Cave of the Enebralejos

Cave of the Enebralejos

Cueva de los Enebralejos is located at 1 km from Prádena de la Sierra and is the most well-known cavity on the northern edge of the Central System.

It gathers circumstances from the speleological, archaeological, geographical and tourist points of view, as well as its important aesthetic value.


La Cueva

At the beginning of the 30 years, during excavation works of a well for the facilities of a feedlot, a large cave was discovered soon.

adopted the name of the place where it was found: "The Enebralejos".

The cave is 3.670 m long and is structured on three floors: high galleries, middle and low or river, presenting a slope of only 13 m and adorned with a splendid set of calcareous concretions: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, castings and flags are They happen as we enter it.

We find numerous examples of the use of the cave as a necropolis, by our ancestors of the Chalcolithic, in the form of paintings and engravings that have been dated approximately the year 2500 BC It was also part of an important settlement in the early stages of the Bronze Age . Numerous fragments of tools and ceramics have been found, as well as engravings and cave paintings in the burial areas.


The town

In the environment of Enebralejos reproduces the environment of a prehistoric village from the beginning of the Age of Metals. Through the visit to the different cabins, various domestic utensils are displayed and it is possible to know the ways of life of the inhabitants of the Enebralejos, people who for more than 4.000 years used the cave as a sacred place, for funeral rituals.


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