapas Tapas contest for the different bars and restaurants of the town, which is held on one of the bridges of the year.
Town hall. - Tel. 921 580 036/921 581 073
Ortigosa del Monte - Gastronomic Festival of La Matanza (January, February, March and April) 
La Venta Vieja Restaurant. - Tel. 921 489 164
Palazuelos de Eresma - Gastronomic Days of Asturian Cuisine During these days Santana Hotel cooks dishes from Asturias, one of the most
attractive at the gastronomic level. 
Santana Hotel. - Tel. 921 474 178/79
Cooking Week and Young Chefs (no specific date)