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The candles will be lit tomorrow, Friday, July 23, from 21:30 p.m., to illuminate the atrium of the hermitage of the Virgen de las Vegas de Pedraza, in the town of Requijada, located in the municipality of Santiuste de Pedraza . There, in the middle of an intimate atmosphere, the last activity proposed by the Diputación Bibliobuses Reading Club will take place: a poetry recital in which, while the group of Trescasas Nomada del Verso will narrate the events of the Romance de los Community members, the Collara School of Dulzaina de Cuéllar will be in charge of putting music to the words.

"We have thought that it would be good to complement the activity of the Reading Club with other initiatives, especially now that outdoor events can be organized", point out the librarians Pilar Martín, María Jesús Artalejo and Esmeralda Arribas. They, together with the residents of Requijada, who have collaborated at all times with the organization of this concert-recital, have been in charge of preparing the stage for the performance, which, as they point out, will be free and open to the public; whether or not they are members of the Reading Club. "We would like people to be encouraged to join the Club, especially men, who are not many, and we believe that with complementary activities like this we can reach more people," they explain, indicating that among the planned initiatives is the visit to the exhibition 'The Communards on the scaffold', shows that can be visited since April at the headquarters of the Cortes of Castilla y León.

The reason, both for the celebration of the recital and for the future visit to the Cortes, is none other than the fact that the next session of the Club, which meets online periodically, will feature the book 'El blazon de la Reina ', by Francisco Egido from Segovia, a historicist thriller, framed in the War of the Communities, in which the protagonist, Juan Manuel López-Atienza, faces the challenge of discovering the truth about the blazon of Queen Juana de Castilla, whose existence no one has been able to prove, but which is said to have changed the history of an entire empire. This virtual meeting will take place on Monday, September 20, but until then the librarians of the Provincial Council hope that the Segovians will be encouraged and want to accompany them in the poetic recital tomorrow Friday.


Source: Deputation of Segovia 

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism continues with the programming of six new shows this weekend, within the Festival 'Castilla y León Heritage Scene', which takes place in unique heritage spaces in the nine provinces. During the months of July and August, the Festival hosts up to 60 dance, music, theater or circus events, programmed for all types of audiences, and starring entirely by companies from the Community. All the information as well as the reservation of free tickets is available on the website The performing arts cultural program also offers tourist proposals to visit and learn in the closest surroundings of the heritage sites, with cultural, heritage, nature and gastronomic recommendations.

The third weekend of the cycle includes up to eight activities that will take place this weekend, starting on Friday, July 23 with three simultaneous shows, at 21:00 p.m. In the Church of San Miguel de Ayllón (Segovia), the versatile performing artist Crispín D'Olot presents his work 'Jacobeo 2020 - Pórticos: from Apocalypse to Glory'. A sound dialogue with art through the iconographic representations of the Apocalypse of Saint John present in codices and temples of the Hispanic Middle Ages, together with the music of replicas of medieval instruments that will allow us to be surprised with the sound and the presence of harmonies of a past that is a historical presence.

At the same time, in the Hermitage Virgen de la Peña de San Pedro Manrique (Soria), 'Cabaret de circo' will take place, presented by The Freak Circus Cabaret Show company, which combines surprising numbers specialized in different circus techniques with a guaranteed fun. The manipulation of hats, the aerial fabrics, the juggling of light, the aerial hoop or the balance on hands take place in this incredible cabaret led by an inconvenient and funny presenter.

Music will be the protagonist in the Patio de Armas of the Castillo de Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila), also on Friday at 22 pm. The show 'No Man's Land', by Carlos Soto Folk, proposes a musical journey around the world based on Iberian rhythms and melodies. One of the founders of Celtas Cortos mixes in this musical frontier the cultures that have passed through the peninsula throughout the centuries, singing to the secular essences of musical miscegenation.

On Saturday, July 24, at 21:XNUMX p.m., the Castillo de la Mota in Medina del Campo (Valladolid) will be the scene of a circus show that, under the title 'Circus Cabaret', will present surprising numbers of the different techniques and acrobatics , by The Freak Circus Cabaret Show. Simultaneously, at the Casa de la Cultura de Alcañices (Zamora), Violeta Veinte will offer the music and fusion show 'Violeta Veinte Quartet'. The mixture of his charismatic voice, violin and mandolin together with a powerful rhythmic section achieves an original sound that combines the rhythms and melodies of folk with the improvisation of jazz.

Circus and social theater

On Sunday July 27, in the morning at 13:XNUMX p.m., and in the Gardens of the Sanctuary of La Virgen del Camino (León), the show 'Tales for perverted children', by Baychimo Teatro will take place. A return to the essence of folk tales, but along the most unexpected paths full of humor. A review of the classics for all audiences.

At 20:30 p.m., the fun continues with the show 'Magic Clowns' by Zamoclown, in the Huerto de Dios de Covarrubias (Burgos). Music, magic and clown techniques are mixed in a dynamic and participatory experience for children and adults that will provoke laughter from the attendees. At the Castillo de Puebla de Sanabria, at the same time on Sunday, the turn is for the music of and the dramaturgy of the Enriqueta Mo Danza company, with their show 'Alma de Cántaro'. A tribute to the grandparents and grandmothers made movement, dance, and emotional connection, in a story in which feelings are important.

Free and safe access

'Castilla y León Heritage Stage', is a regional Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which aims to bring culture throughout the Community and reach as many people as possible, so that entry to all shows It is free, upon registration by name on the website In addition, in order to guarantee the correct development of the activities, following the indications of the health authorities, the established security measures will be respected in order to attend the shows, with limited capacity and guaranteeing the safety distance between people. The development of the shows may vary depending on the health crisis and will be communicated in due course through the Festival's communication channels.


Source: Segoviaudaz

The houses of the Hoces del Río Duratón and Hoces del Río Riaza parks and the Casa del Águila Imperial have developed a program of activities for the months of July and August to publicize the natural spaces in which they are located and at the same time offer visitors an experience of enjoyment in nature.

The three houses in the parks of the province, managed by the Ministry of Development and Environment, have become in recent years places of reference for 'green tourists', who travel looking for the privileged natural areas of Castilla y León. The program includes workshops, guided walks, exhibitions and volunteer actions, designed to offer visitors an experience in nature and at the same time disseminate environmental values.

In the Sierra Norte de Guadarrama natural park, the Casa del Águila Imperial, located in the municipality of Pedraza, proposes a birdwatching workshop on Saturdays in July from the esplanade of the Castillo de Pedraza, a natural viewpoint from which, With binoculars and telescopes and with the help of the centre's monitors, it is possible to observe the breeding process of the griffon vultures, from the incubation to the chicks and the first flights. In addition, on Saturdays in July and August, the Casa del Águila programs the activity 'Discovering the tracks and traces of our fauna', a guided walk around the center to learn about the usual species in the natural park.

The house of the Hoces del Río Duratón natural park, which is located in Sepúlveda, programs the activity 'Vulture walks', several outings throughout the summer to publicize the natural wealth of the surrounding towns and the importance of caring for and respect the environment. In addition, the first week of August, coinciding with the Sepúlveda cultural week, the center organizes several workshops among which the 'Footprint Workshop' stands out to teach the participants about the fauna of the Hoces del Duratón. To find out the specific dates of these proposals, it is necessary to contact the park house.

Finally, the house of the Hoces del Río Riaza natural park, in the municipality of Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela, will carry out, between August 17 and 21, an environmental volunteering activity in collaboration with the action group local Association for the Integral Development of the Ribera del Duero Burgalesa, which will allow to disseminate the values ​​of the natural space and will teach the participants environmental communication and interpretation techniques. During this summer also, the center will host a ceramic exhibition by the artist José Luis Maroto González, entitled 'The wine in the land where it is born', focused on the world of viticulture and the work that was carried out in the wineries.


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia 

The 'Heritage Scenario' Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which combines art, heritage and tourism through different scenic proposals in unique heritage places in the Community, will fall this weekend in Pedraza and Sepúlveda.

The prestigious folklorist Raúl de Dios presents his musical show 'Sones Tradicionales' in Pedraza. A project that combines traditional roots with folk music, and that will revisit the classic songbook from Castilla y León with a new interpretive perspective on the Salamanca musician. The show will take place tomorrow, Friday, July 16, starting at 21.00:XNUMX p.m. in the Plaza Mayor of Pedraza.

On Sunday, July 18, starting at 13.00:XNUMX p.m., at the Mirador Virgen de la Peña in Sepúlveda, it will be the turn for 'Wait a minute… !!', a circus show full of humor and fun for all audiences, performed by the Pumuky Circo Chisme company.

Admission to all the shows is free, after nominative registration on the web. It is also possible to book in person or by phone: for the show 'Traditional Sones', at the Pedraza Tourist Office, from 11.00:14.00 a.m. to 15.00:19.00 p.m., and from 15:16 p.m. to 921:598 p.m., on July 666 and 9.00, or at the telephone 13.00 921 540; and in the case of the show 'Wait a minute ... !!' de Sepúlveda, at the Municipality's Tourist Office, from 000 a.m. to XNUMX p.m., or by calling XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX.

During the months of July and August, the Festival will host up to 60 dance, music, theater or circus shows, programmed for all types of audiences, and starring entirely by companies from the Community. The performing arts cultural program also offers tourist proposals to visit and learn in the closest surroundings of the heritage sites, with cultural, heritage, nature and gastronomic recommendations.


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

On July 17 and 18, the Segovian town of Gomezserracín has launched its first Magic Fair.

Taking into account that the sector most affected during the pandemic in the municipality has been the hospitality industry, the Gomezserracín City Council from the Department of Culture has wanted to bet on a magical fair to attract tourists and visitors who want to help hoteliers.

According to a statement from the Gomezserracín City Council, the aim is to be able to enjoy a magical and supportive weekend that combines culture and hospitality.

The fair will begin next Saturday, July 17, from 12.00:14.30 to 18.00:21.00 and from 18:12.00 to 14.30:18.00, and on Sunday, July 20.00, from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX and from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX.

The three magic pillars will be:

Kharistall 'The fair of living automatons', an experience for all audiences based on the legendary Genius Machines such as The Great Zoltar. This fair is made up of an installation of 3 different booths in which an automaton waits for visitors, individually or in groups of cohabitants, to wake them up.
It will be located on Calle Santa Olalla, in front of Bar Jayca. In case of rain it would be moved to the Parish Hall.

Houdini Experience Escape Room: an experience for people over 12 years old. This escape room on wheels travels to 1908 and enters the interior of the home of the greatest escapist and illusionist of all time, the great Harry Houdini. In it you will be able to know his passionate life from the hand of his wife, who will make the visitors get into the skin of Harry himself, putting his escapist skills to the test.
It will be located in the courtyard of the College of the road and in case of rain it will move to the Panera.

Third, the town will enjoy 'The Arch of the Secrets of Patri Zenner', an activity for all audiences. Through this experience, visitors will be able to imagine a stone arch by the hand of an explorer that will allow them to see the most fantastic beings in the forest that the little witch Patri Zenner is going to present.
It is a themed tent with a show lasting between 15 and 20 minutes for a small group of spectators. The passes will start every 30 minutes.

It will take place next to the pharmacy and in case of rain it would be moved to the City Hall.

Ticket reservations will be at the entrance of each magical space from 11:30 for each day and totally free.

The fair will culminate with a magic gala on Sunday July 18 at 22:00 pm on the esplanade of Calle Alta, presented by Héctor Sansegundo and with a performance by Greca, Patri Zenner, Víctor Cerro and Dani García.

All activities will be carried out under current health regulations for COVID-19.


Source: Segoviaudaz

After the pandemic forced in 2020 to suspend the 'Black and White Night' of the Diputación, which until then had garnered an important reception in its three previous editions held in Sepúlveda, Turégano and Ayllón, the provincial institution has wanted to recover this Summer an initiative that shows that culture and the rural world can combine in an attractive, innovative and, in many cases, inspiring way.

This has been stated in their melodies by the different musicians who have participated in the first three editions and this is how the soloists and groups -seven in total- who will be part of the poster of this fourth edition that will be held next Saturday will also try to verify it, July 17, in Riaza. In total, there will be twelve professional musicians who will play their melodies on the keys of three grand pianos that, as on previous occasions, will be located in different emblematic and prominent settings of the town. "As in previous years, we will not reveal where those pianos will be hidden and it will have to be the event's attendees themselves who discover them, guided by the sound of the pianos", revealed this morning at the presentation of the event the deputy for Culture, Youth and Sports, José María Bravo, who, aware of the interest that the 'Black and White Night' arouses among the inhabitants of the entire province, also emphasized the importance of respecting safety regulations and not forgetting that "this type proposals can only be recovered little by little with the involvement and sense of responsibility, both from the Organization and from the public ".

The deputy, accompanied in the presentation by the mayor of Riaza, Benjamín Cerezo, and one of the pianists who will participate in the event, Daniel Romano, also confirmed that, as happened in the first three editions of this piano festival, before For the professional festival to begin, fans who want to demonstrate their musical skills in front of this instrument, as well as children and young people from the different music schools in the province, will have at their disposal, between 19:30 p.m. and 20 p.m. : 30 hours, these three pianos so that the party is participatory at all levels and manages to involve the audience even more. And the thing is, as Bravo qualified, "once again we want them to start warming up the atmosphere by offering us their talent and showing us that in this province there are many people interested in this well-known and yet special instrument."

After the improvisations of these amateur musicians, it will be the turn to enjoy, between 20:30 p.m. and 23:40 p.m., those simultaneous micro performances that are the essence of the event and that will take place every 25 minutes on the three pianos , with solo protagonists Daniel Romano himself and his songs by singer-songwriters on piano and voice, Vicente Uñón and his classical and jazz melodies and Lorenzo Moyá and his flamenco piano. On the other hand, as participating groups, there will be the Duo 3t of piano and violin formed by Sergio García and Carlos García, who will offer a combination of classical music fused with pop rock, the Ces-Guijarro Duo, formed by the piano and clarinet of Irene Guijarro and Irene Ces, the Pedro Ojesto Latin jazz trio, led by Pedro Ojesto himself, accompanied by the double bass and drums of Ismael Campanero and Jaime Zapata, and finally the piano and flamenco guitar duo composed by Miguel Ángel Recio and Raúl Olivar.

All of them, illuminated by the candles that will be distributed throughout the municipality to make the atmosphere even more intimate, will meet at the end of the night on a stage located in the Plaza Mayor and will give a joint concert that, piece by piece, will go out little. soon the light and the fourth edition of this joint commitment to music, heritage and the rural environment that, as Benjamin Cerezo made known, will also coincide on the date with the XLVI International Fast Painting Contest of the town.


Source: Diputación de Segovia

Cuéllar takes up little by little what would be the usual activities of each summer although far from what they could be in all their essence. However, associations, platforms and groups intend to continue with many of them so as not to lose the sense of their organization. This is the case of Cegafest, a festival that from the IU Youth Area has always combined music, workshops and talks with its objective, to keep alive the fight for the Cega River and its good conditions. Thus, Cegafest returns on July 17 and 18 with news. Last year they restricted programming due to the covid, and although this year the situation is better and allows them to carry out more activities, security measures will prevail at all times.

On Saturday, July 17, the first of the appointments begins, and it will be done talking about the Cega River and climate change; two talks will be held. The first will be in charge of Ezequiel Antorán, biologist and member of the 'Cega, the river that unites us' platform; his presentation receives the title of 'Cega, a singular river'. The second of them will be given by members of the Segovian Climate Assembly, who will talk about this citizen movement made up of various social and environmental groups in Segovia, committed to curbing climate change. Next, the short film 'Auga, terra… Aire (A bag)', directed by Pablo Banga and Pablo Casal, will be screened. It is a criticism of consumer society through the journey of an abandoned plastic bag that invites us to reflect on the closest natural environment, which on many occasions goes unnoticed and is not adequately valued.

On Sunday, July 18, the day will begin in Mata de Cuéllar to make a route around the Cega River. It will begin at 9.00 am and will last approximately two hours. Accompany those who are encouraged Almudena Pascual, graduated in Natural Environment Engineering, and from this town. Pascual has collaborated in several editions of Cegafest to share his knowledge with the attendees. The central nave of San Francisco will host that same Sunday, at 22.00 pm, the Cuellarano theater group 'Zereia', which will perform the play 'El Producto'. The performance is framed in sarcasm and invites you to have fun and reflect on current policies. The price of admission is 5 euros.

