Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Concha Velasco or Juan Diego Botto, among others, will visit the Juan Bravo de la Diputación Theater in the first quarter of the year

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Concha Velasco or Juan Diego Botto, among others, will visit the Juan Bravo de la Diputación Theater in the first quarter of the year

Variety and quality were the words chosen this morning by the president of the Provincial Council, Miguel Ángel de Vicente, to qualify the programming that will fill the Juan Bravo Theater between January and March of this 2021, in which, as they have anticipated itself president, the deputy for Culture, Youth and Sports, José María Bravo, and the director of the Theater, Marco Antonio Costa, "the obsession of the Provincial Council and the Theater Directorate will continue to be to guarantee a safe culture, trying to affect, as little as possible. possible, to the quality of the programming offered ".

The qualifiers for this calendar, which will begin next Sunday, January 17, and will end on March 26, were justified by Miguel Ángel de Vicente, referring, first of all, to the different shows that will be on the Segovian stage and that include From comic theater, musical theater, documentary theater or improvised theater, to contemporary dance and theatrical dance or the musical genres of blues, rock or jazz. "It is something that we repeat often when we announce the new programming at a press conference, but I think this time that combination of variety and quality is more in line with what the months of January, February and March are going to be like. in the Theater ", indicated De Vicente.

Second, the president of the Provincial Council, offered three names with which to argue the quality of the programming. First, that of Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, who gave birth to a text of the applauded in Segovia Juan Carlos Rubio and under the direction and accompaniment of the prestigious dancer Chevi Muraday, will open the theater on January 17 with 'Juana', the montage that had to be postponed at the gates of confinement in March and that, like other shows that were once scheduled for the third quarter of 2020 have been recovered and rescheduled by the Theater Management for this 2021. "That many shows are in This calendar is the result of the determination and effort not to deprive Segovians of important functions that were already included in the Theater's plans before the pandemic began, "said Miguel Ángel de Vicente, also referring to the presence of Concha Velasco in Segovia on February 20 with 'La habitacion de María'.

The third name contributed by De Vicente was that of the Argentine actor Juan Diego Botto, who will perform at the Juan Bravo Theater under the direction of the no less important Sergio Peris-Mencheta, who already delighted the Segovian public in February 2019 with 'Lehman Trilogy' and now presents 'A night without the moon'. The text is inspired by the work and life of Federico García Lorca and, as Miguel Ángel de Vicente anticipated, "it will be one of the great productions of these months". Confidence in the duo formed by Botto and Peris-Mencheta is such that the Theater has confirmed two performances: one on March 5 and another on March 6.

"Fly for the tickets", recommended the president, explaining below that the Juan Bravo seats will also witness multiple formats of theatrical productions with the representations of 'Don Quijote we are all' on January 30, 'Curva España' on February 5, 'Horror, the show that should never have been done', the improvised theater piece 'Jardines' on February 12,' My pain is ... 'by Esther Berzal from Segovia on March 12 and' Napoleón or the complex de Épico ', with which the quarter will end on March 26.

In addition, Miguel Ángel de Vicente indicated that music and dance will not be missing in the calendar for this first quarter of 2021 and announced for the months of February and March, on the one hand, the performances of Red House, Tricia Evy, Andrea Motis and the R&B and rock & roll group Mike Sanchez and his Doopin 'Five, within the Cycle' The best jazz, blues, rock and soul 'and, on the other, the presence of the companies La Sala and Cielo Raso in the dance cycle' Innovadanza '.

Theater for the whole family and prices for all budgets

After reviewing the programming for adults, Miguel Ángel de Vicente gave the floor to José María Bravo and Marco Antonio Costa, who, in addition to emphasizing that both the Provincial Council and the Theater Directorate continue to use themselves thoroughly to "create the spectators of the future and instill in the little ones that love for the performing arts and that interest in knowing the ins and outs of theater, dance or music", they also highlighted the fact of trying, with entries ranging between 5 and the 22 euros, "that the prices adjust to the pockets of our spectators".

Thus, for the little ones, the Theater proposes on January 24 the musical circus show 'Yee haw!' and on January 29 the montage inspired by Picasso's circus 'Acrobat and harlequin'. In addition, and with the sustainability of the planet and the power of small gestures to achieve great changes, on February 28 the theatrical dance piece 'Deshielo' will be performed for them and on March 7 the play 'Semente, the man who planted trees'.

Finally, and as has been carried out in recent months, the director of the Theater explained that the sale of tickets, which will be available at the box office and on the Tickentradas platform, will be carried out progressively. In this way, from this week until next February 20, tickets for the shows scheduled between those dates can be purchased. Tickets for performances scheduled between February 21 and March 26 will go on sale starting February 10.

January Juan Bravo

Source: Diputación de Segovia