Gastronomic calendar: June

Gastronomic calendar: June


Rural Women International Fair - Pronatura Fair

In this fair rural women from several countries participate with exhibitors of handmade products.

More information: Federation of Rural Women (Femur). - Tel. 921 123 010 / 921 123 006

Tapas Decalles Contest

Tapas contest coinciding with the patron saint festivities of the city.

More information: Decalles Open Shopping Center. - Tel. 921 441 336

Cheese Fair

The Association of Merchants of the Avenue of the Constitution program this fair with the aim of boosting the commercial activity in this area of ​​the city.

More information: Association of Segovian Traders (ACS). - Tel. 921 432 212


Handicraft and Food Fair

Artisan producers, children's workshops, exhibitions, etc.

More information: Cabezuela Cultural Center Association - Tel. 921 520 838

Beautiful Collado

Gastronomic Festival of the Parro

More information: La Matita Restaurant. Tel. 921 403 077

La Granja of San Ildefonso

Tapping by the Real Site

Tapas contest of free choice of ingredients that aims to highlight the local restoration.

Further information: - Tel. 921 473 953


Gastronomic Rice Days (June / July)

More information: Restaurante El Portón de Javier. - Tel. 921 196 141


Pincho Contest and the Medieval Tapa

Tapas and pinchos with only medieval ingredients, that is, the raw materials that were available before the Discovery of America.

More information: - Tel. 921 509 817