In all the activities organized for the Cegafest, the current sanitary regulations against the covid will be applied for the safety of all those who attend.

Since Cegafest, a multidisciplinary art contest has been organized that is aimed at students from the Secondary Education institutes of Cuéllar. The theme of the contest is the Cega river and its surroundings, and the contest has been called 'Interpret your river'. The intention is that the young people of the municipality show their vision of the Cega River through any of the different forms of art, be it photography, painting, writing or another discipline.


From Cegafest they recall that despite the circumstances, different important activities have been carried out this year, such as the collection of waste near the Cega river that took place in April. With this initiative, which will be repeated on more occasions, they intend to eliminate polluting elements deposited by citizens who are disrespectful to nature and create awareness about respect for the environment. On the other hand, thanks to Pedro Pintura and Miguel Bume, the Huerta del Duque urban art mural was inaugurated, also dedicated to the richness and diversity of the river.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

The Segovia Provincial Council continues to launch new programs to bring culture, in its various manifestations, to the towns of the province. The deputy for Culture, José María Bravo, has presented this morning the series of monologues 'Crazy Nights' that will arrive this summer in thirty-five municipalities in which thirteen different monologues will perform.  

The provincial institution has always been aware of the importance that cultural activity has for the maintenance and quality of life of the residents of our town and, therefore, "we wanted to extend this offer in a field that we had not touched until now, but that people demand and that, in addition, is absolutely compatible with the format currently demanded by the health situation that, we must remember, still requires responsibility on the part of all, "said José María Bravo.

The humorous monologue is a very fashionable genre in Spanish theaters and "from the Provincial Council, we have wanted it to reach our towns with this cycle that will last throughout the summer and that has the involvement and collaboration of the municipalities that have wanted join this initiative that will bring laughter, so necessary in these times, to many corners of our province ".

The Provincial Council will invest about 15.000 euros in this project, carries out the coordination work between the applicants and the requesting municipalities, assumes the promotion and dissemination of the activity and all the design and printing costs of the promotional supports. Meanwhile, with the signing of the agreements, the municipalities undertake to provide a suitable place, which must allow the adoption of all the health precaution measures in force on the date of the performance, and meet the minimum conditions required by the performer. in your proposal. In addition, the consistories will assume a percentage of the monologue's cache, directly proportional to its number of inhabitants, so that the municipalities with the largest population will contribute 70%, while those with the smallest population will contribute 30%, according to the tables established in the agreement. 





















































































































































































Source: Diputación de Segovia

Several emblematic points of the natural and monumental heritage of the province of Segovia will be the scene this summer of the cycle that the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation opens, attached to the Segovia City Council, included in the MUSEG 2021 program, thanks to the financial support of the Diputación de Segovia, which has increased the contribution planned for 2021 to the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation by 36.500 euros

'MUSEG al natural' is the new proposal with which it is intended to fill Segovian symbolic enclaves with life, music and culture in which it is not usual for performances such as those scheduled for this summer to be held.

The La Pinilla ski resort will be the setting for the concert 'Tango al descending la luz' with the Garúa trio and the dancers Aida Badía and Mikel Lozano, on July 31. The performance will be at 20:00 p.m. and the lift on the chair lifts is scheduled from 19.00:XNUMX p.m. In the mountains, touching the clouds, from where you can see the horizon, two dancers who have been part of the National Dance Company, will dance to the rhythm of tango with the spectacular Garúa musical trio. It will be an embrace between music and dance, in the middle of nature, at sunset, with tango sounds as the light descends, in a production commissioned by the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation for that natural enclave.

On August 1, at the Monastery of Santa María de la Sierra in Collado Hermoso the public will have the opportunity to enjoy 'In the footsteps of Clara', quintets of Schumann and Bramhs, with Iván Martín on piano, Natalia Lomeiko and Sheila Gómez at violins, Yuri Zhislin on viola and Míkel Zunzundegui on cello. The appointment is also at 20.00. This program pays a well-deserved tribute to the figure of Clara Wieck, renowned composer and pianist, as well as inspiring musical promoter of two of the most emblematic works in the field of chamber music, the Schumann and Brahms quintets.

The following weekend, Friday, August 6, this time at 22.00 p.m., the flamenco art of bailaora Luisa Palicio will flood the El Henar Sanctuary in Cuéllar with magic. Accompanied by Jesús Rodríguez on guitar and the cante of Manuel Romero and Ana Gómez, the bailaora will star in 'Mía', a journey through flamenco styles with tangos, cante, tarantos or alegrías, with her particular style full of aesthetics and femininity, where no the shawl, the fan and the bata de cola are missing.

The winners of the 23 Santa Cecilia Children's Piano Prize-Hazen Prize will close the first edition of the 'MUSEG al natural' cycle with a concert at the Hermitage of the Hoces del Río Duratón, on Saturday 7th August. The brothers Cristina and Carlos Aracil Almarcha, first winners in their respective categories, will perform pieces by Schumann, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Beethoven or Mozart. For his part, Daniel Sánchez Pollo, awarded as Best Interpreter of Spanish Music, will focus his piano program on works by Schumann.

Access to this latest performance 'El sonar de las Hoces' is free. For the rest, it is necessary to purchase a prior ticket, 5 euros, on the web, by phone at 921 466 721, or in person at the Segovia Visitor Reception Center, at Tenerías in Cuéllar or at the Tourist Office of the Riaza City Council.


On the other hand, within the 921 Musical District cycle, registrations will open from today to participate in the "Cordial Green Symphony" activity, starring Tamanka Teatro. A tour of natural enclaves to enjoy theater, music and dance and discover elements of history related to the Communities of Villa and Tierra. The activity has four performances: "At the pace of 90 Castilian varas" on the beach of Eresma de Coca on August 15 at 20 hours; "Full Moon" in Santiuste de Pedraza, in the Plaza Mayor of the Chavida neighborhood, on August 20 at 22 pm; "Los Duendes del Berrocal" in the Parque de los Columpios de Ortigosa del Monte on August 29 at 20:4 p.m. and "Sinfonía Verde" at the main entrance of the Sanctuary of El Henar in Cuéllar, on September 20 at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.


Source: Diputación de Segovia

The Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Maite Sánchez Barahona, has released a preview of what will be the Cuellarano cultural summer. Music, theater, dance and cinema will fill the different spaces that in Cuéllar act as a stage and mix history, heritage and the cultural proposal. One of the most powerful initiatives is that of Noches del Mudéjar, which year after year brings together an audience eager to return to the three cultures that coexisted in Cuéllar in the most representative settings. The first session will take place on Thursday, July 15 in San Esteban with 'Jota Martínez', at 22.00 pm. It will be followed by the session on the 22nd with 'Umeya' in the Grammar Study, and the one on August 5 in San Andrés with 'Audi Filia'. The cycle will continue on Thursday, August 12 in San Martín 'Vox Instrumentalis', to conclude in the Parque de la Huerta del Duque on the 19th 'Abrojo Folk'; this last concert aims to recall what would have been the previous one to the Mudejar Fair in Cuéllar. The concerts of San Andrés and San Martín will be free.

Another of the most appealing proposals this summer is the now classic summer cinema in the Plaza de Toros. On Wednesday 21 and July 28, 'Omward' and 'Mighty Minds' will be screened respectively, at 22.00 pm. On the 4th, 'Daggers from the back' will be screened, to close this cycle with 'Flying together' on Wednesday, August 11.

Added to all this are the San Francisco evenings every Friday, which are already bringing the best of jazz, soul and R&B to this magical setting in the center of Cuéllar. This Friday, by the hand of Caja Rural, a concert is being held -outside this cycle- by 'Choro em tres'. It is free but a prior reservation is required.

Other proposals announced by councilor Sánchez include the performance of the Atlántida Chamber Orchestra on July 29, The Cives Band days before, the Nao de Amores theater on August 15 or the return of the Jotas Festival the day before. All the information will be available in a calendar that will be located in all the information points that are distributed along the streets of Cuéllar. The mayor said that this year there will not be a summer magazine either so that the public is the one who looks for culture and comes to know what has been organized at these information points.

Likewise, the councilor explained that they are still trying to instill prior reservation among the public; For this, in concerts such as the Mudejar Nights, the previous reservation of tickets has a reduction of three euros. Reservations can be made at Tenerías and at 691 33 93 11, and it is recommended to go in good time until the start of the show.


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

The Diputación de Segovia collaborates one more year with this initiative to bring quality culture to the Northeast region of the province

To the main natural enclaves of this attractive region such as the gorges of the Riaza and Duratón rivers, the Sierra de Ayllón, or the Acebal de Prádena in the Sierra Norte de Guadarrama, there is another no less striking, the "Multicultural Enclave"

An open space to discover new cultural diversity throughout the year on a territory that is alive, because it grows and develops naturally from the performing arts, music, literature or traditions themselves as a seed to cultivate the best local product "the human "

Third consecutive season for a project that works from the proximity and closeness with mayors, councilors, associations and educational centers. And that this significant summer has been consolidated from the "greatest responsible opportunity" in the face of the pandemic.

The idea moves by semesters based on four thematic blocks; "Spring of Music, Summer of Circus, Autumn of Theater and Winter of Magic". Seasonal references that embrace the central themes, but also have a place for narratives, stories, clowns, puppets or dance, with a focus always directed towards all audiences.

This effort in favor of equality regarding access to culture in rural areas is faithfully adapted to the needs and concerns of the territory, and is possible thanks and above all to the efforts of the participating municipalities, the European Leader funds managed by the Codinse Local Action Group, Diputación de Segovia and the work of other people involved, who tenaciously continue forward with incessant and growing thinking.

The closest thing to a "traveling regional festival" that will take place from July 3 to September 25, is started, marked by its strong identity and the artistic quality it offers as usual, on a wide theme dedicated to a determined summer to be splendid in the Northeast of Segovia.

A total of 10 locations, 20 shows and 2 educational activities. To which we must also highlight the presence of 15 companies from different origins, including Segovia. Acrobatic circus and juggling, traditional Castilian music, puppet theater, percussion, body music, magic, clown and a lot of humor to regain belonging, joy and life on our social and family environments.

Ready to start this appetizing cultural tour, we will go to Prádena, a traditional place of commerce and herding, to present two great jugglers who know how to combine their specialty with music and comedy very well. In the middle of the tour and from Seville, Los Hermanos Infoncundibles pure diabolical energy will pass like a lightning bolt on stage.

With more calm and downstream through the Riaza valley, we will be attracted to Cerezo de Abajo, Ayllón and Languilla by the enchantment of two violins and two voices, melodies from a Castilian repertoire of dulzaina and vocal that CastellanAs reconverts to take it to a more ground contemporary adopting a more experimental model, but maintaining at all times the heartbeat of the Castilian root. Further down we will discover Maderuelo, the small medieval fortress, which, unopposed, will fall before the folkloric wisdom of a very captivating Segovian, Jesús Parra.

Exploring places once traveled by El Cid, we will arrive at Fresno de Cantespino where we will find a very segovian rogue, La Pícara Locuela, always ready to surprise us with her coiled puppets hidden behind the "Faldón de la locura"

From ancient Roman sites, Castillejo de Mesleón. Here, Chimichurri, a peculiar circus company striving to caricature extremely skilled street characters, will roam your attention.

Looking over the extensive Segovian countryside we will see Grajera, a friendly and vibrant place, ideal to welcome Nenacaracol, a company descended from the well-known Mayúmana, percussionists who love rhythm and musical games through everyday objects and the most precious instrument, our body and voice. .

Between heaven and earth the Sierra de Ayllón, with its colorful red and black villages and where another like Riaza wants to shine among the natural thicket with "Emportats", a fantastic journey for the senses that will be offered by the renowned contemporary circus company La Trócola Circ on his tour from Alicante.

Undoubtedly, everything in this territory is magical, as will happen in Ribota at the hands of Gele Rodrigo, a musician and comedian magician, a "native species born in Segovia" very unique to observe, listen and dream.

Even repeating the traveling experience to the northeast of the province of Segovia is possible, because most of these places offer second and third opportunities to have no excuses and enjoy a good food for the soul, the culture that is born in the middle of nature.


Source: Diputación de Segovia


The week began with the presentation of one of the annual appointments of each summer by the emeritus professor Juan Carlos Llorente and the Councilor for Tourism, Maite Sánchez. 'With heritage, punctually', returns one more year and aims to bring the heritage of the town to the public with guided tours in which the most characteristic and least known elements and distinctive features do not go unnoticed.

In this edition and as explained in the presentation of this activity, the appointments will focus on the baroque. It will take place on Saturdays, July 17, 24 and 31, and on August 7 at 11.00 a.m., with a symbolic price of 2 euros. The first visit will be in San Andrés, the second in San Esteban, in the third visit the Chapel of La Magdalena and the Chapel of Orphan Girls, and the last will be in the parish church of San Miguel. The Councilor for Tourism explained that all the covid measures for these activities are still being maintained, and the capacity is reduced to 20 people, so it is recommended to book in advance at the Tourism Office; Reservations will have priority if the capacity is exceeded. The mayor publicly thanked the work of Juan Carlos Llorente, "disinterested and only for the love of his people, and what he transmits must be made known to the youngest so that they develop a greater awareness about heritage." Sánchez recalled unpleasant events such as graffiti, removal of materials and "regrettable" acts that speak "of the lack of perspective and value of his heritage." That is why he encourages young people to know their heritage in this way. Llorente affirmed that there are more and more those who are encouraged to these visits and come with foreign friends so that they know the heritage wealth of Cuéllar.

The history teacher announced that it will be the baroque that will focus the explanations of this edition in each place, but without forgetting the most representative of each place even if it is located in another movement. Llorente commented that this year he will speak of the presence of a baroque in the town that was not abundant or that is located in the proto-baroque of the seventeenth century. He anticipates that all the richness that the baroque brings will be visible in the main altars of San Andrés, San Esteban, La Magdalena, Orphan Girls, with very accentuated rococo aspects, and the main altar of San Miguel, "one of the most spectacular in Castile. and León ”. In addition to the main altars, other Baroque ones accompany each temple, where the most representative images will also be analyzed, as well as the paintings. "We will pay attention, as it cannot be otherwise, to elements of each place, such as the Christ of La Encian in San Andrés, the tombs of San Esteban," said Llorente.

The departure of the visits will be made at each point to visit each day, at the scheduled time. The use of a mask will be mandatory when dealing with group activities and all measures will be respected to safeguard the safety of the attendees and that they enjoy the experience every Saturday.


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

The town of Turégano schedules a flamenco-bullfighting weekend for July 16 and 17. The company Espectáculos Compás Taurino, in collaboration with the City Council, announces a concert by the Iliturgitan Inma Vílchez for Friday 16 (22.00pm). The renowned singer of Sevillanas and unapologetic defender of bullfighting comes to Turégano to review her works' De taurinas ways' (2015) or 'Cambio de Tercio' (2018), on a night in which the group 'Cambalache completes the performance '.

Flamenco and bullfighting weekend in Turégano with Inma Vílchez and a festival with a Segovian accent
The bullfighter from El Espinar Curro Muñoz. / AM
On Saturday 17, a bullfighting festival without picadors is prepared in a portable plaza with the presence of the rejoneadora Rocío Arrogante, the bullfighters Pedro Gutiérrez 'El Capea', Cristian Escribano and the young bullfighters without Segovian picadors Saúl Sanz, from Cantalejo, and Curro Muñoz by El Espinar. For the occasion, steers from the Valdespino cattle ranch, located between the municipalities of Tizneros and Torrecaballeros, are fought. The celebration begins at 19.00:XNUMX p.m.

At night there is another flamenco performance by the group 'A contratiempo' (23.00pm). Tickets for the entire program, both in season tickets and individually, can now be reserved and purchased at the Turégano Town Hall.

Friday July 16: concert by Inma Vílchez and the Cambalache group (22.00pm).
Saturday, July 17: bullfighting festival (19.00pm) and performance by the group 'A contratiempo' (23.00pm)


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

National Heritage organizes this summer the second edition of the cycle 'Jazz Palacio Real 2021', which will offer 37 concerts in seven open-air stages in five Royal Sites, between the months of July and September. The Royal Palace of La Granja is one of the settings chosen for this initiative, which will bring Pepe Rivero on August 7, and María Berasarte on August 8.

In order to offer safe access to culture, admission to these functions will be free until the limited capacity in each space is completed, which at the Real Sitio de La Granja has 230 spectators. Tickets must be purchased from the 'Concerts' section on the National Heritage website, with a management cost of one euro.

At the concert 'María Berasarte, French song and female fado', the Spanish singer will make an intimate tour through a repertoire composed of mythical songs by Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker and Amalia Rodrigues. And, under the direction of the pianist Pepe Rivero, the fourth performance will be 'Classics versus classical', a concert that mixes classical music and jazz, combining classical music and jazz, combining the music of authors such as Vivaldi or Beethoven with that of female composers. like Clara Shuman, Marianna Martines or Fanny Mendelssohn.

National Heritage has designed a specific program for this edition consisting of four concerts that will be a tribute to women in jazz and soul, French song, fado, North American singer-songwriters and classical music composers who in their day did not obtain the recognition due for his work.


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

The Diputación de Segovia is launching the astronomy workshop for young people from 14 to 30 years old again this summer, in which participants will be able to discover and learn the curiosities of the universe from some thirty municipalities in the province.

The initiative, which aims to promote young people's interest in the stars, planets and other phenomena in the sky, has an investment of 13.000 euros from the Department of Youth, which proposed it a few years ago, motivated by the fact that the The province of Segovia has one of the best skies in Spain -for its low light pollution and its high altitude-, which guarantees to enjoy impeccable visibility with the naked eye and also allows learning how to use the telescope.
As the deputy has assured, "the success of this initiative in previous years is indisputable", so the Area he directs has opted to maintain it, limiting its number of participants to a minimum of ten and a maximum of fourteen young people per workshop. However, if the situation improves, it is expected to reach figures such as those of 2017 or 2018, years in which participation was around thirty registered per day.
In any case, and given the high demand from city councils, priority has been given, both to those municipalities that had not hosted the activity in previous editions, and to those towns that have been the first to process the request. Thus, during the months of July, August and September, the activity will reach towns such as Riaguas de San Bartolomé, El Espinar, Casla, Villaverde de Íscar, Navafría or Castillejo de Mesleón, which, as the deputy has indicated, “have access to projects like this no matter how big or small they may be ”.
With this project, which will again be carried out by an external company, the provincial institution wants to invite young people to be part of a didactic leisure initiative, which will allow them to acquire knowledge of astronomy and at the same time enjoy the extraordinary sky they have. about your province.
Enrollment Brochure
Astronomy poster

The fourteenth edition of the NIGHTS OF THE REAL SITIO FESTIVAL of the KATARINA GURSKA Foundation in collaboration with the City Council of the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso and National Heritage, presents a program of 9 nights of free access concerts by professional concert performers and young national talents and international, having as a common denominator quality and musical excellence within an exquisite and selected program for summer nights at La Granja de San Ildefonso.

It is therefore an ambitious project of great cultural and artistic value that aims to achieve interpretive excellence by offering a varied program for all audiences.

Free entry with prior reservation for the current week, from Monday at 10:00 a.m. to Thursday at 14:00 p.m. at the Royal Site Tourist Office or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Limit 2 tickets per person. Use of a mandatory mask at all times.

More information click here!

The XXII edition of the Oral Narrators Festival will be held from July 5 to 11, adapting its format to the current situation and returns to the original location of the activity, to the patio of Andrés Laguna's house (Calle de la Judería Vieja, 12) " to recover the intimate and welcoming spirit of these performances ", highlighted from the City Council. Once again, great voices of oral narration for adults and children, and of poetry, will visit the city by the hand of the writer and narrator Ignacio Sanz, director of the initiative organized by the Department of Culture.

With the aim of extolling the value of the counted word, this special program will feature a cast of seven narrators, three poets and a singer. Throughout the week they will present themes of a diverse nature and will drink from improvisation, thus combining the experience of their literary references with the surprise factor.

The festival will be held under all the necessary health prevention measures against COVID-19, with reduced capacity and a safe distance.

All performances will begin at 22:00 pm. The price of the tickets is 5 euros and they have already been on sale at the Visitor Reception Center (CRV) since last Thursday. The program, with reviews of the organization that are reproduced below, is as follows:

Monday, July 5: Almudena Francés. Vivacious and overwhelming storyteller from Levante; its repertoire is made up of tales from the oral tradition.

Tuesday, July 6: Quico Cadaval. The great Spanish storyteller. Gallego, putative son of the great storyteller Don Álvaro Cunqueiro. Listening to him is a feast. Theater director, writer and lecturer. In his stories, in addition to an overflowing and flowery verbal apparatus, there is always an ethical desire that has made him the master of oral narration.

Wednesday, July 7: Maísa Marbán. Narrator of Leonese origin. He drinks from all the sources that come his way, both from tradition and from the literature of modern authors. She tells her own stories, some memorable.

Thursday, July 8: Sonsoles Novo and Álida Jiménez. Segovian narrator and singer. A repertoire of traditional stories seen through the eyes of modern authors such as Quin Monzó, Woody Allen or Darío Fo has been prepared for this occasion. Álida's songs, crossed, like the stories, by an ironic vein, drink from popular music.

Friday, July 9: Héctor Urién. Drink in the classical tradition, from the Greeks, Latinos or The Thousand and One Nights, to give it to us renewed with a conspiratorial look towards our days.

Saturday, July 10: Félix Albo. Here is an unstoppable verbal torrent, like the Ebro river in flood days. Surreal and imaginative, Félix Albo's stories create a provocative and hilarious atmosphere.

Sunday, July 11: Guti. The narrator from Zamora does not go on stage alone. He brings with him hundreds of old women whom he has interviewed in the kitchens of Aliste and Sanabria. An extract from those evening evenings in which stories are told to combat fears, is what Guti brings us to Segovia.

'POETRY COUNTS TOO'. With this edition the cycle of recitals 'Poetry also counts', suspended last year due to the pandemic, is also recovered. It will be held from July 8 to 10 in the courtyard of the Antonio Machado House-Museum (Calle Desamparados, 5). The performances will begin at 20:00 p.m. and tickets, which can be purchased at the Visitor Reception Center (Azoguejo), will cost 3 euros.

Thursday, July 8: María Sánchez. Young poet from Cordoba. Veterinarian and daughter of veterinarians. She develops her work in the field and as a result of her work experience, she writes to give a voice to so many women with a very rich life who have been silenced.    

Friday, July 9: Yolanda Izard. Poet and teacher. With his latest book of poems "Lumbre y ceniza" he won the Miguel Hernández 1919 prize, a tribute to his father crossed by emotion and heartbreak.

Saturday, July 10: Alfredo Gavín. A torrentudo poet and draftsman, close by nonconformist lineage to José Agustín Goytisolo, hurtful and acid, capable of transforming pain and discomfort into poetry.


Source: The Day of Segovia

One more year the Medieval Ayllón Market has been suspended due to the coronavirus health crisis.
For all these reasons, the Asociación Amigos del Medievo in Ayllón has decided to postpone the edition to next year.



After six long months and a half closed, we are back with our hotel in the countryside, a restaurant open to the public on weekends, just 1 hour and a quarter from Madrid on the N-1 and our wine tastings, with new dates.

Let's enjoy again! New dates!
Friday June 25
Friday July 9

At 21,30:XNUMX p.m. at the Molino de la Ferrería, Villacorta, Riaza, Segovia

TASTING Five wines with dinner pairing. Tables with separation and complying with sanitary regulations
Price: 38 euros per person tasting + dinner
Friday night accommodation: + 47 euros per person, accommodation and breakfast at the Molino de la Ferrería (double room)
Accommodation 2 nights Friday and Saturday: +80 euros per person, accommodation and breakfast at the Molino de la Ferreria, two nights (Double room)

VERY LIMITED PLACES we are waiting for you!
639216757 confirmation is requested


"Wounds. Mujeres de Federico García Lorca ”and“ La sombra del Tenorio ”protagonists this week in the IX Amateur Theater Contest that is being held in Sepúlveda.


          Yokauli Scene with “Wounds. Mujeres de Federico García Lorca ”and El Duende de Lerma with“ La sombra del Tenorio ”will be the companies in charge of filling the stage of the Breton Theater with life this weekend.


            This Friday the curtain of the Breton Theater of the town will open again to continue with the IX Amateur Theater Contest "Siete Llaves", in this case, with two companies whose shows and works have been highly valued and awarded throughout the entire Spanish geography.

            On Friday, June 11 at 21:00 p.m. at the Breton Theater in Sepúlveda, YOKAULI SCENE brings us "Wounds. Federico García Lorca's women ” de Federico García Lorca.

To understand Federico through the universe of his women: this is the objective of this montage. Create a scenic and poetic space based on an encounter between the poet and his five heroines. Elaborate a dramaturgy so that creatures and creatures coexist in the same creative habitat with a single limitation: each and every one of the words spoken is from Lorca. The conflicts of the characters are intertwined with poems, fragments of interviews and reflections that Lorca leaves throughout his dense work.

With this montage we get closer to some of its most relevant female characters and we do it from our own perspective, but also with the eyes of its author who revives his five "heroines": Bodas de Sangre's mother, Mariana Pineda, Yerma, Doña Rosita and Bernarda.

The play is structured in two acts. In the first, there are five paintings, one for each female character, in which their vital conflicts are presented. In the second, the five paintings reveal the outcome of his tragedy.

Five wounded women. Five women torn by the dagger of life, love and death. Five gasps. Silenced. Because "there are things locked behind the walls that cannot change because nobody hears them ... but if they suddenly came out and shouted, they would fill the world". And that underground cry, that irrepressible desire for freedom, life, love without limits, is what moves the five women, until they hit the wall of mediocre, petty and oppressive reality that surrounds them, or against their own inherited limitations generation after generation.



The origin of the term Youkali is found in an "instrumental habanera tango" composed by Kurt Weill and belonging to the stage music of "Maria Galante" novel by Jacques Deval adapted to the theater in 1934 and later to the cinema. Initially it was instrumental but in 1935 Roger Fernay added a lyrics that spoke of the unattainable longings symbolized by an island called Youkali.

They steal the title from this inspiring tango to name their project with the illusion of creating their own desert island and filling it with passions, desires, hope, pleasure, light, liberation and LOVE FOR THE THEATER. They want to give a happy ending to this tango and, moving away from utopia, make Youkali a reality, the land of dreams compliments, the island where lost and forgotten longings are realized, where there are no problems, routine, worry ... Where the heart takes you.

YOUKALI SCENE is the dream of theater lovers with the same need: TO ACT, to bring out all the characters that they carry inside, that have remained in them throughout their lives, that have lent them their emotions, that have made them mature… and DISCOVER everything that awaits us, that will leave its mark on us and for those of us who will live in Youkali.

"The theater is a school of tears and laughter" ... only a genius like Lorca could sum it up so poetically.

            On Saturday, June 12 at 21:00 p.m. THE ELF OF LERMA presents the work to us "The shadow of the Tenorio" de José Luis Alonso de Santos.

"The Shadow of TENORIO" It is one of the main titles in contemporary Spanish dramaturgy, produced by José Luis Alonso de Santos, one of the most distinguished Spanish creators.

Alonso de Santos, based on the "famous myth" of Tenorio, elaborates a tender and emotional story based on the vicissitudes of an old actor, one of those who have spent their lives touring towns in the interior of the country, he lives his last days in a poor hospital, where a nun who has taken a vow of silence assists him.

The character that this old actor has played throughout his life is none other than that of Ciutti, Don Juan Tenorio's assistant, and it is natural that at that difficult moment in his life, that role would return again and again to his memory, but he will explain again and again to the silent nun that all his life he really wanted to play the character of Juan Tenorio and that for the only and last time he is going to represent him for her.

This is how the current viewer is faced with a game with different levels of fiction, proposing to the public a theater game in the theater ... The texts of Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla speak, or what the old actor invents in his senile delirium, or the playwright Alonso de Santos speaks ...

This whole game is wrapped in a high level of humor and poetry and an exceptional acting job carried out by the first actor. Luis Orcajo "The goblin of Lerma", accompanied by the actress Round Consuelo.

The asociación The Duende of Lerma, was founded in the summer of 2010 and, although it is a recently created company, it was already born with 30 years of experience on stage, since the actors that make it up come entirely from the La Hormiga theater group. Luis Miguel Orcajo, main actor of The goblin of Lerma, debuted on stage in 1980. From that date to the present day, it has represented works by a wide range of authors and multiple characters and have received numerous awards in the different competitions that are held in our country.

In this way, the poster of the remaining weeks of the Contest is as follows:

  • Friday June 11: "Wounds. Women of Federico García Lorca ”YOUKALI SCENE (Author: Federico García Lorca)
  • Saturday June 12: "The shadow of the Tenorio" THE ELF FROM LERMA (Author: José Luis Alonso de Santos).
  • Friday June 18: "Pajamas for six" ICARO THEATER COMPANY (Author: Mario Camoletti).
  • Saturday July 3: Closing gala and awards ceremony.

            All performances will take place at the Breton Theater at 21:00 p.m. Advance ticket sale (€ 5) at the Town Hall and at the Sepúlveda Tourist Office. They can also be purchased at 921 540 425 or by mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Los Veranos del Pidal is reissued to hit the streets with the second edition of the cycle.
The cultural proposal that took the Gonzalo Menéndez Pidal facilities outdoors last summer, repeats the “al fresco” format in 2021.
At the Gonzalo Menéndez Pidal, this summer will be restrained in celebrations, they want to offer options for those who seek safe leisure and offer a different summer to their most loyal audience in the auditorium, all with an eye on culture through music, dance, magic, comedy and theater.

The first appointment will be on June 26, since one of the novelties of this edition is to slightly advance the cycle to take full advantage of the presumably better weather conditions. The comedian Joaquín Reyes will open with his touring show Festejen la joke, which will be followed on July 01 by another great of humor: Leo Harlem. The Leonese will visit us with his proposal entitled Let me tell you. In both cases, the evening is served with a guarantee of love and a unique atmosphere.

Live music will be the main axis of the entire cycle, with the concerts of Blas Cantó, on Saturday, July 17, Siempre Así, on Saturday, July 31, Sidecars, on Friday, August 13, and Marlon, on Saturday, August 21. , which will close the festival. Also in a musical key, you will be able to enjoy the Rock en Familia concert for all audiences, which will be on Sunday August 8 and will open the door so that the youngest of the house can also enjoy the best live music. Rounding out the musical proposal, on Saturday, July 10, the group Minha Lua will step on the patio tables, which will seduce the audience with its proposal entitled Fado-Tango, where they mix the best-known expression of Portuguese music with the popular dance of the region del Río de la Plata, masterfully interpreted by a group of the best of the genre in our country.

Still surfing musical waves, the brilliant interpreter Carmelo Gómez will bring to life the best texts of the great of poetry, drama and prose. The recital for piano and voice entitled A vueltas con Lorca will be on Saturday, July 24. The differential point will be found by lovers of illusionism and the general public at the Grand World Magic Gala that will take place on Saturday, July 3. Javier Botía, Héctor Sansegundo, Raúl Alegría, Javi Cruz, Anahí and the Duo Kynalion make up this luxury poster for our appointment with sleight of hand


Tickets are already available in the usual channels and you can find much more information on their website or on your usual social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.




The project "AQUÍ TEATRO", aims to bring the towns of Segovia, during the first months of each year, in which the cultural activity is less, theatrical performances by amateur theater groups that, located in the province of Segovia , have participated in any edition of the Provincial Theater Show and so request. This is intended to publicize the work that these groups carry out and encourage the admirable cultural and community work they carry out.

Source: Provincial Council of Segovia

ACTIVITY AGENDA for the next few days at the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso:


The VALSAÍN FOUNDATION for the promotion and defense of democratic values ​​organizes a new cycle Values ​​and Society, which this year will focus on our Constitution of 1978. The conferences will also take place on June 17, at the Royal Academy of History and Art of San Quirce, in Segovia, at 19,00:XNUMX p.m., followed by a discussion.



08.00h.- IV CLÁSICA DEL REAL SITIO, regularity rally for historic vehicles organized by the Club Deportivo Rally de Segovia and in collaboration with the City Council of the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso. Departure and arrival at the car park on the northwest façade of the Royal Glass Factory.

10.00h.- Within the program of guided routes and educational excursions through the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, "ARROYOS DEL MAR" route. Taking the wall of the Royal Palace gardens as a reference, the route ascends between the pine forest and the oak grove. We will cross the streams that descend from the Guadarrama summits and go towards the royal gardens, passing through lesser-known areas of the Valsaín Mountains.

Meeting point: La Granja Tourist Office - Plaza de los Dolores.

Length: 12 km.

Approximate duration: 4,5 hours

Difficulty: medium

More information: (It is essential to sign up on this website)

Valle de Valsaín-Boca del Asno visitor center: 921 12 00 13

Registration period: from 10:00 a.m. on Monday 07/06/2021 to 13:00 p.m. on Friday 11/06/2021. Participants must be provided with a mask and disinfectant gel as basic measures for the prevention of infections.

17.30pm.- MONUMENTAL FOUNTAIN OPERATION in the Jardines de La Granja.

Exclusive sale of tickets at:

Entrance price per person: € 4.00



11.00h.- Within the program of guided routes and educational excursions through the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, route «EL ALBOGUE DE LA SIERRA». Musical walk with an ancestral instrument used by the shepherds, which beats and will resonate again in the Guadarrama Forests.

Meeting point: CENEAM entrance gate

Length: 3 km.

Approximate duration: 3:00 hours

Difficulty: Easy

More information: (It is essential to sign up on this website)

Valle de Valsaín-Boca del Asno visitor center: 921 12 00 13

Registration period: from 10:00 a.m. on Monday 07/06/2021 to 13:00 p.m. on Friday 11/06/2021. Participants must be provided with a mask and disinfectant gel as basic measures for the prevention of infections.

17.30pm.- MONUMENTAL FOUNTAIN OPERATION in the Jardines de La Granja.

Exclusive sale of tickets at:

Entrance price per person: € 4.00

Since last May 30, the public will be able to enjoy the Monumental Fountains season through two main routes that will alternate week by week and that will allow the lighting of four fountains per day on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 17:30 p.m. XNUMX h.

§ First tour: Canastillo, Ranas, Baños de Diana and La Fama.

§ Second tour: Canastillo, Eight Streets, Frogs and La Fama

Source: Segoviaudaz

After several months attending only by appointment, the Aula Arqueológica de Aguilafuente reopens its doors at fixed opening hours: Saturdays from 11,00 to 14,00 and from 17,00 to 19,00 and Sundays from 11,00, 14,00 to 605 hours. In addition, outside these hours you can visit this space by making an appointment on the phone 842 481 XNUMX.

The Archaeological Classroom of Aguilafuente is an interpretation center in which the history and characteristics of the Roman villa and the Visigoth necropolis of Santa Lucía are presented, located to the south of the urban area of ​​said town. In it the visitor will be able to know first-hand the most interesting characteristics of a Roman villa along with the customs of its inhabitants. It is located in the church of San Juan, from the XNUMXth century, cataloged as a Site of Cultural Interest.

The visit to the Archaeological Classroom is fully guided by the staff in charge of this space, which is extremely attractive for the visitor, allowing them not only to enjoy the excellent collection of Roman mosaics extracted from the archaeological site and the church of San Juan, but also to discover new ones. data and curiosities of this place with so much historical value.

Aguilafuente's cultural offer is wide and enjoyable at all times of the year. In addition to the guided visits to the Archaeological Classroom, the visitor will also be able to see in a guided way the sculpture exhibition by Florentino Trapero where about 100 works by this Segovian artist are exhibited, mainly sketches and plaster molds of sculptures that are distributed throughout the Spanish geography. Guided visits to this exhibition will take place every Friday morning between 11 a.m. and 14 p.m. and for which it is also advisable to make an appointment in advance on the cultural spaces telephone.

With guided visits to both the Archaeological Hall and the sculpture exhibition by Florentino Trapero, Aguilafuente warms up for the summer season that will be marked by a new excavation campaign at the archaeological site of Santa Lucía, the celebration of the commemorative acts of the Synodal of Aguilafuente, the first book printed in Spain, and the launch of a multitude of activities that will try to spread the rich cultural heritage of this Segovian town.


Source: The Day of Segovia

The series 'Las veladas de San Francisco' returns to the town this summer, with a format in which jazz, blues, soul and rhythm and blues will be the protagonists during Friday nights in July and August. This was pointed out by the Councilor for Culture, Maite Sánchez, who pointed out that this format is being recovered after the good reception last year, but also as a commitment by the government team to San Francisco as an «axis of interest for this town, as a building and also as a cultural center ”, thus making reference to the future purchase of the adjoining spaces to turn the area into an auditorium.

The nave of the church will once again be filled with music by the hand of five groups "which I think will delight all those music lovers," explained Sánchez, noting that advancing the program is due to the intention of the team government to promote and accustom the population to online or advance sales, since there will always be a physical space to purchase tickets. "We understand that it is very important, especially at a time like this, to plan our leisure activities a little and we also want to get people used to it, but there will also be box office sales on the same day."

'Las Veladas de San Francisco', whose concerts will take place from 22:00 p.m., will begin on July 23 with the group Saxos del Averno, which emerged as a quartet of saxophones that accompanied the rock group Ginferno, among others and that gradually became a group that has established itself as an independent band, making their own music, with large doses of rhythm and blues with Latin and rock touches, a concert that «I think that many students of the School of Music They are going to love it.


On July 30, Roni Di Capo (Verónica Costilla) arrives, with her pin-up music and a soft punk that is added to soul. It will be followed on Friday, August 6 by "a hilarious group", that is, Hula Baby, a group that moves in styles such as frat-rock, rock & roll, surf and twist and that in their performances manage to transmit great energy and wanting to have fun, all with a careful appearance on stage, with the formation combined with a shirt, tie and frames of pasta glasses.

Koko Jean & The Tonics will fill San Francisco with the most classical soul music on August 13. The group, made up of four of the most critically acclaimed musicians on the Barcelona scene, proposes a concert that includes soul, rhythm, blues and Groove. Their recording debut was last year with a four-track album whose aim is to show some of the hits created by the group that have so far made fans dance and scream at their concerts.

Finally, "a little closer to pop-rock, but without losing perspective of the Las Veladas axis", The Kleejos Band arrives, which will close the cycle on August 20. It is a group that, throughout its scarce five years of existence, have presented their personal vision of rock and roll in multiple cities and important festivals, writing brilliant songs, full of southern flavor and authentic American sound. Its hallmarks are innovation from tradition, admiration for the great and immense respect for the public.

From the City Council, organizer of the initiative, it is recommended that you make an advance purchase of tickets, which on this occasion can be through subscriptions that include the five concerts or through individual tickets. The tickets will have a price of 30 euros and can be purchased online (only 20 will go on sale) and at the physical box office, where 40 can be purchased, figures set by the regulations.

Single tickets can be purchased in advance at the price of seven euros, while at the box office on the day of the concert they will cost ten euros. "What we want is to point out that it is much better to buy the ticket before and not leave everything for the end," said the councilor, pointing out that the physical sale will take place in Tenerías from July 1 from 17:30 p.m. to 21:30 p.m. hours from Wednesday to Sunday, while online, also from the same date, through the woutick platform.

Sánchez showed his hope that this year the cycle will be as successful as last, when the capacity was completed every night. He also recalled that on this occasion there is more possibility of entry, since the capacity restrictions are lower, which will allow 150 people access to the interior of the San Francisco warehouse. On this occasion you can choose seats in groups of up to three people.

"Many other proposals that we have in hand" will be added to this cycle, according to the head of the Culture area, who stressed that not only related to music, "there will be, of all genres and types", but also other performing arts initiatives such as theater or puppets.

Source: North of Castilla Segovia

With the humor of Joaquín Reyes, the second edition of 'Los veranos del Pidal' will start on Saturday, June 26. Another of the greats of comedy, Leo Harlem, will also arrive at the El Espinar theater on July 1. "Comedy takes one more step and gets dressed with collaborators, set designs and in this case it was a great occasion because the two artists present this format on tour", explained the director of Menéndez Pidal, José Luis Ramírez, during the presentation of The programing.

This will give much weight to the music with great bands of the national scene such as Sidecars (on August 13) and Marlon (on 21). Along with them, Siempre Así on July 31 and the Eurovision Song Contest Blas Cantó. "And even a proposal that is possibly the least known in the media, such as Niña Lúa with a wonderful show called 'Fado tango'", Ramírez has indicated.

The Grand World Magic Gala and Family Rock complete the line-up along with the show 'A vueltas con Lorca', by Carmelo Gómez. "It is our nod to the theater and it is very close to the music because it is a proposal for a recital with piano and voice and that takes the best fragments of a genius such as Federico García Lorca", the theater director highlighted.

Tickets will go on sale this weekend. The space has 530 locations, of which a greater or lesser percentage will be occupied depending on the evolution of the pandemic. For residents of the nuclei of San Rafael, Los Angeles and La Estación, a free bus will be provided to attend these proposals.


Source: The Day of Segovia

"La Indagación" and "El Lindo Don Diego" in the second week of the IX Amateur Theater Contest "Siete Llaves" of Sepúlveda

La Lengua Teatro with “La Indagación” and Teatro Arcón de Olid with “El Lindo Don Diego” will turn on the stage lights of the Teatro Bretón again this weekend
of week.
This Friday the curtain of the Breton Theater of the town will open again to continue with the IX Amateur Theater Contest "Seven Keys". Comedy and drama, intrigue and love will be the protagonists this weekend.
On Friday, June 4 at 21:00 p.m. at the Teatro Bretón de Sepúlveda, LA LENGUA TEATRO in Salamanca with “La Indagación”. 1963. A room in the Frankfurt city hall. The Auschwitz Trials begin. Europe has forgotten the Nazi holocaust, but now, for the first time since the end of the war, the extermination camp survivors will once again share the same space as their torturers, albeit this time on equal terms.
Or maybe not?
To achieve justice, those men and women must relive the greatest horror ever created by man, face to face, after twenty years of silence, although not all are willing to break it. Will everyone be prepared to accept what they were? On whose side are those who should judge this process? Will they really be able to face the truth or is it all a mockery to wash consciences? Who among the characters could have been us? Would we have been victims or executioners? What decisions would we have
taken? In these questions the theater is speaking to our faces.
La Lengua Teatro was established as a stable company in 2005 and performed Don Juan Tenorio. IN 2007, it premiered Certificate of Existence on texts by Mario Benedetti. Later, El hombre de en medio would arrive, based on stories by Karel Capek, Money, A love story in times of criris, an update of Aristophanes' Pluto, Miguel Mihura's Three Top Hats, Thomas Vinterberg's Celebration, and Romeo and Julieta by William Shakespeare, the last four premiered at the Liceo Theater in Salamanca.
Now La Lengua Teatro presents La Indagación, tackling epic documentary theater for the first time, sifted, yes, by the group's own scenic vision and being faithful to the stamp of social criticism that has characterized this company since its inception.

On Saturday, June 5 at 21:00 p.m. the public will be able to enjoy the funny comedy “El lindo Don Diego” by TEATRO ARCÓN DE OLID in Valladolid. El Lindo Don Diego is possibly one of the funniest comedies of the Golden Age. Moreto perfectly portrays the type of counterpart of the leading man, what has been called the “figurine”. Extravagant, smart to the ridiculous and absolutely self-conscious, Don Diego lives in a world that he created
without interacting with others and without wanting to become aware of reality.


Don Diego lives in Burgos, as does his cousin Don Mendo. The two are called to Madrid by Don Tello, their uncle, to marry their daughters: with Inés, Don Diego. With Leonor, Don Mendo. Agnes, horrified by this marriage and in love with don Juan, tries to dissuade the clumsy suitor. Don Diego, devoid of feelings and convinced in his blindness that she (like all women) is mad with love for him, magnanimously resolves to give his cousin his hand, from whom he expects a good dowry.
The house servants, Mosquito and Beatriz, together with don Juan, contrive a brilliant deception to make him desist from his purpose. Thus, Beatriz disguises herself as a countess, and succeeds in making Don Diego fall in love with her and promises her marriage, with which he hopes to "be fond of" and not to "get rid of himself." Thus imprisoned by his selfishness and his lack of awareness of reality, Don Diego realizes that he has been the object of a terrible deception ...
The TEATRO ARCÓN DE OLID company was born in Valladolid in the spring of 1996 and is made up of 18 people, including actors and technicians who in most cases come from different theatrical groups or from environments related to the Theater. The quality of his work is endorsed by dozens of awards and mentions obtained over the years in the most prestigious Theater Competitions in Spain with all the works he has presented so far.

In this way, the poster of these three remaining weeks of the Contest remains from the
as follows:
 Friday June 4: "The Inquiry" LA LENGUA THEATER (Author: Peter Weiss).
 Saturday June 5: “El Lindo Don Diego” ARCÓN DE OLID THEATER (Author: Agustín Moreno. Version: Juan Casado).
 Friday June 11: “Wounds. Women of Federico García Lorca ”YOUKALI SCENE (Author: Federico García Lorca)
 Saturday June 12: “The shadow of the Tenorio” THE ELF FROM LERMA (Author: José Luis Alonso de Santos).
 Friday June 18: "Pajamas for six" THEATER COMPANY ÍCARO (Author: Mario Camoletti).
 Saturday July 3: Closing Gala and Awards Ceremony.

All performances will take place at the Breton Theater at 21:00 p.m.
Advance ticket sale (€ 5) at the Town Hall and at the Office of
Tourism of Sepúlveda. They can also be purchased at 921 540 425 or by mail
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The theatrical version of 'Perfect strangers', a Spanish translation of the Italian play 'Perfetti sconosciuti', by Paolo Genovese, adapted by David Serrano and Daniel Guzmán, and directed by the latter, ends its tour next Saturday, June 12, at 20.30 pm, at the Menéndez Pidal Auditorium Theater in El Espinar. The play, an original and surprising comedy, stars Inge Martín, Álex Barahona, Olivia Molina, Juan Carlos Vellido, Elena Ballesteros, Bart Santana and Ismael Fritschi.

“When I was asked to direct Perfect Strangers in Theater, I asked what was the dramatic premise from which the story started and I was interested. I read the original text of the Italian author and I was attracted by the friendship story of a group of lifelong friends, the depth of the characters, the crazy situations, the many twists and the reflection that the author suggests on the use of mobile phones and the control it exerts over our lives. The plot line through which this work passes and the closeness of the story make this comedy a journey full of surprises with large doses of humor, but it also contains great humanity and depth in each of its characters ”, explains director Daniel Guzman.

'Perfect strangers' talks about how hyper-connected everyone is today and the lack of communication that really exists between people, among those who are closest or most important, as a partner or best friends.


“Beyond the narrative content and the sense of humor, this work questions behaviors and invites reflection: Should we share all our secrets? How far does the limit of our privacy go? Do new technologies help us or do they control our lives? ”Adds Guzmán. To achieve this, he has had the complicity of David Serrano with whom he has adapted the text. Serrano and Guzmán have previously worked on the play 'Dos Más Dos', also produced by Pentación.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

With eight months to go until its celebration, we already have the official dates for the International Winter Motorcycling Rally 'The Legend Continues 2022', for which we have now put all our organizational machinery into operation.
It will be held from January 6 to 9, 2022, specifically in the Segovian town of Cantalejo, Spain. The population of Cantalejo will be the same nest that in recent years has received thousands of motorcyclists from all corners of Spain, Europe and even other continents.
The cold Castilian, the traditional campfires in the lush pine forest, various activities that fill a complete weekend, such as stund, routes to the friendly towns of Turégano, Sacramenia, Carrascal del Rio, tastings, Castilian dinner, breakfasts, conferences and presentations, musical performances ... etc., are the preparations that we will be starting from these dates. And 'all this within a pleasant environment in which it is as a rule, friendship and coexistence of the motorists who accompany us during the days that the Concentration lasts.
All this will continue to be reported through the club's social networks.

With eight months to go until its celebration, we already have the official dates for the International Winter Motorcycling Rally 'The Legend Continues 2022', for which we have now put all our organizational machinery into operation.
It will be held from January 6 to 9, 2022, specifically in the Segovian town of Cantalejo, Spain. The population of Cantalejo will be the same nest that in recent years has received thousands of motorcyclists from all corners of Spain, Europe and even other continents.
The cold Castilian, the traditional campfires in the lush pine forest, various activities that fill a complete weekend, such as stund, routes to the friendly towns of Turégano, Sacramenia, Carrascal del Rio, tastings, Castilian dinner, breakfasts, conferences and presentations, musical performances ... etc., are the preparations that we will be starting from these dates. And 'all this within a pleasant environment in which it is as a rule, friendship and coexistence of the motorists who accompany us during the days that the Concentration lasts.
All this will continue to be reported through the club's social networks.




On Saturday May 29 at the Municipal Auditorium Theater of El Espinar at 19:00 p.m.
Tickets are on sale from this Saturday, May 22
For further information   
Gonzalo Menéndez Pidal
C / Ramón y Cajal, 20 - 40.400 - El Espinar (Segovia) 
Phone 921 18 13 42 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Literature and poetry are once again protagonists in 2021 in the Segovian town of Brieva, whose mayor, Pilar Martín, who is also one of the librarians of the Bibliobuses, went this week to the Provincial Palace to sign with the president of the Diputación, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, the agreement through which the provincial institution will once again financially support the celebration of the 'PanDuro' poetry festival.

With a contribution of 6.000 euros, the Provincial Council will contribute one more summer to the development of this meeting, which has taken place in the Segovian town since 2017 and which combines the rural environment and verses to create an innovative experience, in which both local artists participate like others from different parts of Spain. As the mayor transferred to the president of the provincial institution, after a year in which the festival could not be held due to the pandemic, but in which the subsidy was used for the acquisition of material for future editions, in This 2021 the event, which will foreseeably take place on the weekend of August 21 and 22, aims to be special and different in many ways compared to previous editions.


It will also be a good occasion to show off the designation of Brieva as one of the 'Literary Villages of Castilla y León'. This initiative, launched by the Instituto Castellano y Leónes de la Lengua together with the Provincial Councils of the Autonomous Community, and for which the people of Langa from Avila, Caleruenga from Burgos, Lois from León and Montaña de Riaño, Paredes de Nava from Palencia, Alba de Tormes from Salamanca and Salduero from Soria, intends to contribute to the cultural revitalization of rural communities in the Community through workshops, meetings with authors, literary routes, open-air screenings or exhibitions. and it will take place during the summer months with the collaboration of the Castilla y León Booksellers Guild.

During the signing of the renewal of the 'PanDuro' agreement, Pilar Martín expressed to the president her enthusiasm for this new proposal, framed in the program of the International Festival of Literature in Spanish of the Junta de Castilla y León, and thanked the institution provincial who has thought of his municipality as a good showcase for the first call of the project.

Source: Diputación de Segovia 

The doors of the Breton Theater of Sepúlveda will reopen on Friday, May 28 to celebrate the IX Amateur Theater Competition "Seven Keys" of Sepúlveda. From May 28 to July 3, which will take place the closing gala of the contest, the Sepulvedanos, visitors, residents of the towns of the province already assiduous to this contest and the general public, will be able to enjoy seven characterized works for its quality and diversity. Seven comedies and dramas, where the classic will alternate with the modern and the young talent with the mature.

The Sepúlveda City Council convened in December 2019 the IX “Siete Llaves” Amateur Theater Contest of Sepúlveda. However, circumstances prevented its celebration in 2020, so those selected last year will be the participants in the IX Contest that will finally be held this year, as is customary, in May and June.


Seven companies arriving from Toledo, Valladolid, Burgos, Madrid and Salamanca will be in charge of filling the stage of the Breton Theater with life in 2021 (all performances will take place at 21:00 p.m.):

Paraskenia Theater with “La Viña” by Roberto Jifer, from Talavera de la Reina (Toledo).
Enterarte Teatro de Boecillo (Valladolid) with “Little Miss Sunshine” by Michael Arndt, versioned by Xiqui Rodríguez.
La Lengua Teatro de Salamanca with “La Indagación” by Peter Weiss.
Arcón de Olid Theater from Valladolid with “El lindo Don Diego” by Agustín Moreto, version by Juan Casado.
Youkali Scene with “Wounds. Federico García Lorca's Women ”by Federico García Lorca, from Torrelodones (Madrid).
El Duende from Lerma de Lerma (Burgos) with “La sombra del tenorio” by José Luis Alonso de Santos.
The Icaro de Geatafe Theater Company (Madrid) with “Pajama for six” by Mario Camoletti.
The Sepúlveda City Council wants to greatly thank all the companies that sent their works to participate in this IX “Siete Llaves” Amateur Theater Contest of Sepúlveda. The commitment to theater and the performing arts continues to be one of the cultural objectives of the town and its inhabitants.

Informative note: limited capacity, safety distance, mandatory use of a mask.

Entry: 5 €

Subscription for the 7 functions: 25 €

Advance sale of season tickets and tickets from May 12 at the Sepúlveda Town Hall and at the Tourist Office. At the box office one hour before each performance. More information in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on the 921 540 425 phone.

Source: Segoviaudaz



Brochure and information: HERE


Saturday, May 15, 2021 / 19:00 p.m. at the Auditorium Theater of El Espinar

From the Iberian Dance Company.

Show that recreates the feminine universe of Picasso. The incomparable artist who transcended in the art world as the greatest cubist exponent.

"PICASSO EN DANZA" is a tribute to the women who shared their lives with the genius, with the passion that characterizes romances in the art world. A journey through movement and sound space, which takes the viewer towards a perception beyond a specific time, where root melodies and steps coexist with musical forms and current steps, fitting a common and precise story in a harmonious way linking it to the ancestral and symbolic.


Five and a half years have passed since Concha Velasco was Olivia on the stage of the Juan Bravo de la Diputación Theater with a work that, combining pain, tenderness and a good sense of humor in front of both, moved a Segovian public that in this 2021 of pandemic and theaters at a third of capacity, has not hesitated to sell out the tickets of 'Maria's room' in the blink of an eye.

And it is that there was a lot of desire to receive in Segovia the tireless actress, who at 81 years old will put herself tomorrow, Saturday, May 8, starting at 19:30 p.m., in the shoes of a famous writer, Isabel Chacón, who On the day of her eightieth birthday, she turns 43 in confinement at her home. In a text written by her own son, Manuel Martínez Velasco, and directed by José Carlos Plaza, Concha Velasco is forced to decide whether to see her character's agoraphobia turned to ashes, after the flames take over the Madrid skyscraper in whose fortieth seventh floor inhabits, or if, on the contrary, observe how your life burns and is consumed in a matter of minutes.


Aware that not even the awarding of the prestigious Planeta Award has recently managed to get her out of her apartment, where any food, clothing or medicine that she needs arrives at any time of the day, the protagonist of 'María's room' will talk, showing off a good sense of humor, with the fears, ghosts and traumas that have led her to be entrenched in her fortress for nearly half a century, before making a life or death decision.

Once again, and after postponements and rescheduling that seemed to be determined to make the return of Concha Velasco to Segovia impossible, the audience of the Juan Bravo Theater will have the opportunity to attend the intelligent monologue of one of the most beloved and outstanding actresses of the Spanish scene. of the last half century, which, if he has shown anything in his sixty-seven years as a performer, it is a deep love and absolute dedication for his profession.

From the hand of Pentación, who last week brought the play 'Los mojigatos' to the stage of Juan Bravo and who has already put other veteran and admired actresses such as Lola Herrera on the Segovian stage, Concha Velasco will try to make the public reflect on those wounds that accumulate throughout a lifetime and fail to close and on how, those wounds without a scar are imprisoning feelings that are difficult to release as time accumulates.

Source: Diputación de Segovia

In recent years, improvised theater pieces have emerged with force in theaters of the country, becoming a kind of genre that increasingly moves more followers and that tomorrow, Friday, May 7, starting at 19:30 p.m. , will water the Juan Bravo Theater of the Provincial Council of impulsive reflections and briefly considered responses. It will do so at the hands of Impromadrid, a leading company in improvisation, both nationally and internationally, which in Segovia will offer the public the unique opportunity to get into several of its gardens.

And it is that 'Gardens (Brief interviews in unexpected gardens)', is a montage that starts from the questions that the five main characters ask various viewers about love, time, fear, the present and memories. Questions that can be about the vicissitudes of chance when sitting in a means of public transport or dealing with the difficulty of not picking up the mobile phone and asking Google when any symptoms or suspicious body pain appear. How much time is given to people who don't matter the least? Should the theater reflect or just entertain ?; any question can be apt to enter the scene.

Based on the audience's responses, the interpreters will imagine and recreate possible scenes that will always end up stirring like vines, with the aim of getting to know more about the gardens that people are usually capable of stepping on in any situation. In this way, in the end it will be the audience itself who ends up wondering what constitutes part of the performance and what is the result of improvisation, what has been rehearsed in a container and content and what has been worked solely in its form.

Of which there will be no doubt, is that the sense of humor will accompany all the questions towards a more fun place, towards a less gloomy garden than the one that, at first, seems to inhabit the stage.

The show, for which there are still tickets at the price of 12 euros or 10 euros for young people up to 30 years old, is directed by Ignacio López, co-director of Impromadrid Teatro, a group that he founded together with Nacho Soriano at the beginning of this century, when improvisation was hardly known in Spain. Since then, the company, creator and producer of the Madrid International Theater Improvisation Festival, the only one in our country and one of the most important in the world, has worked on these techniques, launching more than fifteen productions and consolidating itself as one of the most stable and risky in this discipline.

image gallery

Diputación de Segovia

On August 8, 2021, the Holy door of the Sanctuary of El Henar will open, at the beginning of the Henarense Jubilee Year. The cloister today hosted the presentation of the logo, the poster, and a promotional video of this commemoration when 400 years have passed since the Virgin of the Henar Festival was awarded. An event that will take place on August 9, but the Jubilee will start the day before. The Bishop of Segovia, Mons. César Franco, has commented on the main line of the pastoral letter that he has written on the occasion of the celebration of this very special year. The prelate defines in his text Marian devotion in this sanctuary as "a hallmark of the Diocese and a privileged place of Marian piety in Castilla y León". For this reason, he recalled that all the events convened, religious and cultural, have the purpose of "transmitting to society that faith and life are related in perfect harmony and contribute to making joy full." Finally, he has to make a pilgrimage to El Henar with "faith and detachment from everything that prevents walking lightly", hoping that this Jubilee Year "will turn this much loved region into a focus of pilgrimage and that we know how to convey the joy that the pilgrim Church of hand of Christ ».

The rector of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of El Henar, Carlos Miguel García Nieto, has been in charge of reeling off the meaning of the motto chosen for this Jubilee Year: 'My Mother and my brothers'. The rector began by alluding to the words of Jesus Christ when asked who his mother and brothers are: "those who listen to the Word, fulfill it and live it," he said. For this reason, he wanted to emphasize that from El Henar "we want all who come to find here a community of brothers" in which to reaffirm joy, faith and mercy.

For her part, Sonia Martín Quijada, designer of the identifying logo for this event, commented on its symbolism. With the image in the memory of the tile of the Virgin, Martín has revealed that his objective is to bring this Marian image closer to those who know it, and to those who do not. A representation where "nothing is accidental" with three essential points: the mother, the child and the miracle.

All roads take you to El Henar from August 8
With the crown, a replica of the original, he wanted to represent that the Virgin is queen of the people and Mother of God. An image with a red cloak, the same color as the one that the Virgen del Henar carries in the procession of her big day, although different from the red incarnate of the Child's cloak, a replica of the color of the Romanesque carving. The logo also represents the miracle that is attributed to this Marian invocation: it says that it appeared to a shepherd who was told to unearth it from the place where it was, from which miraculous water flowed. Today that place is the 'source of the candle', represented in the logo by three drops of water, leaving "each one of us to be the shepherd, who see the Virgin and recognize in her the mother, the child and the miracle".

For its part, Belén Escudero de Benito, from the 'Virgen del Henar' Association, has unveiled the details of a commemorative handkerchief of this Jubilee Year, available for sale in the sanctuary shop and which is Immaculate blue in which the celebration logo is embroidered. Likewise, he has assured that they are working on a sweet for this Jubilee Year that can later be established as a typical sweet of the sanctuary.



From the month of August of this year, and until September 2022, there are already planned a series of acts that seek, essentially, to promote Marian devotion in this iconic sanctuary of the Diocese. The great celebrations will be the opening of the Jubilee on August 8 and the Feast of Hay on September 19, both in 2021. To these two must be added the 50th anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of the Virgin on June 25, 2022, year in which there will also be a youth jubilee with a vigil and concert - on July 16 - and the Henar festival, with the closing of the Jubilee Year on September 18.

Conferences on different topics —history, folklore, art, ecology, Lent, traditional clothing—, exhibitions, concerts and events such as an exhibition of the Civil Guard and the Royal Guard or the youth pilgrimage from the entire Community complete a poster of activities with the that attract faithful and devotees from all over the Spanish geography.


The Henarense Jubilee Year was granted by the Holy See on October 23, 2020 in response to the request made by the Bishop of Segovia. This Jubilee Year arises as a response to the commemoration of the IV Centenary of the pontifical concession of the feast of Our Lady of El Henar —by virtue of the brief pontifical of August 9, 1621 of Gregory XV—. A celebration to which is added the commemoration of the L Anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of the image of the Virgin, which took place on June 25, 1972.

The celebration of this jubilee is an occasion for interior renewal, as well as making a positive difference in the area, generating spaces for meeting, investment and wealth. Likewise, it can serve as an incentive for an emptied Castile that finds on its way to Cuéllar and El Henar a way of reclaiming to promote its different localities.

Source: The Day of Segovia

Despite the fact that for the second consecutive year the town of Coca will not be able to celebrate the Festivities in Honor of the Santa Cruz de Mayo with traditional events, for this year the City Council has organized activities for all ages.

As they have recently announced on their Facebook page and on the Consistory website, next Saturday, May 1, a local paddle tennis tournament will take place with male and female categories, on the paddle tennis courts (attached to the municipal sports center). Only residents of the town can register for this championship.



There will also be a performance of 'El Gran Rufus' with his play 'Al fin y al cabo' at 11.30 am in the Plaza Mayor. In that same location, around 19.30 pm, the musical group 'En Clave de Mi' will delight those present with 'Never forget Segovia. Comuneros V centenario '.

The Municipal Band of Music of Coca will be the protagonist of the activities for Sunday, May 2. In the morning, at 10.30 am, they will play the targets in the streets of the town. Around 19.30 pm, a concert is planned that the centennial group will offer, complying with all security measures.

On Monday, May 3, Pastor Slawomir Antoni Harasimowicz will offer a solemn Mass in honor of the Holy Cross. To close the festival schedule, at 17.00:XNUMX p.m., a thong championship for local fans will be held on the Paseo de las Olmas.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

The month of April ends in Cuéllar with the possibility of enjoying various exhibitions and the start of the Scenic Circuits programming, an initiative that includes the town for the first time and that will bring different shows to the municipality until next month of November.

The first of them is 'La Silla', by the Fresas con Nata company, which will take place next Friday at 19:30 p.m. in the Alfonsa de la Torre room and in which dance will be the protagonist. It is a show that simulates what the game of chairs would be like in real life. Inspired by the movie 'The Experiment', it speaks, through dance, of individuals, personalities and how everything can change in a time of need.

The day before, on Thursday April 29, the exhibition 'Universo Kanando' opens, something more than a tribute to the artist from Cuellarano, since it aims to be a direct entry into his way of being and feeling. The exhibition can be enjoyed in the Tenerías room until May 30, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 17:30 p.m. to 20:00 p.m.

The exhibition has a very special component, since it is an exhibition-auction whose proceeds will go entirely to Kelele Africa, a Non-Governmental Organization that for a dozen years has cooperated in two small Ugandan towns, Kasencia and Kynio, where it is located. starting a small primary school, a sewing workshop, and recently an initiative to help pregnant women give birth with medical care.

Thus, the exhibition not only includes works by Kanando, but also by his friends and many Cuellaran artists, with their own work. The works to be auctioned can be seen on the social networks of the City Council, from which you can bid. The proceeds will go to Kelele Africa.

Also during the month of May, you can enjoy 'Art on the balconies', the traveling exhibition that will rotate every two weeks, until June 17, through the neighborhoods of El Salvador, San Andrés and San Gil. The collection located in the Town Hall, a sample of works made with stoppers and which is included in the initiative, will be able to be seen in a stable way in the courtyard of the Town Hall until the end of the cycle.


Theater and music
After the start of the Scenic Circuits program, this April 30, the activity will continue every weekend in the Alfonsa de la Torre cultural hall with different proposals focused on theater and music. The next one will be on Saturday, May 8 at 19:00 p.m., by the company Tresbolillo, which presents 'The great search', an original idea aimed at children and young people under the backbone of videomapping technology and the active participation of the public, whose plot will focus on the strange disappearance of one of the greatest galactic scientists of today, with which the adventure of an incredible intergalactic journey begins.

Another original proposal arrives on Saturday 15 at 19:00 p.m. at the Alfonsa de la Torre room, this time from the Mundo Costrini company, which presents 'The Crazy Mozarts', a classical music concert performed with unusual instruments by hand of two crazy eccentrics. It is an authentic show, full of humor and circus, in which nothing is what it seems. Inspired by silent movies and cartoons, the audience will be an accomplice of a symphony of gags, absurd situations and high-level circus numbers, with which laughter and amazement are assured thanks to the two clowns who will do the impossible for survive the musical chaos.

On Sunday, May 23, at 19:00 p.m. in the Alfonsa room, the Luz de Gas Teatro company tackles the production of 'Voces' by Mayra Fernández as the first stage challenge. It is a show included in the program of the Days against Prostitution that brings up a dramatic text in which the issue of gender violence is put on the table, a social scourge that is still very present in society.

The program closes on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 with a double program by the Cuellarano theater group Tempus Gaudii, which will represent 'The Princess Doña Gauda', by León Felipe, and 'The Fable of the Best Kept Secret', by Alejandro Casona. All proceeds from both shows will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, through the Cuéllar assembly.

Reservations for hall shows can be booked directly at Alfonsa de la Torre, from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:30 to 14:00 and Tuesday to Saturday from 17:30 to 20:30 or Sunday afternoons and holidays, only in the event of a show, one hour before the start. They can also be done by calling 691 33 93 11 at the same time, or in Tanneries from Wednesday to Sunday from 17:30 p.m. to 20:00 p.m.

Source: North of Castilla Segovia

A boastful corsair, a student from the piracy school and a clueless cabin boy enlist in a galleon, in order to cross the 7 seas and reach the island where a magnificent treasure is hidden; However, there is something that they do not know, they will have to face the greatest danger they ever imagined: the pollution of the seas.

The adventures of our pirates take place in different environments: the port tavern, the port, the pirate galleon, the island, the cursed keep ... During their hectic journey the characters will discover that something is wrong in the seas, and they will find the clues to help them understand what is happening.

Chases, robberies, fights, parrots, rats, storms, shipwrecks, treasure hunts, fears, emotions, maps, pirates, corsairs, strange characters, haunted towers, traps, braggarts, mysterious birds, huge snakes, giant fish, seas of garbage , "FOR ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND HUNDRED WHALES!"


From tomorrow, Friday, April 9, and until next September 26, the Esteban Vicente Contemporary Art Museum offers its visitors the possibility of immersing themselves in the artistic universe of Gonzalo Borondo and in his vision of the inheritance acquired, both in terms of material as well as the immaterial, due to the land occupied by the current museum space, which was previously a palace, a house for nobles and even a 'hospital for the elderly'.

'Hereditas', which is the name of the new exhibition that Esteban Vicente houses, is a combination of modern art and transformation of the past that, as Miguel Ángel de Vicente, president of the The Provincial Council and the Museum Consortium, alluding to the definition of 'inheritance', has succeeded in making Borondo "cultivate the Museum space in a way that has never been seen before, both for the land and for the artist himself." And it is that, 'Hereditas', which takes the witness of 'La Montaña plana' by José María Yagüe in the 'Semillero de arte' - dedicated to the incipient talent of the province and sponsored and promoted by the Provincial Council since last year - is , as argued by its curator, José María Parreño, "a complex intervention in the Museum space whose purpose is to question the past from the presuppositions of the present and, specifically, to value the nature of the Museum as a place in which to preserve our Heritage for generations to come and show the wonderful ability of art to bring back to life objects that lost their original function. "

For his part, the artist explains the exhibition as "a kind of reconciliation of the place with the past"; a concept that started from the idea "of understanding, as in other works, the History of the place, its function, everything that encompasses the space and derives from the idea of ​​reflecting on Heritage, heritage and the past; and that past understood as the facts and events that make up a city that ends up being what it is against what it could not be ".

Through very different languages ​​and supports such as installations, painting, projections, animations, optical illusions, sound effects or making use of digital technology, Borondo, which for 'Hereditas' has not lost the opportunity to recover pieces from the past such as sculptures, columns, pieces of plasterwork or niches that are sometimes shown as they were conceived and on other occasions recreated in a contemporary key, pay homage to the natural heritage at the same time. Dividing the sample into the chapters Herba, Petra, Carnis and Eter, the artist alludes with his work to the vegetable kingdom, the mineral, the animal and the realm of the immaterial respectively; something that for Miguel Ángel de Vicente "brings out his creativity and his art in the middle of the nature of the Museum, in the same way that he manages to make nature sprout in the middle of his work and his original proposal, transforming the space into an unexpected place. for those who know him well and are faithful to the exhibitions that Esteban Vicente usually hosts ".

Nor is a museum a natural habitat for Borondo, who opens with 'Hereditas' in one and to whom both the Museum's director, Ana Doldán, and Miguel Ángel de Vicente appreciated having shown themselves "willing to experiment, interact and dialogue with this place , leaving your inspiration locked in a museum for the first time ". "I hope you have felt that at all times he was in full freedom", continued the president of the Provincial Council before ending by inviting the Segovians to come to Esteban Vicente "willing to experiment, to interact, to dialogue ... not only with the walls of the Museum, but with all its surroundings and its atmosphere ".

'Hereditas' will propose, until next September 26, an immersive and free trip to those who visit it from Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. and from 16:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m. until June 30 and from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00 from July 1 to September 26; from 11:00 to 20:00 on Saturdays; and from 11:00 to 15:00 on Sundays and holidays.


Source: Diputación de Segovia

The Juan Bravo de la Diputación Theater begins this afternoon, starting at 19:30 p.m., a new programming calendar with music as the main protagonist, which will have The Cuban Jazz Syndicate as the first guests on its stage. The band led by drummer Michael Olivera will inaugurate, in turn, a new edition of the international cycle 'The best jazz, blues, rock and soul', which will offer the Segovian public three consecutive evenings of melodies that, with the performances of Mike Sánchez & his Doopin 'Five tomorrow Friday 9th and Red House on Saturday 10th, they will go from Cuban son to elegant and powerful blues.

To begin with, the Cuban union formed by Michael Olivera himself, Pepe Rivero, Miryam Latrece, Carlitos Sarduy, Ariel Brínguez and Yarel Hernández, will bring the most festive version of jazz from the Caribbean to Segovia; one in which saxophones, trumpets and pianos play with the rhythms proposed by the drums. The concert will serve the group to present their new album, 'And there came the light', and the Cuban drummer already warned the audience of Juan Bravo last week on his social networks that "if they want to enjoy, if they want joy, if they want enjoy "you cannot miss the Theater this afternoon.

Nor does it seem that tomorrow's concert at the same time, with Mike Sánchez at the head, will be lacking energy. The British musician with Spanish roots has been bringing swing, boogie-woogie and r & b to stages around the world for more than three decades, where he has come to accompany musicians such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Little Willie Littelfield. With a combination of explosiveness, elegance and creativity, the founder of the mythical Big Town Playboys of the eighties, will propose to the Segovian public a show in which he will try to evoke the sound of the most classic rythm and blues, accompanied on the boards of Enric Peidro on tenor sax, by Père Peiró on guitar, Andrés Lizón on double bass and Simone Zaniol on drums.

Finally, to complete this musical beginning of the quarter, on Saturday 10, also starting at 19:30 p.m., it will be the turn to go to the stage of the Juan Bravo to Red House, a group that has its origin in the dissolution of the Flying Gallardos, and that, with Jeff Spinoza and Francisco Simón in the leadership of the band, present an elegant blues that features Manuel Bagües on bass and Carlos Sánchez on drums. Tours and collaborations with The Vargas Blues Band, Blues Brothers, Duncan Dhu, Antonio Flores and Tom Jones endorse this group of musicians, who have a powerful live show, recognized among the historical figures of the Madrid blues scene.

Tickets for each of these concerts can be purchased at the price of 13 euros or 10 euros for young people up to 25 years old, while those interested in attending the three performances will be able to purchase a 30-euro pass (20 euros for young people). ).


Source: Diputación de Segovia 

The second quarter of the year will begin with music at the Teatro Juan Bravo de la Diputación and practically with music the auditorium plans to say goodbye until a new season, whose director, Marco Antonio Costa, this morning accompanied the deputy for Culture, Youth and Sports, José María Bravo, in the presentation of the programming for the months of April, May and June. "It will be a quarter marked by good melodies, to have some joy in these rare days and, we hope, also to celebrate that the show can continue and that safe culture can be made," said José María Bravo, announcing that April will begin with postponed performances by The Cuban Jazz Syndicate, Mike Sánchez and Red House, who will compose a new cycle of 'The best jazz, blues, rock and soul' on April 8,9, 10 and XNUMX.

Since the theater's objectives include attracting all types of audiences, a few days later these genres, more typical of the American musical spectrum, will give way to Castilian folk and the arrival of Celtas Cortos on the Juan Bravo stage, who, like explained the vice-president of the Provincial Council "they will try to honor, in a certain way, with their music and their presence, the name of the Theater, since with their concert, scheduled for April 23, the Provincial Council intends to contribute to commemorate the half thousand years that have passed since Juan Bravo led the revolt of the Comuneros ".

The music, which as detailed by both José María Bravo and Marco Antonio Costa, will be the metronome that marks the passage of spring in the Theater, will continue its poster on May 14 with a group like M-Clan, which despite having passed the two decades on stage always seem to be current, and the next day with Nil Moliner, one of the pop composers with the greatest projection at the moment on the national music scene. The Plaerdemavida Ensemble, of zarzuela and Spanish concert song, will finish closing the purely musical proposals aimed at adult audiences on May 30.

And it is that, as regards the theatrical field, the assembly 'Horror, the show that should never be done', a tribute to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', also promises to make the followers of this cult film of series B, as explained by the deputy, who in the specific section for family and children also made it known that the show by the Other's Band, 'Yeehaw!', which combines circus and music, and planned for months ago, it was rescheduled for May 2 when the health situation forced a restructuring of the Juan Bravo calendar.

"Looking at the programming for this quarter, many of the theater's regular spectators will realize that there are titles or performances already announced some time ago", affirmed José María Bravo, adding that "this is nothing more than a reflection of the important work carried out by the institution and the Theater Directorate to talk with the companies and readjust everything, in order not to deprive our audience of the opportunity to see some productions that had generated a lot of expectation and that had to be canceled due to the worsening of the health situation ". Among them, the long-awaited 'María's room', with Concha Velasco at the helm, which, if nothing prevents it, will finally visit the Segovian theater on May 8 or the improvised theater piece 'Jardines', which will go up to the Juan Bravo tables a day before, on May 7.

Theatrical news

Regarding the theatrical novelties that had not been announced until today, José María Bravo highlighted Gabino Diego's visit on May 1 with 'Los mojigatos' and the trip in 'Bla bla coche' led by Pablo Carbonell on May 21 May. In addition, the works 'Headliners' on April 17, 'Gruyère' on May 9 and 'Comedians', on May 29, will complete the theatrical programming for adult audiences in a quarter in which there will also be days dedicated to the youngest, who, in addition to attending the aforementioned 'Yeehaw!', may also take their older brothers, parents, uncles or grandparents to the pieces 'Acrobat and Harlequin' on April 16, based on Picasso's circus, 'The Color Monster' on April 25 and 'The Extraordinary Story of the Cow Margarita' on May 23.

Once again, both the deputy and the director of the Theater pointed out that "they have tried to set prices for tickets affordable for all budgets" which, in the case of performances for the elderly, will range between 7 and 25 euros depending on of the show, the location in the room and the ages of the spectators, and in the case of performances aimed at children, they will vary between 5 and 10 euros. The sale, which will be segmented again in order to avoid refunds in the event that the situation forces the Theater to close again, will begin tomorrow, both at the box office and on the Tickentradas platform, for the shows scheduled in April and for those performances scheduled in May will not begin until April 21.

To all this programming, the Juan Bravo Theater will add, in principle, on April 11, the dance gala of Los Comuneros of the group La Esteva, whose proceeds will go to the AECC, and other institutional or solidarity events that will take place during the month of June.


Source: Diputación de Segovia

Choosing Sepúlveda as your destination for this Easter holiday means visiting a beautiful medieval town in the northeast of Segovia, walking and admiring its streets and corners, knowing the rich Romanesque it has, its historical buildings, its wall and its seven gates, its museums and centers of interpretation, its history and its culture. It means walking and disconnecting on one of the trails that can be carried out in the Hoces del Río Duratón Natural Park and savoring the rich cuisine and its star dish, the roast suckling lamb, according to the Sepúlveda Tourist Office.

This week can also be synonymous with tourism, but this year, these days of vacation and enjoyment will be different, although they should not be any less special. During these days, several of the Romanesque buildings and museums will remain open, with the aim that those who visit us can also get to know the rich heritage of Sepúlveda, this year with reduced capacity and special measures.

Among the visitors there are many who decide to enjoy nature and relax in it, therefore, the Hoces del Río Duratón become a perfect place for it. Of the routes that can be done, three begin or are in Sepúlveda. On the one hand, the Path of the Two Rivers, circular and chosen by many to enjoy and breathe nature, art and history at the same time; Another of the trails is known as La Senda Larga that starts from Sepúlveda and reaches the Villaseca bridge, important for those who are going to have it get a permit at the Casa del Parque, since it is the breeding season of the king of the heavens of this earth, the Griffon Vulture; and finally, the Path of the Glorieta.

But these days religious tourism also becomes the protagonist, and although this year again the processions and most of the acts cannot be carried out, as is logical, whoever wants to can enjoy a little of Holy Week of Sepúlveda thanks to the exhibition that the Board of Brotherhoods of the town has organized in the church of Our Lady of the Virgin de la Peña. The idea is to recreate, through the steps, the three most important processions held in Sepúlveda, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

The church will be open on Thursday 1, Friday 2, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm.


Source: The Day of Segovia

Holy Week, in addition to liturgical acts and exposition of the steps that usually process through the streets of the town, comes to Cuéllar recovering the usual rhythm of cultural activity, hand in hand with exhibitions, cinema, music and escape games.

The first activity launched by Culture is the photographic exhibition 'The Yellow Horseman' by Fidel Raso, which comes from the Miguel Delibes Foundation and the E-Lea center of the Villa del Libro de Urueña. In the exhibition the written word and the image are combined, united by Delibes's book 'A dying world' and the photos that Raso has grouped under the title 'The yellow rider'.

Each of the photographs is accompanied, and vice versa, by a fragment of 'A dying world', the speech that Miguel Delibes wrote for his admission to the Royal Academy of the Language in 1975. The exhibition can be seen in the exhibition hall of the Tanneries space until April 25, from Wednesday to Sunday from 17:30 p.m. to 20:00 p.m.

Holy Week continues with cinema in the Alfonsa de la Torre room and screenings such as La Oveja Shaun (for all audiences) or While the war lasts, by Alejandro Amenábar (recommended for those over seven years old). For a little older (from 14 years) a new activity is recommended that will arrive in the town on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is an 'Escape room' or mobile escape game, which will be installed in the walks of San Francisco.

In the activity you can participate in groups of a maximum of five people and always under the strict Covid security regulations of the space. Registrations can be made in the Alfonsa de la Torre room and in the Tenerías space until tomorrow Tuesday, while on the days of the activity registration must be made directly in the initiative's trailer, which will be located at the place where it will take place. .

The end of the holidays will come with music, an Easter concert that will be held on Sunday, April 4 in the church of San Martín at 19:00 p.m. and will be carried out by the musical group Trío A Tempo. , composed of oboe, clarinet and cello, which will bring processional music to the town in which a solemn repertoire will be performed to close this atypical Holy Week.

The cultural programming for the month of April will continue with an Israeli film series included within the program 'Other glances, a same language', which will run from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 and in which 'Las Medusas' by Etgar Keret will be screened ; 'The final victory', by Haim Hecht; 'The band that visits us', by Eran Kolirin; and 'The Flood' by Gay Nattiv Yoni.

The following weekend, specifically on Saturday 17, in the Alfonsa de la Torre room, the Pies Fríos company, directed by Juan Casado, presents 'Creo en Buda', a comedy of two characters who coincide in a train car where a hilarious conversation sparks through their lives.

In addition, to celebrate Book Day, the municipal library Cronista Herrera is preparing a program of activities that will take place around April 27. To conclude the month, on Friday 30, the Alfonsa room opens as a space of the Scenic Circuits program, and will do so with the Fresas con Nata dance company, which will present 'La Silla', a show that talks about individuals, personalities and how everything can change in a time of need.

Those interested in obtaining more information about the program or making their reservations can do so in the Alfonsa de la Torre room from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:30 to 14:00 and Tuesday to Saturday from 17:30 to 20:30 . On Sunday afternoons and holidays, the box office will only open in the event of a show and one hour before the start.


Source: North of Castilla Segovia

Segovia, accessibility and balloons are the theme of this poster design contest has had a great participation of professional and amateur designers. The award, a weekend in style in Segovia for two people, has gone to Cristina Acosta de la Fuente.

The Accessible Globe of Segovia has completed four years. The aerostat, operated by Always in the clouds and sponsored by the Segovia Provincial Council, PRODESTUR, the City Council and the Municipal Tourism Office, has made more than 250 inclusive flights throughout Spain. In each of them, the globe has served as a showcase for the commitment of the province and city of Segovia to accessibility.

For this fourth anniversary a poster design contest was organized. This contest has a virtual exhibition and a weekend prize for two people in Segovia. During it, the winners will enjoy the entire tourist offer of the destination. Both the famous gastronomy of the region, as well as its most outstanding accommodations or activities such as the balloon flight, of which Segovia is a world reference.

Not all posters presented will be displayed in the virtual exhibition. The first three selected and the most outstanding will be able to be seen, from the wide sample of styles and proposals received. The first ones created for the first anniversary will also form part of it, as well as the posters for the Segovia Accessible Balloon Festival, a direct consequence of the incorporation of the Segovia Accessible balloon into the province's tourist offer.

The votes of the Provincial Council and PRODESTUR of Segovia, the City Council and the Municipal Tourism Office, as well as Always in the Clouds, an adapted aerostat operating company, have awarded the first first prize to Cristina Acosta de la Fuente. His minimalist, clean and direct work has pleased all the jurors, perfectly representing the spirit of the proposal.

The second classified has been Óscar López, with a work that brings us a well-known and common image in the Segovian skies. Thirdly, Manuel Puertas, whose design reminds us of a stained glass window in the cathedral where all the elements for which Segovia is known worldwide appear.

First_premio_opt.jpg Second_premio_opt.jpgTercer_premio.jpg

Winners of the Accessible Globe Poster Contest
Winners of the Accessible Globe poster contest. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Classified
The awards, in charge of the organizers, have the objective of showing the wide tourist offer of the province of Segovia. Among all this offer, the monuments of the capital and the famous gastronomy of the region are just a small sample of everything that Segovia can offer.

The winner will be able to enjoy a very complete weekend in Segovia accompanied by the person of their choice. The experience will begin on a Friday with a dinner at the Claustro Restaurant, inside the Hotel San Antonio el Real, where they will also spend an unforgettable night. On Saturday morning both of you will experience a balloon flight with Always in the Clouds in Segovia, one of the 10 destinations chosen by travelers from around the world to fly in a balloon. They will be able to tour the city visiting its most outstanding monuments or explore its many corners full of history before tasting the specialties of Juan Bravo, Fonda Ilustrada, the gastronomic experience led by Rubén Arnanz.

As of Saturday, the province will enjoy three prizes. The first a delicious lunch or dinner at El Restaurante Cristóbal de Sepúlveda where you can visit the Hoces del Río Duratón Natural Park. Also a fantastic lunch or dinner at La Vereda Restaurant, in Riaza. There they will be able to know the "Route of Color" with its black, red and yellow towns. As a culmination, they will stay one night at the magnificent Posada Real Finca Fuente Techada de Sotosalbos. This location will allow you to contemplate the privileged night sky that the province of Segovia has.

Always in the clouds
Christian biosca
Pilot and manager of Always in the Clouds
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Source: Company Always in the clouds

The territorial delegate of the Board, José Mazarías, together with the mayor of Aguilafuente, María Luisa López, and the director of the Museum of Segovia, Santiago Martínez, has inaugurated the temporary exhibition 'Images of Antiquity. Return to Roman Architecture in Segovia ', an exhibition that brings together images of Roman buildings, cities and urban complexes of the capital and province, recreated with digital techniques, and which is completed with informative posters and archaeological and architectural pieces of the time.

In his speech at the inauguration, the head of the Board in Segovia has stopped in the Roman past of Aguilafuente to highlight the relevance of this exhibition precisely in this municipality, “a town where our culture and history are palpable: the Villa de Santa Lucia and the Roman past, the Aguilafuente Synodal, the sculptor Trapero… There is much of our Segovia among you ”, the territorial delegate pointed out.

'Images of Antiquity' is an opportunity to visualize a part of the history of Segovia, as a journey through the graphic documents produced thanks to the technical means available today. Images taken by computer that document the path of archaeological investigations in recent years. The presentation offers the opportunity to contemplate the influence of Rome in the province of Segovia. In addition to these images, the posters add information about the methodology used in the recreations, so that viewers can learn about the creative process of these digital images.

The exhibition also shows some archaeological pieces from the Segovia Museum's collection, as well as a mosaic fragment from the Roman town of Santa Lucía, in the town of Aguilafuente. Thus, the Aguilafuente City Council now hosts the exhibition to which it has given one of its pieces and collaborates as a borrowing entity.

For the elaboration of the graphic materials, we have had the collaboration of the archaeological teams that work in the province, as well as graphic design and drawing companies, topography, photogrammetry and planimetry.

The exhibition can be visited from March 27 to May 2 from 12.00:14.00 to 605:842. There is the possibility of visiting the exhibition at other times by appointment by calling 481 XNUMX XNUMX.

A tour of Roman cities, buildings and villas

The 65 pieces that make up the exhibition, including documents, images, planimetry, drawings, architectural elements and publications, are distributed in nine sections that begin with the one that gives the exhibition its title: 'Images of Antiquity', which, as has been explained allows the viewer to recover the image of Segovian antiquity.

The following sections are: Urbs, with infographics of the reconstructions of the cities of Segovia, Confloenta, Cauca and Termes; Acquaeductus, which presents infographics with reconstructions, plans and explanatory texts of the Aqueduct of Segovia; Forum, which shows the reconstructions, plans and images of the forums of the cities of Segovia and Termes, with their explanatory texts; Forum livestock, with infographics of reconstructions, planimetry and explanatory text of the livestock forum of Confloenta; Thermae, which presents infographics with reconstructions, plans and explanatory text of the Confloenta Baths; Domus, on the domus of the Cinco Caños de Cauca; Marmora, which brings together construction materials in limestone and marble pieces; and Villae, which presents the reconstruction, planimetry and explanatory text of the village of Santa Lucía in Aguilafuente and Matabuey in Navas de Oro. It is completed with graphic information and text on the photogrammetric documentation process of Aguilafuente.

Expo Aguilafuente

Source: Segoviaudaz

The Scenic Circuits program that, co-financed by the Junta de Castilla y León, the Provincial Council and the town councils of the province, brings different artistic proposals to the stages of some Segovian towns every year, will incorporate in this 2021 its poster of participants, and after the removal of Cantimpalos, to the municipalities of Cuéllar and the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso.

This program, to whose collaboration agreement between the different entities gave its approval this week the Governing Board of the provincial institution, currently has the participation in the province of the towns of Carbonero el Mayor, Coca, El Espinar, Fuentepelayo, Palazuelos de Eresma, San Pedro de Gaíllos and Sepúlveda, in addition to the two new additions, and will handle a total budget of 2021 euros in 116.969,72, of which the Provincial Council contributes 40.000,02 euros. With regard to the remaining amount, 41.634,60 euros are contributed by the autonomous administration, while the other 35.335,10 euros come from the coffers of the participating municipalities.

The Scenic Circuits, which are part of the many cultural proposals that the Provincial Council offers to the towns of the province so that the residents of the entire territory can have access to culture in a simple and economical way, try to favor the at the same time to the artists of Castilla y León and to integrate the sectors of creation, production and distribution of shows in the Community. Thus, the groups and companies of the nine Castilian-Leonese provinces, which must be registered in the ARES program to be part of the programming of these Scenic Circuits, have the opportunity to publicize their artistic works throughout Castilla y León.

The System of Scenic Circuits of Castilla y León, made up of about a hundred town councils and Provincial Councils, has an annual program that is prepared from the activities preselected by a Commission made up of four representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, six of the entities integrated in the Circuits, two belonging to the Provincial Councils and four to the rest of the integrated entities, to which a rotating system is applied.

Among the Segovian artists who have participated in these Scenic Circuits in recent years are magicians such as Héctor Sansegundo, theater companies such as Mutis or Saltatium Teatro or musical groups such as Los Pérez Cabaret or Tutto Voce, while as regards the artists who who will soon visit the province within this program include the flamenco group of Lita Blanco, the group A66 Producciones, the company REA Danza, The Freak Cabaret Circus, the Iberian Dance Company, the musical group Happening, Teloncillo Teatro, Miguel de Lucas, the magician Jorge Luengo or El Patio Teatro.

Scenic circuits

Source: Diputación de Segovia

The Juan Bravo de la Diputación Theater will once again live tomorrow, Saturday, March 27, at 20:00 p.m., an afternoon of contemporary dance with the Gipuzkoan company LaSala as the protagonist. Directed by Judith Argomaniz, who is also in charge of the dramaturgy and choreography, the group will perform the show 'Luz' in Segovia, based on the contrast of the antagonistic worlds of light and darkness.

This piece, which, due to the luminous part, dances on the sacred, purity, delicacy, subtlety or fragility, delves, in its dark area, in brutality, the wild and the bestial world, giving rise to a montage of silver, red and black colors in which Carla Diego, Garazi Etxaburu, Jaiotz Osa and Miren Lizeaga present an aspect close to the galactic, while moving to the rhythm of compositions as opposed as the music of Johan Sebastian Bach, Henryk can be. Górecki, David Lang or Jean François Vrod before that of Marilyn Manson.

Since its creation in 2013, LaSala Danza, which is made up of artists from the field of dance and photography, has sought to reflect a physical language and current aesthetics in its montages, which have not only received awards and recognitions from the sector, but also by the spectators, achieving, among others, the audience award for the best dance show for 'Now' at the Huesca International Theater and Dance Fair or the audience award for 'Hooked' at the XIX Concours Chòreographique Contemporain Jeunes Compagnies - Les Synodales in the French town of Sens.

After 'Piedra', by the company Cielo Raso, 'Luz' completes the Innovative Dance Cycle of the Juan Bravo Theater, for which an entry price of 13 euros (10 euros for young people up to 25 years old) or a subscription was established , available only at the box office, for 20 euros (15 for young people).


Source: Diputación de Segovia

In April 2018, the spectators of the Juan Bravo Theater of the Diputación had the opportunity to see the Companhia do Châpito represent, in a sarcastic way and based on objects, mainly spoons, the life of Electra. Then, the Portuguese company accumulated laughter among the public with a way of doing theater that gave the public the ability to imagine a lot with very little and that conquered the Segovians with a good tragicomic dose. Tomorrow, Friday, March 26, the Companhia do Chapitô returns to Juan Bravo starting at 20:00 p.m. and does so accompanied by another character, less mythological, but more historical: Napoleon.

The republican general and his life full of ups and downs, battles, ambition and determination, serves the company to make a portrait of a character who, despite not having been a funny being, provokes laughter; sometimes out of eccentricity and sometimes out of pity. With a scenography, again, based on objects and a staging in which the gestural theater has special relevance, Companhia do Chapitô tries to understand the man who was the French military and the entire phenomenon created around his figure. "We are torn between fascination and rejection", say the members of the company, who, through the history of Napoleon, end up noting that, despite having died in 1821, is still current.

While Cláudia Nóvoa and José C. García are in charge of directing 'Napoleón or the Epic Complex', the interpretation is provided by Jorge Cruz, Susana Nunes and Tiago Viegas. The three of them, and little else, are used to recreate Napoleon's personal ambition or his audacity and his ability to work to expand the territory and appropriate the ideals of the French Revolution. At the same time, the Portuguese actors make the public participate in the other side of Bonaparte; He is capable of centralizing power in his person and coming to despise all his initial principles to proclaim himself emperor, becoming a feared tyrant throughout Europe for leading millions of people to war and seeking to be so epic that not even the passage of time arrives , really, to defeat him.

For 12 euros, people who wish can purchase their ticket both at the box office and through Tickentradas, thus earning the right to witness, from the romance between Napoleon and Josephine to their exile on the island of Saint Helena, through their famous coronation, portrayed by Jacques Luis David, or his no less well-known battle of Waterloo, where he was definitely defeated. Of course, all this seen from the creative point of view of the Companhia do Chapitô, an expert since 1996 in a visual and physical comedy, in which a good gesture is worth a thousand words.

TJB 25

Source: Diputación de Segovia

The Culture Area of ​​the Provincial Council has opened the deadline for municipalities to request a performance within the framework of the '921 Musical District' program, which aims to disseminate music through concerts by various formations and groups, with proposals that can include together musical interpretation, workshops or combinations with other scenic disciplines. Requests can be made until April 16, and the performances will take place between May 14 and December 30 of this year.

'921 Musical District' is a program that is framed within what is understood as 'cultured music', that is, old and classical, but also other styles such as jazz or versions for classical formations of other popular music, and executed by interpreters whose quality is endorsed by their selection by the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation. It will be the latter, in contact with each applicant city council, who determines the specific action to be carried out in their municipality, respecting the type of grouping requested and the proposed dates.

The initiative has the initial intention of associating very careful interpretations of music not usually programmed, with equally cared and 'alternative' spaces, so it is suggested to the city council applicants for this activity that they choose, as far as possible, some singular space in your municipality.

The Provincial Council will pay directly to the contracted party a percentage of its cache that will vary depending on the number of inhabitants of the requesting entity, with the following sections: 30% for municipalities with more than 1.200 inhabitants; 40% for those with between 601 and 1.200 inhabitants; 50%, between 251 and 600 inhabitants; 60%, between 101 and 250, and 70%, up to 100 inhabitants.

All the artists that will be scheduled are active concert performers, professionals with a recognized artistic career, with the exceptions of the youth orchestra (made up of music students) and some music groups and Segovian amateur choirs dedicated to the preservation of various types of music.

Different types of shows are offered, such as family concerts, aimed at children, which are usually presented together with other performing arts in a fun and playful way. There are also concerts of varied programs that combine music of different styles and eras (classical music). The program also includes opera and / or zarzuela recitals, as well as music and poetry.

And the chapter 'Other music', offers concerts of folk, jazz and fusions between these and other genres. There are also multidisciplinary shows, with performances where other arts converge with music, such as cinema, dance or theater. And varied workshops on the performing arts of various contents: listening to music, painting, dance, music, to get closer to the performing arts.


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

On February 20, the Junta de Castilla y León lifted the perimeter closure between provinces, maintaining that of the Community and last Monday the opening of the hotel industry was allowed inside with a 33 percent capacity. Little by little steps are being taken that allow greater mobility of people and this is beginning to be noticed in certain sectors, in addition to those directly affected, such as bars and restaurants. As soon as a ray of sun has come out, the temperatures of last February reminded that spring is yet to come and that has resulted in a greater influx of visitors who take to the countryside to enjoy nature.

The so-called nature tourism seems to be returning after overcoming the third wave of the pandemic one year after its onset. In very small groups of five people plus the guide, it gives the option that a family or at most two couples with a child can enjoy routes in the open air or natural proposals. The open air spaces have become the escape route. In some cases, you can enjoy them freely, but in others, activities are organized at a minimal cost, such as the routes through the Pradena olive tree that the Tourist Office organizes every Sunday. Its manager, Marta Cervel, comments that "people want to move no matter what, even in the province."

Route through the Acebal de Prádena.
Before the opening between provinces, it did receive some groups from Segovia capital and province but do not forget that January was a very bad month with only 12 people who passed through the office throughout the month. In the last three weekends the demand has increased with families arriving from other provinces. However, given the limitations, groups fill up quickly and there is a waiting list. There is also demand for the rental of electric bikes that they offer, and couples or families do not mind paying the two euros it costs to make a route through the holly with the accompaniment of the guide. «It is a very familiar route where you tell them curiosities and they know other things. They like it better than going alone, ”says Marta.

This small movement is not very noticeable however in the reservations of rural houses, although with diversity of opinions. Last weekend in Prádena most were full although the closure with Madrid is accused. On the contrary, Enrique García, who combines rural accommodation with activities in nature in his company 'Mas que monte', comments that in rural houses there is little movement while there is more demand for activities, routes or workshops. In his case, at the beginning of the month he offers a complete program throughout each weekend and so far this month he has filled the groups with good acceptance and with several monitors. "People are encouraging themselves to do activities, they see what there is, what you offer them and on demand things are made easier," he says. In fact, although it is located in Peñarrubias de Pirón, it already has a complete route through the Hoces del Duratón for next weekend, since the offer it makes covers different areas of the region.

Although it was not until this week when the Natural Park Houses were opened, the three protected areas of the province have also noticed an influx of visitors during the last weekends. Especially in the Hoces del Rio Riaza Natural Park, where last Saturday they filled the quota of 50 people to do one of the trails and throughout the weekend they reached about 87 permits, which are free. There has been less demand in the Hoces del Duratón, according to the technician of Natural Parks in Segovia Raúl García, who also recognizes that as the weekends go by, more visitors are arriving from provinces such as Palencia, Ávila or Salamanca, when the public more common was from Burgos or Valladolid, which now also come. The influx, especially of families, is also noticeable in the parking lot of the hermitage of San Frutos. “You can tell that people want to go out on the weekends. They come wanting to do activities. All despite the fact that Madrid residents cannot come yet, because if not, we would be overwhelmed », he says. Making a comparison of recent data, free permits to make the trails in natural parks account for 30 percent compared to before the pandemic.

With the opening of the houses of the Poarques, both in Sepúlveda, Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela and Pedraza, from now on they will begin to offer guided tours for groups of up to five people. They are routes with telescopes to be able to see the birds on the rocks among other activities. As the hotel business opens, they consider that more public will be able to arrive but they are aware that the majority of hoteliers in areas such as Sepúlveda live from Madrid tourism and, as long as they cannot come, it is not profitable to open. The same occurs in the case of rural houses, which also have capacity limitations for a maximum of four people who are not living together, so interested callers tend to reject the reservation because the price does not compensate them and the establishment cannot accommodate more people as it is mandatory to send the guest registration to the Civil Guard. Something similar happens in the case of active tourism companies, almost to zero.


Source: The Day of Segovia

Lovers of good music have received with joy the news published by the association Taller Cultural de Fuentepelayo in the sense of recovering their Musical Days. The health situation derived from Covid-19 took ahead the edition scheduled to have been held last year.

The gradual improvement in the data of the pandemic has led the organizers to embark on the design of the programming of the 28 Musical Days that will take place during the summer months of June and July. To date, this cultural and musical cycle will be sponsored by the Caja Cega and Cajaviva Foundation and the Taller Cultural association itself. The usual collaboration of the Town Hall of the town is also expected, as has been happening in previous editions.

The Musical Days of Fuentepelayo emerged as a platform to support the musical groups of the event's own organizing entity (Coral Polifónica and Rondalla de Pulso y Púa). In its early years it also brought together musical groups from the Segovian capital.

In the design of these concerts, the safety of the spectators and the performers themselves will prevail and therefore, all the recitals will be held outdoors and with the mandatory social distancing in the incomparable setting of the Plaza de Gracia in the town. under the shelter of the rear façade of the parish church of Santa María la Mayor.

Another of the criteria to be followed will be that of the quality of the participating groups. The desire of the Fuentepelayo Cultural Workshop to try to offer concerts of a contrasted artistic level is known and they have focused their first efforts on that task. As is customary in previous editions, the cycle will be made up of half a dozen recitals of very different styles and formats. It is still too early to make public the contacts that are being carried out, but it can be firmly affirmed that the negotiations can come to fruition.

In the last edition the program included, among others, the performances of Rumen Tsvetkov, one of the best accordion musicians in Bulgaria, the duo Raúl Olivar (flamenco guitar) and Miguel Ángel Recio (piano), the Segovian group Cover Band Ruta 66 .


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia


On March 22, World Water Day is celebrated. For this reason and in order to promote and disseminate Hydrogeology as a science, and the profession of hydrogeologist, of great importance within our society, from the Geology Association of Segovia, this year they have wanted to dedicate it to one of the geological routes within the Valseca municipal area offered by the Geomuseum and where water was a vitally important resource for the area in other times.

The day consists, in other editions, of free activities guided by specialists and open to all types of public, regardless of their knowledge in hydrogeology.

However, due to the pandemic, they have been forced to carry out an activity virtually, with the idea of ​​trying to materialize an excursion in this area in future editions in which they can go out into the field to disseminate hydrogeology.

To do this, they have made a short video (about 10 minutes approximately), which reflects the route detailing the places to observe according to a small summary script prepared for the occasion.

As a result, the video along with the itinerary summary guide will be posted on the website of the International Association of Hydrogeologists:

Geomuseum 2

Source: Geology Association of Segovia

To what extent can a story that is handed down from generation to generation be true in its entirety? That is the question that the Galician company Teatro Chévere tries to answer in 'Curva España', the montage that, combining the techniques of the documentary genre and fiction, will be offered tomorrow, Friday, March 19, at the Juan Bravo Theater of the Diputación at 20:00 p.m. as a plan for a cold afternoon.

The work starts from the story passed down from father to son for decades about the death in May 1927 of the civil engineer José Fernández-España y Vigil. He died, according to the official version, when he rushed with his car, due to poor night visibility, through a ravine near the town of Riós in Ourense while he was working on the study of the route of the southern variant by Verín of the railway between Puebla de Sanabria. and Ourense. The fatal accident would not have given rise to more questions, if after the death of Fernández-Spain, it had not finally been decided to build the railway line through the Massif Central Ourense, discarding the route that the engineer was studying and prolonging the delay and the isolation of many Galician towns. This decision was a disappointment for the inhabitants of the area, who proceeded to ask themselves some questions that, in turn, gave rise to an alternative version of the accident that gained so much force that it has ended up prevailing over time.

In this way, the legend about the death of Fernández-Spain ended up convincing Teatro Chévere to consult archives, libraries, papers and digital documents and to interview people who investigated the events years ago, in order to question the story on stage. , through a documentary cinematographic narrative constructed live. Thus, reality and fiction coexist on the stage with an actress, an actor and two video operators and force the viewer to ask "why is lying so effective in finding simple explanations for complex problems".

For Teatro Chévere, a company focused in recent years on exploring the possibilities of documentary theater and collective memory as triggers of a real fiction, the piece directed by Xron and performed by Patricia de Lorenzo, Miguel de Lira, Lucía Estévez and Leticia T. Blanco, "baby of the police genre, adopts the format of a documentary and functions as an allegory of the construction of the Spanish nation-state as if it were the promise of a train that never arrived." Segovian viewers, who have tickets available at a single price of 16 euros, will have to decide whether to keep the events narrated or what happened.

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“We hate fake mustaches and talcum powder in our hair to look like an old man. We do everything with the body, the voice and the theater. Because in the end the theater is a dialogue between the spectator and the performers who are on stage. A communication so that the public believes everything ”. This is how Segovian Esther Berzal, director of the play 'My pain is ...' sums up, in which the same actress plays women of different generations or recreates a man simply with his movement, without props. Few exercises stem so much from the soul of the actress, so convinced of the role that she does not need outside help to convince.

It is autofiction, a genre in which the author also goes on stage to tell a passage related to his life; In this case, Berzal uses the example of his maternal grandmother and the importance of names when defining who we are. “The line that divides fiction from reality is very blurred. There is the trick. The story of my grandmother is true but there are many things that I have invented ”.

There are three interpreters; Alicia Calero, Alicia de Pablo and Esther herself. The first, known among the group as Alice, plays Esther's grandmother at 7, 17, 47 and 89 years old, the age her grandmother really is, who will attend the premiere at the Juan Bravo Theater on Sunday at 20:00 p.m. hours. Meanwhile, De Pablo plays people who caused this woman pain, intentionally or not. What follows are small spoilers such as a sister who turned out to hide key elements of her identity, an untrustworthy businessman or a doctor who did not exactly follow the canons of his profession.

The atmosphere is key. "We play a lot with the stage space." There is no set design as such, since they act in a black box, but there are elements such as a ramp, a scale or painted Pringles potato jars. The coloring of the wardrobe is based on a white tableware with blue flowers from her grandmother.

Action theater
The company H El Arte is characterized by action theater. It is a physical theater in which the body and actions predominate over the text; if 'Romeo and Juliet' had to be performed, they would kiss each other instead of telling each other that they love each other. In this way, actresses change character depending on the body. "Alicia Calero, to become my grandmother at the age of 89, finds a different body than the one of 7 or 17. And with that her voice, attitude and all the development of the character are modified. The same happens with Alicia de Pablo, who passes through men and women.

Self-fiction was, in part, an exercise in survival. “People started to fall from the work and I said: 'I can't do the work with just two people. I have to get in to fill the stage a bit. ' And the only way to direct the play and be part of the cast was by being me ”, underlines the Segovian, who asks never to underestimate the process of getting into a character and to respect the main role of the casting. The book 'Autoficciones', by Sergio Blanco, finished giving shape to the idea.

And the result is surprising. “Suddenly you see that your friend is your grandmother… And what is cool about the theater is that you believe it. Being inside is true. And the thing is that Alicia's eyes change; they are green and they turn brown. It is very strong ”. One of the most exciting parts of the story is that her grandmother, who never spoke to her father, asks her to write to her father. In essence, resurrecting someone who was never alive. The play is part of the New Values ​​Cycle of the Segovian Provincial Theater, it lasts approximately one hour and 20 minutes and the price of tickets is seven euros.

They also deal with the influence of names; De Pablo plays three different women called Concepción; the two Alicia, the actresses, are very different. Esther asks questions: Do names unify us? Is the name the only thing capable of equaling us or is it what differentiates us? Despite being the same, do two people who are called differently have more in common than two different people who are called the same? “Esther with H has more personality than without her. I would not be the same person if my name was Esther. How ugly ”, he smiles. "I get excited". The work promises.


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

The new headquarters of the Board of Brotherhoods, the Convent of San Juan de Dios, has hosted this afternoon the presentation of the poster announcing Holy Week in Segovia 2021, the work of the painter José Luis López Saura. In this painting a giant extinguished torch plays a leading role as a synonym for the absence of processions, in a design from the heights of La Piedad with the illuminated Cathedral, and the banners of the 10 brotherhoods, brotherhoods or congregations.

In addition, Javier García Nuñez has been presented as a town crier that last 2020 could not start the Passion Week, which will be 'In Memoriam', this is the title of the video made by Manu Rodrigo. Except for the liturgical acts with the restricted capacity of the temples, there will be no events organized for this Holy Week in person.

Video: Here

Holy Week Segovia

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Saturday, 20 March 2021 / 18: 00h

Maureen Choi is a unique, magnetic violinist, who with an enviable technique is capable of mesmerizing the audience with the sensitivity that emanates from her violin.

Listening to it live is something difficult to forget.

From a Korean family and born in the United States, she graduated in classical violin from Michigan State University and jazz from Berklee College, where she is now also a professor.

He formed his quartet in 2012 upon his arrival in Spain and since then they have won international jazz competitions and toured stages and festivals throughout Spain and the United States. In 2016 they presented their second album Ida y Vuelta (2015) in the prestigious AIEnRuta-Jazz cycle, and in the largest music market in the world, the South by Southwest Festival in Austin (Texas).

“Not everything is invented in music. This group led by the almost mythical and very young violinist Maureen Choi, offers us a luxurious mixture of jazz, flamenco, folk, Latin song ..., with a common denominator to everything, beyond its originality: its quality. "
(Larry Harlow, Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award)

In 2017 they have played throughout Spain, and they have filled the Café Central in Madrid for the fourth consecutive year, just before embarking on their second tour of the United States: 10 concerts that took them to cities such as Chicago, Cleveland, Akron, Detroit, Baltimore , Boston and New York and that will end with the recording of his new album. In this new work, Choi delves further into Spanish music with his band, between flamenco, Spanish classical and folklore, to recreate a very personal music, full of emotion and originality.

In July 2017 they presented a new show with the music of the Maureen Choi Quartet and the choreographies of two of the solo dancers of the Spanish National Ballet that premiered at the Castillo de Tiedra (Valladolid) and that combines Spanish dance with improvisation of the jazz world.


Since her arrival in Spain, the North American violinist of Korean origin Maureen Choi has been revolutionizing the improvised music scene.

Inspired by the rhythms and sounds of the Spanish diaspora, classical music, and jazz, she describes her music as "Spanish chamber jazz."

That search for his own voice, breaking gender stereotypes, became “Ida y Vuelta” (2015), the first album with his current quartet: Daniel García on Piano (Spain), Mario Carrillo on Contrabass (Spain) and Michael Olivera to the Battery (Cuba).

After 7 years of working together and more than 500 concerts throughout Spain, 3 tours in the USA and excellent reviews from the specialized press such as Downbeat or All About Jazz, the band has reached a level of maturity, interconnection, subtlety and musicality that is difficult to explain. Maureen's ability to connect emotionally with audiences through her violin is unmatched.
The new album "THEIA" is the musical consequence of the evolution of the band, both individually and collectively.

Maureen choi

Climate change returns tomorrow, Friday, March 12, to sneak behind the scenes of the Juan Bravo Theater of the Diputación with the intention of raising awareness among the little ones about the importance of caring for the environment and the need to create customs that respect the environment and the nature that populates the planet. The Valencian company La Coja Dansa will be responsible, starting at 18:00 p.m., for capturing the attention of children and their families, which with its show 'Deshielo' will dance on the solutions that can modify the fate of this climate change .

Inuit Girl, a young woman who lives in a village of igloos, cold and flowers among the frost, as the protagonist, La Coja Dansa poses, in her third show for family audiences, a delicate, careful montage with a rhythm that dances to the beat of children's reflections. 'Thaw' begins with the girl realizing that something strange happens when she sees her holy stone break. For this reason, he soon decides to undertake a journey that will provide him with answers; a journey that La Coja Dansa turns, thanks to the presence of the white fox, the man who plants trees and the trash transformer, into a look at the strength of friendship and how joining wills and generating routines can make any little person help make a big difference.

For forty-five minutes, and supported by a system of projections and illustrations by Konkoko that give the montage a certain cinematographic aspect, the interpreters Olga Clavel and Santiago de la Fuente will move to the beat of the music of Damián Sánchez to stir the consciences of older and younger.

La Coja Dansa has been touring the stages for more than twenty years and participating in choreographic encounters, both nationally and internationally. The company, directed by Tatiana Clavel and Raúl León, has been selected for various competitions and after 'Portraits inhabited' in 2008 and 'Escondite' in 2011 they have once again bet on the family audience for this show, whose tickets can be purchased for 10 euros both at the Theater box office and on the Tickentradas platform and in which they once again bet on the harmony between dance and audiovisual resources.

Thaw TJB

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The organization of the Huercasa Country Festival of Riaza announces this Thursday the suspension of the edition for 2021 due to the pandemic generated by Covid-19. As the organization explains through a statement, they maintain the "will to prioritize, above all else, the health and safety of the public and workers, who at this time continue to be challenged by the health situation."

In addition, the uncertainty about the evolution of the pandemic and the possible restrictions in force at all times, as well as the limitations to move international artists, "are preventing us from developing our organizational tasks with a minimum normality." Therefore, as in 2020, this summer there will be no festival, but the organization trusts that by 2022 the country will return to the province.


Source: The Adelantado de Segovia